$1,000 a Month with Affiliate Marketing for Free [Here’s How]

most people that start affiliate
marketing don’t get the results they’re looking for so today I’m gonna teach you
how to make $1,000 a month with affiliate marketing consistently so
let’s hop over to my laptop and jump into it now the first way some people
are able to make $1,000 a month with affiliate marketing is by picking a
winning offer and then sending a lot of paid traffic to it
they spend a lot of money optimizing that ad obviously until finally they see
a consistent ROI on that ad spend but to be completely
honest I really don’t like this business model so we’re going to skip it you know
I’m not saying that it doesn’t work or it can’t work I do know other people
that have implemented successfully personally but just personally for me I
feel like it’s very inconsistent and there are better ways out there I just
wanted to recognize this because it is a way that other people do monetize
affiliate marketing I just personally don’t like it I don’t like wasting money
on paid advertising to an offer that you actually obviously don’t own you’re
sending customers to somebody else’s offer where therefore you’re not keeping
that customer long-term and there’s no guarantee that you know your ad spend
will stay the way it is so there’s no guarantee of that traffic or that ROI
you have to continue spending money on it
now before we do move on to those other methods that I do actually recommend I
want to strongly urge you and this is something you’ll see as I show you the
products that I’m recommending and you know the entire process of how about I
go through this here in a second I want to strongly urge you only to recommend
affiliate products and offers that you do in fact stand behind yourself and
ideally you know hopefully use it’s not worth jeopardizing in my opinion your
reputation for a ten-dollar affiliate Commission or heck even $100 for they
Commission you know the hardest customer to get is initially that first customer
the hardest thing to do is turn somebody from a lead to a customer once you
acquire a customer that customer tends to stay around longer and is easier to
you know obviously maintain than getting a new customer that’s why I don’t like
the you know paying traffic and spending your hard-earned dollars to monetize
somebody else’s offer like we see here you should full-heartedly believe in
what you are recommending one last thing if you
stay until the end of the video I am going to give you my three yes three
best tips to make more consistent affiliate commissions and make more
money with affiliate marketing I use all of these tips myself and I highly
recommend that you do as well now that we got that out of the way let’s talk
about the first affiliate marketing strategy that I actually do recommend
and this is one that you guys are all going to recognize Amazon Associates now
yes we have to talk Amazon Associates because it is a way that a lot of people
monetize affiliate marketing and it is very very beginner friendly and very
easy to implement now I’m gonna give you two examples of how I successfully
implement this here in a second but this is hands-down the worst of the methods
I’m gonna recommend or at least it is for me I do know personally other people
that make upwards of 10 K a month only with Amazon Associates so there’s a lot
of potential out there I just don’t personally like it the best because the
Commission’s are low there are benefits to it don’t get me wrong we’re going to
talk about that here in a second but I just don’t like it because the
Commission’s are very very low compared to other offers that you can get
basically in any niche there’s so many offers out there you can simply Google X
offer pick your your your favorite service or product related to the
industry or niche that you’re in and Google an affiliate program and nine
times out of ten or maybe 99 times out of 100 one will pop up that you can sign
up for and make more Commission’s than Amazon Associates a perfect example of
that might be like a tech review channel you know where their sole purpose is
only to break down different high-end tech products you know so higher higher
margins obviously with a higher cost product makes a lot of sense you know
you’re gonna earn a lot more on a $500 camera or $1000 camera then you know a
ten dollar phone case for instance or a five dollar book like we’re gonna talk
about here in a second so currently I am only earning $100 a month with this
method you know and keep in mind that that’s the lowest of the affiliate
things we’re gonna talk about here but hey that’s $100 passively every single
month you know to recommend stuff that I already use and believe in so I will
take it this is the latest video that I actually released before today’s video
and it’s my investment strategy for 2019 and you’ll see here if we scroll all the
way to the bottom there are many affiliate products that I recommend and
most of them are Associates so you’ll see here these are
things that I use every day in my business these are other things that
we’re going to talk about in the future so these are not Amazon Associates but
there are all other things that I use on a day to day basis but my youtube set up
all these are straight an amazon associate links so the great part about
this as are the other books down here the top 10 books that I recommend to
entrepreneurs and success in business you know those are also Amazon associate
links I recommend all these products at fully heart full heartedly use them and
believe in them but the key with the Amazon Associates is you don’t
necessarily just have to sell them on that product so hypothetically let’s say
somebody interested in you know potentially getting started YouTube wise
comes down here and they want a lavalier mic and a ring light let’s say that they
click that link hypothetically and it takes them to the ring light but they
decide you know for whatever reason they don’t want to purchase the ring light
today or they’re not sold on it the cookies stay active on their actual
Amazon Associates so if they purchase anything with the next four within the
next 48 hours I make a commission on whatever they purchase I don’t have to
sell them just on you know these things I don’t have to sell them just on a book
I just have to get them to click the link and then let the cookies do their
job and hopefully they will purchase something in the next 48 hours and I’ll
make Commission on that you just want to convert the click and then once you
convert the click let the cookies do the work so YouTube videos is a great way I
recommend a lot of things in my youtube videos and like I said I don’t make that
much money from these amazon associate links down here but it is like an extra
hundred bucks a month for me with Amazon Associates just recommending stuff so
hey I’ll take it it’s passive you might as well go the same route so i monetize
affiliate links not just Amazon Associates i monetize affiliate links in
a lot of other ways so if we look at this video right here online arbitrage
and I do this quite often not only do I sell my online arbitrage course but in
all the videos I link an affiliate link for jungle scout which is basically if I
show you here if we go to you know doing product research for online arbitrage
well this Chrome extension right here jungle scout I have an affiliate link
for and I recommend that to people because it’s vital when you’re doing
online arbitrage so that you can see the numbers and the sales and potential
revenue to know if it’s a good product or not that basically identifies you
basically identifies a great product that you should go after and answers the
question is this worth purchasing can I make
this product or not that’s why I recommend that and I do that very
successfully in a lot of my online arbitrage videos so these convert pretty
well with the jungle shot Chrome extension even if people don’t want to
purchase the course sometimes they go through and try to do it themselves and
just grab the extension and I make a commission when doing that another great
example of that in this video actually has started to blow up recently in the
past you know I guess it’s probably two months now it was getting it had like a
thousand views for the longest time YouTube has all the sudden started to
suggest it to people and so it’s got about 70,000 and it’s just continually
to grow and I recommend to buddy which is also something I use even though I’m
not signed in right now with literally my youtube channel on a day to day basis
it’s very very valuable in understanding different analytics you know searching
different keywords and you know optimizing you know literally anything
from you your click-through rate all the way to other analytics that you can look
at it’s a very very valuable tool I recommend that in this video and in the
past month or so when this has been blowing up I have all the sudden
converted at about $300 to to buddy where you know usually I was doing like
anywhere from like 40 to 50 a month before that so another great way and you
can pretty much find an affiliate link for anything it’s very related to the
video that I created so why not link an affiliate product there it converts
pretty high and you know I I hope this video continues to blow up so that I can
continue to collect more affiliate commissions now this is just two
examples of these videos I do this in a lot of other videos not only with just
those but if you look at the bottom they’re always down there you know
potentially getting clicks and converting for me so it’s all about
traffic it’s it’s a numbers game but at the same time the niche is very very
important so you want to make sure that you’re promoting affiliate products that
are related to what you’re actually selling if you have an e-book well make
sure that your your niches are similar or aligns if you’re doing a YouTube
video it’s very very easy to convert somebody if your affiliate link is you
know very very related obviously to your video it’s common sense but you know I
does it does go without saying but sometimes I feel like I need to repeat
these you know simple tactics just to make sure that you guys have it down now
moving on you know to a course but this is probably one of the best affiliate
marketing tips that I can give you you know we can get into that more in depth
at the end but with this course specifically I recommend Amazon
associate links throughout this course I saw this course obviously on udemy
usually around 10 bucks when people get in but I
I spend you know the entire course demonstrating my knowledge of you know
basically just fitness in general you know losing fat building muscle setting
up nutrition plans and setting up programs for you know lifting and stuff
like that basically taking them through a funnel so to speak so that by the end
of the of the course they’re warm they’re warm leads they’re ready for me
to recommend them you know what my supplements what I use and so you’ll see
this across the board on YouTube or even on Instagram with other Fitness you know
I’m not a Fitness youtuber or anything like that but in this specific course
right here I spend the entire course going through that and then I recommend
supplements at the end that are Amazon associate links I recommend like protein
powder like the creatine caps that I take a multivitamin that I use and all
sorts of supplements like that that I use on a day to day basis and once I do
that all somebody has to do is buy one of
those and I make a commission so it’s a great great way to make money with
affiliate marketing don’t just look at it as you know just from a youtube
perspective you can do this and on courses I don’t care if they’re your own
courses or you know your your slapping them up on a site like udemy and
capitalizing off the free traffic but that is a great great way to do it the
next way I’m gonna recommend to you is outdated honestly by most people’s
standards and can certainly take a bit of time to get going
but when most people are overlooking an area there’s probably massive
opportunity there and not as much competition as other areas and and you
look at any market when all the attention is going one way right it’s a
really good idea to go the other way right the internet it’s just cluttered
yeah things everywhere there’s so much so like we are coming out with rec mail
campaigns right now that I know for a fact we’re gonna do really really well
simply because it’s gonna get read now obviously we’re not talking about to
wrecked mail here there’s no way to you know physically mail your link out so
somebody can click it what we are talking about though is starting an
affiliate blog yes I just said that I know that by most people’s standards
blogging is dead but that’s exactly my point
because they think it’s outdated there isn’t as much competition there anymore
so most people are moving onto a youtube channel hence exactly what I’m doing
right here and you know maybe podcasts so maybe just maybe the best opportunity
here in 2019 currently and you know in the coming years would be to launch a
blog and start promoting affiliate products or you know maybe maybe just as
a hobby it can turn into a great passive income stream for you in the future and
this is a great example of this right here Jeff Rose’s good financial sense
block he talked about this all the time on his channel and he’s monetized it to
over a million dollars in revenue so you might wanna check that check more of his
videos out I’ll make sure to link his channel in the description cuz it’s a
great great channel not just with you know blogging or or affiliate blogging
or anything like that there’s a lot of great financial tips in
there and make money online tips but this is just a good this is one example
there are literally hundreds of them if not thousands of them and the best part
about starting an affiliate blog is that the people that come to your blog or to
your specific articles from search engines are going to be extremely
targeted that means that your conversion rates will be so much higher and
obviously with more traffic you can make a lot more money now I do have a few
morning signs though before we get into this you know for some of you that might
want to go this route it is not gonna happen overnight
you’ll that’s something that Jeff talks about as well if you see any of his
affiliate blogs or have seen them in the past you know videos on them if not
gonna happen overnight you know I’m not saying that you have to post ten times a
day like Gary Vee you know talks about hustle or something like that you know
but you do want to do it consistently you do want to prove to Google that
you’re serious so you can start building that equity so to speak that Google
equity so you know we’re talking ideally maybe once a day but it could be as low
as 1 to 3 times a week realistically think of it as a hobby that will
eventually pay you passively in the future
now the next warning I do want to talk about really fast is that your website
does have to be about a certain niche now this is a good example of this you
know it’s financial blog website but so you you want to have a certain niche it
can obviously it can’t have several different themes you can’t read an
article about fitness on this blog just because you found a good fitness
affiliate link it doesn’t work that way so you want to think of it you know the
same way that you think of potentially a YouTube channel one of the best tips
that I could give you about a YouTube channel that is also related to blogging
is the more niche you go the faster and easier it is to build an audience you
want to be broad enough to promote a bunch of different things don’t get me
wrong but you do want to be niche enough to rank SEO wise and keep readers you
know that you do capture potentially coming back for more if you look down
here at some of these articles you’ll notice that they’re all financially
related now that’s broad but there’s also individual niche topics you can go
a little bit more in depth and specific with those so keep that in mind now the
last thing I want to touch on is SEO which is search engine optimization for
those of you that don’t know now there are so many SEO tips that I could give
you but since this is an affiliate marketing video and not an SEO video I
do want to keep it strictly about the making money online with affiliate
marketing stuff so I’m gonna give you two quick tips and that is basically
quantity you know the more articles obviously right the more keywords that
you have in those articles the longer your articles the better chance you have
for ranking but the easiest tip I could give you is just use a site builder like
Wix that I recommend we’re really any site builder that has a walk through SEO
integration that will literally give you tips on how to improve each pages SEO
now I do have an entire course that will really help you implement an affiliate
blog and get started with this you can get started with literally no money
today and start your affiliate blog tomorrow I will make sure to link free
access to that down in the description for you below as a thank you for
watching this video I always appreciate you spending your
time here on the channel with me so thank you so the last method I want to
talk to you about is creating courses a little bit more in-depth you might be
thinking to yourself creating courses how does that relate to affiliate
marketing and how can you make money by doing so I know we touched on it a
little bit briefer before that was just a base example with Amazon Associates
how can you get a little bit more niche down and actually make legitimate money
that’s not just Amazon associates with online courses but I would suggest
actually that affiliate links from online courses convert much much higher
than affiliate links from just YouTube videos or blocks the reason being is
you’re taking a potential lead through an entire funnel first so you’re giving
something away for for free you know a course for example like we’re talking
about here it could be anything though you know you just want to take him
through a funnel but a course works best in my opinion because you’re
demonstrating it to them in real in front of their eyes people are more
heavily invested once they go through a couple of your lectures or even the
entire course if you want to pitch it at the end so you’re gonna have higher
conversions on your affiliate links I’m gonna give you some examples of these in
a second that have worked the best for me in the past but they’re more likely
to purchase an affiliate offer once they’ve seen the value demonstrated over
and over and over again and it have invested their time in watching a
majority of their course and signing up for it so I highly recommend that you go
this route this has worked very very well for me in the past now a great
example of this obviously like we talked about before is my jungle scout which
you know I sell my online arbitrage Pro course and basically all my YouTube
videos it’s you know how I make a vast majority of my money online but I don’t
just take this isn’t just a 295 course I actually pitched that jungle scout
affiliate link in this course and don’t you think that anybody that comes
through this course and pays 295 to get in is going to sign up for you know the
hundred dollar you know trial version of jungle Scout that I talked about in the
course which is another affiliate link so I don’t just have the potential to
make 295 when I do this I recommend jungle scout as well in this course and
then it’s really a three hundred fifteen dollar profit margin because I make a
twenty dollar Commission so that’s a way that you can implement it now if you
want to do it all in a little bit of a smaller scale for example here are two
other ways that I do this and really make a good affiliate Commission
consistently doing it so here’s an example of a course that I have it’s
called YouTube mastermind how to grow an audience and a channel and what I do is
I basically take what we saw before in that YouTube video and I take it down
and literally teach it an entire course on it so there’s so much more value in
here and they’re investing so much more time and then I pitched them to buddy
again this converts to buddy like I said before that video blew up pretty much 40
to 50 bucks consistently doing two buddy every single month so I created this
course and obviously I make money from sales but then I get those affiliate
commissions which are 40 to 50 dollars passively every single month just
refining a related extension which is to buddy and I promote that now the second
example of this and you’ll see I just keep funneling people in here it’s got
about 25,000 students now and I actually give this course away free a lot of
times and I’m gonna to explain why I spend this entire
course going over how to create a Shopify store and guess what I promote a
Shopify trial because that’s the best way to create a Shopify store and people
come through this entire course and then a vast majority of them sign up for a
Shopify trial and I make a commission when their store converts so it’s a very
very very lucrative way to do it so let’s pull up a YouTube example of my
channel really fast and we’ll just go to this one pause it and you’ll see here in
all my YouTube videos and I actually used to run paid traffic to this believe
it or not because it was so profitable for me but you’ll see that I recommend
this which is my the landing page to give away my free job shipping course
that free drop shipping course is Shopify dropship mastery right here and
basically I collect somebody’s email so it’s twofold so I can market them future
affiliate products in the future and obviously you don’t morph them over to
other content and suggest them certain things like that but also I want to get
them in the course I don’t care if they come in the course for free it’s totally
fine for me because then I have a chance to make an affiliate Commission off them
once they do so so it’s twofold I get I collect the lead on my email
list and I potentially sell them on an affiliate product which makes me money
and that’s basically affiliate marketing in a nutshell there are so many
different ways to do it so now that you stayed till the end of the video you
clearly deserve my top three tips on how to make more money with affiliate
marketing so here they are number one would be to niche down now we talked
about this briefly before but I see a lot of people making this mistake and I
have made it time and time again myself so I don’t want you to do it as well
niche down I don’t care if you’re making an affiliate blog I don’t care if you’re
making a youtube channel I don’t care if you’re doing a podcast and you’re gonna
recommend something that way whatever it is niche down it’s so much easier to
build a build an audience it’s so much easier to continually convert other
people and other leads once you capture them the first time so build an audience
around a niche topic and then build off of that there are so many affiliate
products out there that you can find a bunch for your niche just niche down you
don’t want to stay broad now number two would be to try a bunch of different
offers I have done so many different affiliate offers and guess what some of
them don’t work very well and some of them do and
maybe some Network for me won’t work for you and vice versa however you have to
try a bunch of different offers because you’re never gonna know what works for
you unless you do so so let’s say you tried 50 of them and maybe you know it
takes you 40 you know 40 to get someone that actually converts fairly well for
you but that forty first one ends up paying you 500 dollars a month passively
try a bunch of different offers and finally tip number three and probably
the best one would be that if you’re having trouble with affiliate marketing
just move over to CPA it’s very very simple the difference is you know very
minimal affiliate marketing usually you’re pitching somebody else’s product
and collecting Commission for that whereas CPA you’re basically giving a
lead to a company if you go CPA a lot of times you can find single opt-in email
cements which if you don’t know what that is basically all somebody has to do
is submit their email and hit the submit button on a company’s landing page and
you collect a commission for that now that is usually a lot less than an
affiliate Commission but there’s no cost to the customer except the email that
they put in and hit submit so they’re not paying anything for you
to get it so the conversion rate is so much higher and that’s why I recommend
CPA to you know people that are just getting into it because the conversion
rates are a lot higher and it’s easy for beginners to actually grasp and then
once they understand it they can move over to affiliate marketing once they
have a little bit more they’re a little bit more tenured in in the actual
business model and then work on their craft and collect higher commissions so
those are my three tips for you guys they’re very very helpful and I don’t
just say them I actually implement them but what is your best affiliate
marketing tip let me know down in the comments section below and I’ll see in
the next one


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