11 Dangerous Railway Bridges In The World

facts verse presents dangerous railway bridges in the world number one kuranda scenic railway this railway runs from Kearns Queensland Australia to kuranda it is no longer used as a commuter rail and is now only used for freight services and as a tourist attraction it is 23 miles long to get from one end of the bridge to the other it takes about an hour in 55 minutes this includes the stop that the Train makes when it arrives at the waterfall number 2 Argo gede Train Railroad this train runs from Jakarta to Bandung each day it is a three hour ride that is as beautiful as it is dangerous at one point it passes over the suru tug pile on trestle bridge if you’re afraid of heights you should be sure not to look down to the deep subtropical valley below the last major accident on this train was in 2002 when it derailed number three trina– la nube Eze this train is also known as the train in the clouds it is the third highest railway in the world as it is 13,000 850 feet above sea level it connects salta in north central Argentina to the border of Chile in la poor Eva the railway has a total of 20 tunnels over ten via dots and bridges that are 13 miles high there are also very steep grades along the route you would need to be very brave to take a ride on this train number 4 chennai Rameswaram route this is a train that runs right over the Indian Ocean that was built in the 19th century due to the opposing force of the winds the train crosses the bridge very slowly it takes about 20 minutes to cross the bridge there have been some very serious accidents on the route due to strong winds the last major tragedy was in 1964 when the whole train was swept away in a storm it was the Dhanush Quixote cyclone that took the train off the tracks and it was one of the most powerful storms to strike the area number 5 Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway this railway is located in New Mexico and it is a tourist attraction it is the longest and highest steam railroad in the US with a track that is 64 miles long it passes between the border between Colorado and New Mexico the great heights at the winding track makes it one of the scariest railroads in the world number six the White Pass and Yukon Route this railway is a three foot narrow gauge railroad it links the port of Skagway Alaska with Whitehorse this train has had a variety of accidents which is what makes it so dangerous in 1951 the train caught a guardrail with its snowplow and it rolled over on its side in 2006 there was a serious derailment which killed on section worker in July 2014 the train derailed again where nine people were seriously injured number seven Georgetown loops railroad this is a 3-foot narrow gauge railroad that is located in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado the railroad route is four and a half miles long and its highest elevation is 640 feet it runs along mountainous terrain it goes over trestles fills cuts and a grand loop it is not just the train ride that is scary at the halfway point passengers can get off the train and walk five hundred feet into a mine tunnel number eight Oso minami route the assaut minami route is a railway that is very scenic and beautiful in some areas and very dangerous in others this train goes over a trestle that is thousands of feet off the ground the track gauge is just three feet six inches long and the line length is 11 miles the fact that this track goes from beautiful to terrifying makes this Railway one of the most dangerous in the world number nine the Burma railway aka the death railway this is a two hundred fifty eight mile railway that runs between Bangkok Thailand and Andrews yacht Bora the track gauge is a bit over three feet and the railway runs for 258 miles while this bridge does have its dangerous points along its route it is known as the death railway because of all of the workers that died while building the railroad the estimated number of deaths was twelve thousand 621 this was just in the matter of the six years that it took to construct the railway number ten by panjang bridge this is one of the most dangerous railway bridges in the world it is 1854 feet high and it spans over 2,000 362 feet it is considered one of the highest bridges in the world what makes it even scarier is that it has a hill that makes you feel like you’re on a roller coaster this railway at its highest point is considered to be the highest railway in the world anyone who has ridden this train and went over the loop will agree that it is the scariest train ride they could ever expect to take subscribe for more [Music] you

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