11 Things To Do Before You Start Amazon FBA (For Beginners)

three six nine ten eleven eleven things
that you need to know before you start selling products on Amazon every single
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these things that you need to know before you start selling on Amazon are
going to be very crucial these are kind of the prerequisites to be you know
Amazon success all right so let’s cut right to it first thing boom business
structure okay so you’re gonna want to set up your business structure before
doing anything else and if it’s not to set up your business structure at least
figure it out so when I’m talking about business doctor I mean are you going to
be a sole proprietor are you going to start an LLC a corporation you can if
you’re a Canadian what kind of you know or if you’re not an American citizen
what kind of legal entity will you need to set up to do this properly and are
you even going to set up a legal entity to begin with or you’re gonna start as a
sole proprietor save some money and go that route right so those are the kind
of things that need to figure out if you need more help with that then I’ll
definitely link a video or a article for you in the description to kind of get
more help and see the overall well you know what the best course is for you but
basically an LLC a limited liability company is going to limit the liability
in case something goes wrong with the products that you’re selling right so if
say for example some what you’re selling a pen and someone chokes on it
they can’t come after you personally they can only come after your LLC right
so it does a lot of things and it’s a lot cleaner if you’re running a business
to set up an LLC but again there’s pros and cons to both and it’s something you
just got to figure out so definitely figure that out first thing first before
you start you know selling I don’t know because the next thing you need to do is
this step your seller account okay so senator seller account you’re going to
need to have this figured out so whether you are a sole proprietor or
you decide to go with an LLC you’re gonna need
know that when you’re setting up your cellar town because you’re gonna need
that information so set up your cellar calendar one thing to figure out is do
you want to go with an individual account or do you want to go with a pro
seller account now I always suggest to just go with the pro cell account right
away if you know that this isn’t something you’re gonna take seriously
and you’re looking to actually sell products on Amazon because the
individual accounts it charges you one dollar per items sold okay and then the
pro seller count is $40 a month so if you’re is planning to sell more than 40
items a month which you definitely will be and I hopefully you’re planning have
to do that then you’re gonna want to get the pro seller account there’s a lot of
other things that the pro seller account does that the individual account doesn’t
do where just to the point where it’s like if you actually want to be a
private label I’m Glen FBA seller the pro style account was just it’s a given
you kind of need to get it that being said when you’re just starting out maybe
you’re just you’re just getting the ball going it’s not a bad idea to start with
the individual seller account because it’s free and then once you’re actually
ready to you know place an order and get your inventory in then you can upgrade
to the pro seller account right so you can start an individual account just you
can get in there get into the seller central which is kind of like you know
the the hub as an Avalon seller where you’re gonna see you know inventory all
your sales everything so you get in there we get familiarize yourself with
it and then once you’re ready to actually start selling products to go
ahead and upgrade your account another thing is if you want to go ahead and get
that pro-style account right away and spend that forty bucks say you get it
today and you don’t sell any products for three months you can just call
Amazon and say hey I didn’t sell any products for three months can I be
reimbursed that forty dollars that I paid those three months so they will
send you a reimbursement for that money if you haven’t sold any products yet
okay so you need to recap business structure figure out what you want to do
and then once you’re done that go ahead and set up your seller central account
okay and so at this point you’re now basically already on a Berlin style you
got your account you have an actual legal entity next I need to do is
prepare the paperwork all right so this kind of maybe put a plus one for this
one first because you’re gonna need to prepare paperwork when you’re setting up
your seller account okay so once you decide to move forward with your seller
account there’s certain items and documents that you’re gonna need before
you can get started so some of things you’re gonna need are a national ID so
something like a passport or a driver’s license right your your business
name their need to be able to prove your address so a bank statement with your
address on it you’re gonna need your tax ID so whether that’s your business’s tax
ID or your personal tax ID or an EIN number then your any of that and then
you’re also going to need a credit card a legit credit card because not like a
debit card anything like that it’s maybe you need to be a credit card because
annals you need to charge you of course for your seller count they’re going to
charge you you need a credit card to pay for ads if you’re gonna do that and
everything that emmalin’s pulling money from they’re gonna take it through your
credit card okay so those are the things you’re gonna need to get ready when
you’re setting up your seller account so you got those three steps all the way
structure so I can’t prepared your paperwork you know what you need one
more thing for preparing paperwork make sure you check to see if the country
that you live in is allowed to sell on Amazon because of course that’s
important now most of you are in the US Canada and the UK I know but for those
of you that are not make sure you check at your country they’ll let you live in
you’re able to sell on Amazon alright so number four
next thing you’re gonna need to do is this is a tough one alright guys but
read the Amazon TOS okay now the reason it’s like justice is because there’s a
lot of rules with Amazon right so if you’re going to be using Amazon and
utilizing it for your business it’s a smart move to understand the rules now
the TOS is really really long and complicated and sometimes hard to
understand but at the very least understand the basic rules go through
the Amazon FAQ section go through Amazon you know they’re there sell University
and trying to understand everything that there is and the rules in the
regulations the restricted products and things like that so when you jump into
it you’re not blindsided by something we’re awesome booming you take your
account down there suspend your listing because of something that was a rule
that you just didn’t know about because you didn’t take the time to learn it
right so don’t rush through this process if you’re looking to do is long term
it’s very important that you know the rules of the game right we’re gonna play
any game in the world the first thing you always do is learn the rules so you
know that you’re doing it right and that you’re not breaking any of them alright
because Amazon is very strict on some things and sometimes if you break a rule
its way harder to come back from it then it would have been if you just read the
rule understood the rule and followed it to begin with so those are kind of the
Amazon set up things that you need to do so now moving on to number five you need
to know your vision and know your why for why you’re doing this okay so what
is kind of like the and game what is your goals and where
you can set a target and work backwards from that okay so what I mean by this is
that when you’re doing this business it’s very important to know why you
started and what you want to get out of it because if you don’t know what you
want to get out of it you’ll never know when you achieve or accomplish what you
want and when enough is enough or when you need to push harder and what your
goal is right so it’s for example getting your business to make $2,000 a
month that’s a goal for a lot of people just to make it simple $2,000 a month
profit they can bank that’s a side income it can you know supplement your
plate most of your a lot of your bills at home or some people want to replace
their entire their entire income right or something some people want to get six
figures seven finally that was a year or a million dollars a year right now every
single one of those goals even though at the beginning phase the startup is the
same and kind of the process is the same to get there once you hit a certain
level it becomes very very different right it becomes very different
once you hit two thousand dollars a month to try also hit ten thousand the
trial of a sudden six figures a month the work that you need to do in the
amount of time that you just spend they might have you know the amount of effort
and the dedication that needs to go into it is very different so it’s very
important at the very beginning you know what you want so that when you get there
you can kind of think eh now you can reevaluate and reassess because it’s
very easy to get caught up in the game especially start succeeding and you just
start going going going going and all of a sudden your real goal your why that
was like – you know maybe free up more time to get away from your job where
you’re working 40 hours a week so you can spend time with your family you can
spend time traveling or spend time doing it over the heck you wanted to do now
you’ve replaced that full-time job and you you’re working 50 60 hours a week on
your Amazon business which goes against the reason you started the business in
the first place right so it’s very important and also something that it’s
gonna help you when you get be motivated because honestly no BS right things can
get rough not everything’s gonna go your way and there’s gonna be roadblocks
along the journey so if you know your why and your reason if it’s a strong
enough reason it’ll be able to help you push you through those barriers to push
it those roadblocks so you can finally start hitting your stride and actually
far start finding success on Amazon so next number six so once you’ve figured
out your vision you figured out your why and your endgame
next thing you do is invest in your tools so now we’re actually getting into
the process and you’re starting to actually look for products and become an
Amazon seller and really start to get the ball rolling after you first
invested into your business or your seller account
you paid 40 bucks we decide to go pro right you pay 40 bucks the next amount
of money that you need to put out is for your tools now your tools what I mean by
that is software software it’s gonna help you move your business along faster
now for some reason I have no idea why some people are anti software they
wanted or anti you know paid software at least they want to do everything free
and then cut corners and be as cheap as possible but really a good tool is the
best thing that you can invest in especially at the beginning of the
business it’s good to make everything faster it’s gonna make everything easier
it’s gonna make it so that some of these steps are going to be more foolproof
than if you’re just to do it manually right this is leverage your again I
always say this give this example if you had ten thousand dollars buried in the
ground and you have just your hands and you try to dig it right that’s going to
free route you can just dig this and dig and dig and it may take you you know
it’ll take you way more time it’s gonna take you six months maybe and you’re
have bloody hands but eventually you’ll get that $10,000 or you can go out buy a
shovel for like $73 which is what’s gonna cost you to get a tool called
viral launch right and you can go ahead and do that shovel dig that same ol it’s
gonna save you ten times the time you’re gonna save you 10 times the headache now
I can have any bloody hands and you’re gonna get that $10,000 right and that
$10,000 is an Amazon FBA product and that tool is a product research software
like viral launch okay so get your tool invest in your tool because it’s just
gonna help your process and it’s gonna help you find success faster again fire
launch is what I suggest it is a tool that actually helps you find products
and there’s a lot of software’s that I have from Amazon business right through
out every single process every single step but as a beginner the only thing
you really need to focus on is finding your first product so this is the only
thing that you actually need to get alright so go ahead start and get that
and again if you want a 50% off lifetime discount link in description force does
affiliate for myself so I gotta kick back but you got a discount alright so
the next thing that you’re gonna do get your money right okay so you’re probably
a I’m getting it to Amazon so that I can get my money right but you need to get
your money right first and what I mean by that is understand
what’s gonna cost you understand cashflow understand reinvesting the
profits understand your profit margins understand what kind of numbers that you
need to make us work for you so that you can be profitable in that you can
actually sell product and make money and not just launch random products and lose
money okay so the thing about getting your money right first is know your
budget so what’s your budget what are you willing to invest alright what are
you willing to invest for a product now you ask yourself that first that you can
then develop your criteria so once you know what you have what you’re going to
invest or how much you need you need to invest like if you say you have certain
amount of money now but you you want to invest you know say you have a thousand
you wanna invest three thousand you just save up to get three thousand then know
that know that plan know that timeline and then once you have that three
thousand dollars what do you do with it right now you can go and look for
products within your budget that can work with you that can make sense for
you to launch and now the next thing you know is when do you need to reorder
right when do you need it how much capital do you need to make in the next
order and how much how long until you need to make that reorder right change
the forecast is your inventory meaning how many units are gonna sell a day how
many days are you gonna sell a month and then how long does it take for your
manufacturer to replenish your products into an Amazon warehouse right and then
know that once you start selling products it’s gonna take two weeks for
Amazon to start paying you out right so there’s that cash flow issue of okay now
you’re selling products but you still don’t have money to reorder because
Amazon’s holding it for a little bit so there’s a lot of things that you need to
plan out before you just you know willy-nilly go out and purchase a
product so make sure you get your money right make sure you know the numbers
before you go and attack anything because nothing worse in the world than
ordering products and first of all maybe order too much and it doesn’t you know
it takes forever sell or you order you know you order too little and they sell
it really quick and then you you know you stock out and all the work you put
in is lost because you just didn’t figure out the numbers before you got
started all right so next I need to do number
eight I need to know is you’d start building your network all right so you
got your tools you understand the money that’s gonna take and the money that
you’re availing to spend and invest so now you can start building your network
and what I mean by building a network is not your social network I’m not talking
about create a brand Instagram account and create a brand YouTube channel what
I’m talking about is start networking with other anons sellers people you’re
saying same situation right start knowing your peers
knowing the people that are doing this because that’s the best way to learn
that’s the best way to immerse yourself in this business mall and in this
community is by just going out there and networking and how do you do that it’s
really honestly the easiest part on this whole board
all you do is join facebook groups okay so we have a free Facebook group Empire
builders Facebook group they can join with MLM sellers that you can go ahead
ask questions to get your answer questions answered by myself even I’ll
hop in that Facebook group and help you people out and then there’s other
Facebook groups where there’s reddit there’s there’s blog posts there’s
YouTube channels just like this one right post stuff in the comments get to
know people and start networking and learning from other people and having a
community that you can turn to when things don’t go your way or when you
have a simple question so that you can you know move the process along faster
again it’s all about finding the best people the best tools and the best
information so that you can actually start killing on Amazon and avoiding
mistakes that people have already made it’s not new stuff all this stuff has
been done before people who are succeeding with it
people have failed with it so you can take the information learn from them so
that you can make this as smooth as possible for you right because only
fools learn from experience it’s much better to learn from other people’s
experiences okay so number nine evaluate your time so evaluate your time means
get your time right and just like your money so sit down and think about how
much time can you actually put into Amazon FBA right how much are you
willing to put into this new business venture do you have unlimited time do
you only have an hour day do you only have you know a few hours a week
whatever it is you can make it work as long as you have that schedule out and
figure it out a lot of people would just get say I’m gonna start Amazon FBA and
then they’ll just randomly do it when they feel like it now when you do
something when you just feel like it that’s just a hobby right that’s not
creating a business that’s that’s just doing something for fun and you’re not
doing this for fun you’re doing this for money right hopefully that’s the end
goal so figure out your timing figure out how much time you can and how much
time you need to put into and see if you can if you need to create time or if you
need to sacrifice something to create time for this business then do it right
because that’s what’s gonna take them that’s what it’s gonna take
I’ve seen I’m sick of seeing people saying hey I can’t make us work and I
only put in an hour a week how come I’m not successful well what do you think
right because you gotta invest time in the beginning to make it work so that
you can you know free up more time in the future like Creon’s passive income
busy okay so figure that out I know that and
sometimes you know what sometimes the answer is I don’t have enough time I
can’t make it work and you’ll that’s okay too but as long
as you figure that out before you spend money then you’re good to go it’s it’s
okay to realize that maybe down the road maybe you know after school after your
your job after you know your kid is so in so years old then you can make it
work but at least figure that out before you invest money and then you’re like
holy shit I don’t have enough time and now I don’t have $5,000 because that
invested in this product that I won’t be able to sell right that’s the worst case
scenario so don’t do that sit down and figure that out first the next thing
invest in yourself all right so investing in yourself is really the
key to the whole thing key to success in any business and what I mean by that is
do things like what you’re doing right now watching videos right watching
content taking information taking in you know learning from all the resources
that are available to you networking is investing in yourself and get paid
training right getting paid training is another form if invest in yourself
actually probably the highest form of investing in yourself when it comes to
online business now paid training is a big taboo I know because it’s like you
know oh who can you trust this guy’s a scam why should I pay for training that
I can learn for free you know all the information is out there for free why
are you charging you money to to learn this process and things like that right
these these people these questions these doubts these fears but really if you
break it down to just the simplest terms there’s package here so you can go out
and go for free right you can go found information free piece it all together
put the puzzle pieces together yourself but again it comes down to time right
evaluating your time how much time do you have
right what’s more important is it time or money so figure that out first okay
the answer is you have unlimited time you have unlimited time the world you
have no commitment you have nothing go ahead and try to do it for free that’s a
great idea honestly but if you’re saying hey I have a full-time job I have this I
have that then learning things for free and taking four months to learn
something from Frankenstein you know like methods piecing it all together
versus a complete package that’s proven to work that’s very important that if
you’re gonna invest in a program you see something that has a good track record
it has people that have been successful and it’s pretty much work it’s all here
laid out for you you don’t see do anything else but follow this program
it’s a no brainer right you have your goal this is gonna help you get to your
goal faster it’s like if I told you you need to get from this side of the United
States to this side of the United States and
then you can you can go ahead and walk and it’s free right you take a plane pay
a few hundred bucks and take a plane and you get there you know ten times faster
that’s literally what it is to get paid program so investing yourself makes
sense I do have a paid program in the link in the description right the Empire
Academy again perfect track record all put together for you so you know exactly
what to do and you get contact and access to me for direct mentorship okay
so link in description it’s enough said about that if you don’t wanna invest in
yourself that’s okay too the next thing you do is understand the risk so
understand the risk means to know that you’re actually getting into a real
business okay this is not some get-rich-quick it’s not some foolproof
100% guaranteed winners plan it’s something where this is a business this
is real life you’re dealing with a real product you’re dealing with real people
you’re dealing with real numbers and situations and scenarios and things that
might not always go your way right you’re gonna run into roadblocks it’s
just part of life as part of business and you need to understand that because
I see a lot of people get into this and they’re like holy smokes I didn’t
realize that I could actually lose this money if I did things wrong right
everyone on you to make it seem so easy so I just kind of pieced this together I
you know followed a few different steps and I launched a product and how come
not get you sales talking on I’m losing my investment it’s because you got to
understand there’s a risk and those things that you can go wrong and there’s
a lot of steps that you can do wrong right there’s a lot of things where
people will just royally fuck up and cost themselves their investment on
something where otherwise if they did it the other way around they would have
made money on it right so that’s why investing yourself is so important
because there are real risks with this business and it is a possibility lose
money now I’m trying to scare you I’m just trying to give you the no BS truth
that it might not work out if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing right if
you don’t take the right steps you might lose so just understand that and if
you’re okay with that if you’re accept the risk you know no risk no reward
then go ahead and take this and attack this business model full force and make
it your biatch and make it work for you and make that money to free up your time
to free up your life to do whatever your Y is and kill it okay because this are
the top eleven things that you need to know that you need to do before you
start your Amazon FBA business and if you do every single one of them I
guarantee you you will be on the right path to success and you’ll be
path to building your very own empire because again you are an empire builder
if you subscribe to this channel which means you never forget that your empire
awakes i’m JC Franco click this video right now to watch more content or click
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