12 Ways I Make Money | How I Support My Family Working At Home

Today, we’re going to talk about the 12
ways that I make money now I am NOT making this video to brag I’m making
this video to inspire. I personally believe that there are a lot of people
out there that don’t realize they could be making more money right now by
diversifying their income stream. I’m going to talk specifically today to
those of you that are potentially coaches or speakers or guides or
trainers I think you’re really gonna get something out of these ideas.
Now, my focus was on how I began. I began as a real estate agent in 2007
and I started pushing out real estate at a super high level and I did that and just that
for several years and what I found is that I was actually pretty darn
miserable it wasn’t my passion it wasn’t what I wanted to get up and do every day
and so I had to figure out a way to add some other income into my household
while I slowly shifted that real estate business into looking like something
that was more compatible with my talents and what I love to do and in my case
that happens to be marketing and teaching. In real estate I made
two or three hundred thousand dollars in my top year which was which
was nice but it was grueling and again wasn’t where I wanted it to nestle in so
what I did as I started teaching so I started making money by traveling to
other places and speaking so this was my first additional income so I
would sell tickets and I and I still do this I have some variations I would
travel out to another real estate office or a Board of Realtors or something like
that and I would either charge for people to come to the
or I will charge for a speaker fee and just do a flat fee and they pay for
travel and then pay me a speaker fee to come out so that is still another way I
make money after my divorce I kind of shelved that for a couple years while I
focused on my family and my child and and just making sure things were good
and now we amping that back up again. The first way I make money is to
real estate and the second way I make money is through these speaking
engagements. For real estate I change the model so now I look at it more
like an affiliate business where I do all the lead generation and then I have
a team that goes out and works with the clients and so that allows me just to
focus on what I love which is the marketing aspect but I still do make
thousands of dollars a month on my real estate business. I make enough on my real
estate business that it could pay my basic bills but it’s not going to make me rich
the model that I have now. But I’m pretty happy
that it would pay my basic bills, another way that I make money is through
a Keto Coaching program so I shed 50 pounds in 6 months and I got certified
as a Ketogenic lifestyle coach and I began coaching so what I did is
I decided that I could only spend so much time coaching one-on-one so I started a
group coaching program so people jump into my group coaching program and they
pay $99 a month to be part of this program. Inside the program they have
access to a members login website where they can track their weight and their
measurements there’s meal plans and guides and recipes we’re part of a
Facebook group where I guide everybody on a daily basis and help them monitor
what they’re eating and how they’re tracking their calories and their macros
lots of great resources and our average client stays about three months and I
average, I believe, is 87 members a month in that Facebook group
since it began not quite a year ago. I’ve seen, we’ve had over 100 and then
during the holiday season it dropped down a little bit so we have averaged
about 87 people a month at $99 a month so that’s that’s how I make money. I also
do one-on-one coaching and I charge $199 for a 30-minute call and some people
book every week because they want the accountability others will do just once
a month that kind of thing so that’s all the Keto section and I do have
a separate business license for that. I’m just sharing that with you for those of
you they’re trying to get inspiration on what it is that you might actually want to do.
We covered real estate speaking and Keto. Another way that I make money
is through monetizing my Youtube channel it’s really really small right now
I mean just a blurb not anything significant. I wasn’t doing that purposely
before I was building my YouTube channel simply to drive business
to my brand and into my companies and now I’m doing it for monetization,
it’s small and it does make money. I also make money through blogging
and this is primarily through Google Adsense which is also very small a few hundred dollars a month
and I haven’t decided if that’s the best strategy yet because it does clutter up
the website and I’m looking at different strategies for monetizing the blog now
and I also make money through other advertisers which I’m going to talk
about in a couple minutes so I do make money by monetizing my blog. I also make
money through one-on-one business coaching so this is normally based on
where I coach other entrepreneurs and businesses on how to build their brand,
how to monetize their business, how cultivate relationships, how to build
their social media influence, I also train on everything from
Search Engine Optimization social media strategies, pay-per-click
that type of things so I do make money as a one-on-one business coach as well.
I also earn money by holding virtual classes or webinars and also through
courses and training curriculum and these what I’m doing now when I started
I’m one of the most expensive trainers as far as these online events and
coaching groups and things like that go and I don’t apologize for that because I
believe what I do is worth it and I’m very purposeful about my systems and my
adding value and and how I give to my clients and so I don’t feel bad about
that so when I hold a class it might be a two day class with two to three hours
each day and I’ll charge $199 for that webinar or for that virtual class and
my customers get a playback . My assistant is online it
takes phenomenal notes and it helps them with resources so they’re getting a lot
more than just popping on that webinar we’re really setting them up for
success so that does make us a little bit different than some of the other
general webinars so these are real deal how-to classes
not overview they are really learning. I also money through affiliate income
and I make 6 figures in affiliate income through software sales
so this is where I teach and I show people products that I actually use and
then they go out and add them to their business or through my marketing company
we’ll integrate that for them so this would be your analytics software and
your Facebook ad tools and your real estate websites IDX
and SEO tools and all of that. I typically make about 20% recurring per
month when somebody signs up for software using one of my links and so
that is a really really big business and I could I stop everything else and
live off of that if I wanted to and just everyday make training videos for
YouTube and for my classes and I can I could probably double that.
I don’t know if that alone would make millions but it definitely makes
6 figures. I also make money through services so I own a digital
marketing company called Ballen Brands and we build real estate websites,
we provide blog content, we do Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, we do a lot in the
real estate niche and outside the real estate niche but we really have a lot of
real estate agent clients that we’re helping build their real estate lead
capture systems and then hopefully they add in the lead generation services as
well to drive traffic so I do make money through services and I launched that
company was profitable overnight and I made 6 figures on that company the
first year we were open and it’s always been profitable so that is a great
business I will tell you that having an agency is probably the hardest of all
the things that I do so it’s just keep that in mind when you’re servicing
clients and you have a marketing agency there’s a lot more stress
involved in that that all these other things at least where I stand.
I do make money on profit shares when a real estate agent joins Keller Williams and
names me as their sponsor and they do any kind of business I do benefit from a
profit share pool it is relatively small I don’t actively pursue that it’s more
organic somebody just happens to reach out to me and asks about Keller Williams
or they join her office and they heard about me through my youtube channel and
they named me but I’m not actively out there recruiting. I do make money on my
investments, any kind of return on on my investments most of my
investments right now are stocks. 401(k) the basics I look forward to
getting into the real estate investments in the very near future and if I’ve got
them all I feel like I’m missing something and somebody tell me
but if I’ve got them all. The 12th way I make money today and there
will probably be more is with Monat. Monat is anti-aging hair care product line and I
absolutely love the product myself it it cured my shedding problem where I was
losing air all over the bathtub and all over the bathroom like a lot of us women
do and I went under anesthesia three times in 12 months and my
hair just completely broke and this restored it within the first 30 days
incredibly and I make money by selling shampoo and I have a website for that
it’s BallensBeautyBoutique.com and through building teams so other
people that want more income opportunity reach out to me and asked me about Monat.
I help them get set up as a market partner so that they can then go
provide samples and tell all these other men and women about the product and then
they can earn commissions as well. I’ll share with you with that right now.
It’s a couple thousand dollars a month. I just started that a few months ago and
it’s already a couple thousand dollars a month my goal is to be making a million
dollars a year through all the strategies that I employ by the end of 2021.
If you have any specific questions about getting involved with any of these.
I am a teacher-trainer-coach I’d love to help you. The Amazon Associates
and the affiliate marketing I’m also branching out now into
Pinterest and learning a lot of great strategies with making money there and
I will continue to bring you more training those are new strategies for me and
I will be working on bringing you all of those techniques so if you’re looking to
make money at home expand your business or add more money to your income
and any of these sound interesting. Let me know I can help you
get started with that. My name is Lori Ballen. I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Thank you so much for joining me today


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