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Hi, guys! Every year, designers and inventors come up
with hundreds of useful tools and gadgets that make our lives easier. YouFact channel picked out some of the most
interesting devices that have recently appeared. We’re sure they will come in handy in your
everyday life. 13. This device will be appreciated by anyone
who’s ever loaded their laundry into the washer and switched it on, only to find later
that they still had a mountain of clothes they forgot to put in. A little extra door on top of the machine’s
main door allows you to put additional clothes into the machine during the wash. 12. This plug not only looks beautiful and elegant,
but it’s also very easy to use. The hole in the middle of the plug allows
you to easily pull it out of the power outlet, and the light on the inside of the hole reminds
you if you’ve left a device plugged in. 11. This handy little thing might be of use for
all those who always lose something in their bag. To switch on the light, simply turn the bulb
into an upright position, at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the card. This flashlight fits not only in your pocket,
but even in your wallet, so wherever you go, you can keep this handy device on you. 10. Simply keep the onion in place with this device,
and start cutting. Ingenious! 9. Lemon air humidifier can be used as home or
car humidifier to effectively remove dust, clean the air inside the enclosed space to
prevent colds, can get rid of the problem of static electricity, aseptic humidification
can eliminate fatigue and bring you pleasant mood. 8. Pillow Talk is a unique pillow for couples
who always want to be together but are in a long distance relationship. The gadget is very easy to use. When one of the partners goes to sleep, a
sensor in the pillow sends a signal to the other pillow, and the latter lights up with
a nice warm light. If you hug the pillow tightly, you can hear
the heartbeat of the other person. 7. This is a great tool for those who are dislike
that old expression, “first come, first served”. Now the jar containing something delicious
can only be opened by you (or by anyone who knows the code to unlock it!) 6. This shower for dogs will allow dog-owners
to wash their pets much more easily. 5. Getting up the morning is much more pleasant
when you can feel the scent of freshly brewed coffee in your nostrils. British designer Josh Renouf came up with
this ingenious device — a coffee machine and an alarm clock 2-in-1 combo. 4. This small kitchen device will be useful for
anyone who has trouble measuring quantities of ingredient by sight alone. An electronic display on the spoon shows a
very precise weight measurement up to 300 grams. That’s another kitchen problem solved! 3. These plastic devices have both USB sockets
and ordinary power outlets which will allow you to charge your device right by your bed. 2. The spoon with a clip. Your spoon will no longer sink into your glass. 1. Now, in order to prepare eggs, pancakes, bacon
and other traditional ingredients for a fry up you don’t need just as many pans. All these things can fit into one pan like
this — the Master Pan, with a non-stick coating and five different sections. Thank you for watching this video. Subscribe to our channel and leave your comments.


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