Nigerian nationals being arrested in the Philippines for scamming MUSIC PLAYING… Hello everyone and welcome back. For those of you that are here for the first time, I want to recommend that you click on the subscribe button and the bell notification icon. So you can philippine continue to receive fresh new Philipine videos and motivational videos on an almost daily basis. Hey today I want to talk to you about 13 Nigerian Nationals arrested for scamming in the Philippines. 13 Nigerian Nationals arrested for scamming in the Philippines YAHH. Now when you talk about the philippines you are understand that this is a country where scamming is huge. And when you talk about Nigeria the country of Nigeria . country is infamous for scamming all over the world. MUSIC PLAYING…. And so we find that they targeted the Philippines. So here’s what happened on the 3rd of this year, The PNP got word of some potential scammers in Imus City. In the Cavite area. They raided the apartment. And when they raided the apartment they found four people which were Nigerians. They were in the process of scamming. They picked up all the tapes, videos, computer equipment and receipts. Where they received money and funds. So, the leader of the gang led the police to 3 other apartments in the Imus City area. So a total of 13 Nigerian Nationals were caught red-handed In the act of scamming OFW’s. Which is overseas Filipino workers. Here’s how the scam worked. And this is one of the oldest scams in the world. The Nigerians got fraudulent facebook accounts. And fraudulent pictures and they befriended OFW’s. On facebook and other social media. Now it is not unusual for OFW’s to accept friend requests from others. They’re cordial and polite and of course you know they’re alienated, they’re away from home. They want friendship they want people they can chat with and talk to. So they can feel a sense of community and a bond. So they become friends with these people the ofw’s. They then say you know I want to send you something. I like you. I love you. Whatever I want to send to send you some money I want to send you some gifts but here’s the catch. In order for me to send you the gifts and the money I’m going to need you to send me some money to pay the shipping charges and the custom fees on the item’s I’m going to send you. I mean it sounds really bazaar for someone to fall for something like that. But believe it or not people they are very gullible people in this world. The PNP estimated that this syndicate group the Nigerian National syndicate group. Pulled in over two million dollars that’s a lot of money. So they are being charged with estafa. Which is fraudulent or scamming other people that’s what is called here. In the philippines which is a legal term which means Fraudulent activity for defrauding people out of money. So now he is what i’m telling you. 30% of my viewing audience is from the Philippines. And so I want you to be aware I have Philippine Nationals I have OFW’s, I’ve got Americans I’ve got Germans, I mean I have a wide variety of people watching our video channel The Purpose of this video is to let you know and is mostly directed to filipinos. Also directed to anyone . watching. If someone is immediately befriended you, and they send you a friend request and you accept it and the next thing you know you’re buddy buddy And they’re telling you they want to send you funds. Don’t fall for it. They’re just trying to get your money that’s all. That’s all it is they’re trying to get you money. Be aware and be alert when people want to immediately befriend you That should be a red flag for you immediately. That hey, something’s not right here. I just met this person and now all of a sudden I’m their buddy? You remember that people. So things like this won’t happen to you. Be aware be alert protect your assets And don’t send people money especially that you just met on the internet. That’s just basic information basic awareness is all you need. Don’t be duped dont be hoodwinked and don’t be a victim. Protect Yourself, Now Question of The day. What’s the best way you can protect yourself from a scammer? Leave your comments for me in the comment section of this video. I want to hear from you.
This is BobbieD saying,,God Bless and Peace! MUSIC PLAYING….


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