14 Amazon Gift Ideas for Kids – BEST GIFTS for Little Entrepreneurs 2018

hey are you fumbling you trying to
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Amazon gift ideas that will better wait for kids right now that were also at the
same time promote them as entrepreneurial thinking kids and they
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hey I don’t know about you I’m great with coming up with ideas and content
when I’m marketing and helping ou home business entrepreneurs in their marketing and
their team building and they’re making more sales and generating more leads but
when it comes to gift ideas I was like ah so maybe you can relate right so I
just I’d meet you a quick thing do some research to find some ideas that work
really well for kids and so that at the same time you don’t have to kind of
break the bank and maybe you don’t like me you don’t want to go to the store so
you can get all these get gift ideas from Ralph at Amazon and they’re really
great for the kids pick your kids you want to put them in an entrepreneurial
mindset alright so we’re gonna go ahead and get started with that and oh by the
way hey all the items that I stopped here for all the different gift amount
get the ideas we’re going to talk about it’s gonna be in the description below
alright so definitely take out check out the description so you can get more
information on each one of those items on right there that we list list here in
this video alright so here we are gonna get started alright so these are 14
Amazon gift ideas for kids really good gift ideas for your little entrepreneurs
to help for most entrepreneurship in them alright so the first one is yes the
cool maker Kumi creative friendship bracelet maker
alright so basically it’s a bracelet maker that you can use and decide I’ll
hold onto different cool designs and bracelets
helps you get this the spools together and you can design up to 10 different
bracelets and stuff like that so it’s pretty cool you don’t know what I like
one is very popular and number – I like the idea of kids being able to
create something right there created create something that there’s their own
that they found that they put value out there and then at the same time you can
actually sell these things – right my wife told me that she had new kids in
her class cuz she’s a teacher who we’re trying to sell their little little
trinkets that there was stuff that they were making right I love it being able
to create value and then promote it and Sun it in the marketplace is absolutely
wonderful so that’s why I really like this Kumi
creator bracelet bracelets maker set right so Ruth is really cool it’s 20
bucks so it’s a pretty good deal right now and it works for kids that are
eating up all right so for the number two on our Amazon gift ideas would be
the Power Wheels Dune Racer all right so I don’t know about you but it was one of
these things that I loved that I wanted back in the day and I never got my hands
on it but it’s just awesome so your little
little ones can get in this thing and drive around there right it’s got five
teens like up to five miles per hour it’s got power lock races in it’s got a
12 volt battery built into it alright and so I mean it’s pretty cool because
hey this is something that your little one can get into and when they drive
this thing they get a sense of authority right a sense of accountability a sense
of of inner discipline and freedom and that they hate they can go places and do
things right and so it’s just that excitement of just being able to control
something and go somewhere but I think it’s pretty cool that makes the entire
the entire experience a whole lot of fun the kids that have this type of toy so I
really like it it’s a little on the pricey side right so about two hundred
seventy six dollars but hey you get it off of Amazon get free shipping and if
you get it crystal you can get it in time and you will definitely be I did
say a holiday hero this Emma so I get the idea
if you decide to go with it alright and then for the third Amazon gift idea that
works really well for kids to promote entrepreneurship in them Hey Nintendo
switch no I’m telling you the Nintendo switch is an amazing amazing system and
platform right now obviously is a gaming platform that you
can play video games with on the computer and you know okay Peter and on
your TV but in tennis which is really cool because they have it set up so that
actually you can break up into two handset things right so the due date
builds care coordination hand-eye coordination right at the same time when
your plan again just builds that camaraderie and builds team working
skills as well alright and I haven’t even loved it too because it also can
kind of turn into a like a little mini handheld game too
it keeps you kids busy so that’s also pretty cool and I mean the internals
always got really good products that they have it they’re always promoting
the product price on is about two hundred ninety nine dollars which is
actually pretty fair for the entire gaming system and in addition one of the
best games I can I can recommend to go with it is mario kart mario kart 8
deluxe so breaking me and my brothers used to play it back in the day when it
was Mario Kart in Tendo 64 on Super Nintendo talk to me hey talk to me if
you remember about that or I leave that comedy become in the description
remember back in the hall page playing the old Nintendo Super Mario Kart man
but hey it’s a great game to continue to see they continued the um the brand and
its really popular Grateful Dead once again a team playing that camaraderie
that cooperation which is big for an entrepreneur because hey you gotta be
able to rely on other people to win big to be able to do things that you
yourself can’t do by yourself so that’s one of the reasons why I really love
this game as a great Amazon gift idea for your little ones next up number 4
Amazon gift idea for watching for your kids to promote entrepreneurship best
gifts would be the Barbie Dream House yes yes you remember this is a great
it’s a really cool toy right with a Barbie brand on it
it stands pretty pretty tall by 3 feet tall and includes elevators in the home
and and a story pool and and all the possibilities of playing on one of the
things I like my wife was like oh my god I love this toy back and when I was
younger because of the imagination the creativity that that it promotes in your
little entrepreneur right giving them the idea to envision and an imagine your
dream home and what it would look like and what would happen and what would be
and all the items that are in it and everything that can do and so the toy I
allows them to accessorized or a bunch of different ways where I’d be able to
create stories create experiences from it and we know that imagination and
creativity is a center point in being able to being a great entrepreneur in
order to see trends and be able to serve the need in the marketplace so many case
I really love the bar the dream house has a really good Amazon gift idea for
your kids it comes in at 179 right now also free shipping at this time of year
as well so can’t really go wrong with this and then on being for for back your
little girl it’s going to love you as a holiday hero or addition Amazon gift I’m
be alright and then number five Amazon gift idea this works really well for
your little kids entrepreneurs is the ultimate DIY slime kit
alright for girls and boys so this is pretty cool because I mean slime is like
the new thing right now the kids you know and I love the idea of it to solar
first of all what you’re getting an image like this whole slime kid that’s
got its hypoallergenic so works well for kids who have any allergies and gives
them all kinds of colors food color and glitter you know video instructions on
what to do the only ingredients are lab tested for safety so that’s pretty cool
they get a little nice little cool things like the glow-in-the-dark powder
and little sprinkles that make it make the slime look even more interesting and
what I really like about it is the idea that I mean it’s something that your
kids can create right getting their hands dirty get meant to and making
things happen with the creating stuff using your imagination once again I just
love the idea of anything that promotes a child’s imagination and creativity
want to continue that because that is the essence of entrepreneur being able
to create when there’s a problem being able to find the solution and create
options out of that so I really love that so the ultimate DIY slime kit comes
in 27 bucks very portable and it’s
something that I think will your kid the kids will love right now once again it’s
extremely popular and will definitely make you look like the other with this
Amazon gift idea 6 Amazon gift idea the kids I don’t our
best options best Christmas gifts right now holiday ideas for your little
entrepreneurs would be the kid stuff and storage beanbag chair alright so this is
a really cool toy I really like it’s not even a 22
it actually works as like a functional and a an enjoyment type of thing so one
thing is that you can actually fill the beanbag with clothes toys and a bunch of
different stuff so it’s sort of like a storage space and then in addition at
the same time that’s a place where your kids can actually lay down on and sit
down on Animax on it so it’s made from a durable cotton all have zippers on it
that you can put stuff in it helps keep the wound clean which is puts
responsibility and accountability for your children right being able to like
organize your wounds and then in addition it serves as a place where they
can read right you can sit down and do some readings with their reading books
reading personal development range is just just building their mind as an
entrepreneur as a growing growing child hey that’s huge right so I loved I get
gift ideas they have to for ones and I love it right this is a great option
very affordable about at about 19 bucks that you can get with free shipping up
an Amazon right now so hey definitely love this as a really completely awesome
gift idea that come work for boys and girls alike as well all right it’s for
our number seven Amazon gift idea that was true up the kids and promoting your
little entrepreneurship entrepreneurship and then is the lol surprise glam series
doll all right so first of all this thing is stupid popular right now so you
go with this you would definitely be a winner so what it is is that it’s just
as a glam doll that has a lot of different surprises and things inside of
it that the kids can do literally a little girl can get they get a water
bottle accessories a little mini outfit for their doll
all the shoes and things like that like a blessing Bob I just love the idea of
then once again creativity and imagination that you’re a little
entrepreneur can get from this being able to customize their little doll and
put and dress them up in the image of themselves some way and be able to
increase your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem of how they see
themselves so I really like that as a really popular toy and guess what it’s
very affordable by nine bucks right now for each one of those and it’s a really
awesome gift idea that you can get you a little girl and really really rich
really well coming off straight off of Amazon right for number eight of our
amazon gift ideas this works really well for kids and entrepreneurs would be the
envy sports two-player foldable arcade basketball game all right so first of
all I love this because this is one of the things I wish I had two more little
kids but actually had a basketball go but I love this because it serves a
whole bunch of options first of all it’s a nice little indoor a gaming system
that you could have inside right it’s got a bunch of different game gaming
options that come with it and it’s foldable and easily stored somewhere
else when you don’t need it anymore and then but even with your little ones your
little boys and little girls can play this right what is it do bills builds
hand-eye coordination those skill sets right builds active activity in the mind
sense right physical activity is huge for the producing entrepreneur for the
young entrepreneur and so I actually love it and it once is a really good 20
you and your children come kind of shared building relationship with each
other as well so I love it and it comes in at 63 dollars and 81 cents right now
and you can get it with free shipping as well so that is a great option and great
Amazon gift idea that is brilliant that I absolutely love they will make you
look like the other day you know or number nine Amazon gift idea that was
Louie well for kids right now that will really serve your little entrepreneurs
is the ponzi speckles plush toy all right so kanji toy is basing this little
cool little toy little animal fluffy toy your little boy or minimums
like your little girl is gonna have and what’s really cool about is that the toy
actually tells you when they’re tired cold or hungry and so your kid your
child has to respond to it which I think it’s pretty cool in the way it knows he
has a little touch sensors and all that cool stuff which is pretty cool it comes
in a bunch of different colors and things like that
and I think what’s cool about it is that your child can respond and do the skill
set of accountability right so it’s got like a little mini pet but not really
right now something you don’t want to actually give your kids of pets because
of all the responsibility and accountability that maybe they’re not
ready for it you have to actually take so I like this that’s kind of like a
middle option right because hey yeah they’re having to respond with that
responsibility and accountability of taking care of something or someone that
is not themselves so now taking away this dependence but kind of becoming
moving into a mode of independence which is awesome when your children can do
that because that’s critical for an entrepreneur and plus it’s fun right you
can put the little thing on your backpack and wrist on your hair so
showcases some kind of self-esteem boost and confidence for your little girls
right so I love it it comes in at $14 and 82 cents it’s a super popular item
right now so you really can’t go wrong with it as an Amazon gift idea and
Christmas gift and any type of holiday gift that you want this is really works
well for your little girls all right then enough for number 10 Amazon gift
idea that works really well for your little kids as entrepreneurs is the
Wonder workshop – coding robot all right now I absolutely love this toy this
right this get the idea right here as a matter of fact I’m not sure why they put
it hasn’t like closer to like the top of the list but what it is is that it’s a
workable programmable robot that that allows to have a bunch of sequences and
commands and things that it can do that you’re a child from learn and it can
learn how to create and program the robot right which is pretty cool to do a
bunch of different stuff so the – robot can learn and
a very simple way to teach your child how to code and how to put programs in
which by the way let me just take I just want to take a quick moment to talk
about that because hey what’s really what’s really interesting I don’t know
is I have two little kid two little boys is the idea that right now they’re
promoting a lot of stem apps right with your science technology engineering and
math and that’s really helping children to get more aware and exposure to
computer science technology computer science opportunities because that’s
growing right now right and we’re talking about Facebook Google’s and a
lot of internet marketing that’s huge is being ever able to hey be able to create
an app here to create coding and software so I just wanted to talk about
that that’s something that is really big that you probably want to consider for
your children have exposure I think that this is something that can really be a
great stock stock start for that so like I said it’s got five free programming
programming stem action right science technology engineering and math and hey
those are skill sets that your child can use that maybe hey mix them up living in
the beginning but eventually can help them become entrepreneurs serve needs
and in the marketplace with the skill set do apps and software’s and things
like that so it’s a really great toy really awesome toy that I think that is
really powerful writing on it and I mean even got a best toy lorry to look at
that that you might want to consider right now it’s running at a hundred and
nineteen dollars right now but I think that’s a great I think it’s a great
price for what you’re getting from it and one of my top Amazon gift ideas
right now with kids and entrepreneurs so number 11 I’m an Amazon gift idea is the
easy-bake ultimate oven yeah that’s remember this thing from back in the day
oh yes I do right so the easy-bake ultimate of it
obviously has all the all the tools to bake cookies and chocolate brownies and
things like that and all the little knick-knack items of that you know with
the oven and I just love it because hey it’s getting a little entrepreneur hey
using their hands and creating things right taking responsibility for what
they create and seeing that value of course little entrepreneurs can bake
cookies and go out and sell them and open make make an income from it right
and see the value of creating value and getting paid for that value right so I
just absolutely love that with the Easy Bake Oven and coming in at 55 dollars
right now with free shipping on Amazon just a great gift idea great holiday
gift free kiss from skip that you can consider for your little ones this
season number 12 Amazon gift idea for your little kids the pure Oh sounds labs
on ear headphones all right so this is awesome because this is been rated as
one of the best earphones for your friend for children right so it’s got
it’s got the chill free stumble free wireless headphones with the task of
cable there’s adjustable hand band and it’s got the Bluetooth as well Scott
knows noise isolation so it’s really really awesome also my headphones for
children and think about ahead they’re listening to music giving the headphone
they can listen to him on their own you have to be worried about it and in
addition hey maybe got them listening to audiobooks right maybe you have been
listening to personal development right all kinds of things you could have been
listening to with these pure sound on your headphones I work really well for
young entrepreneurs and it comes in all kinds of different colors as you can see
that will that helps bring that style for your little entrepreneur alright so
coming in at about seventy six dollars on Amazon it’s an awesome gift that you
can definitely get as a great gift idea holiday idea for your little ones who
are going to entrepreneurs right now but 13 amazon get idea for little kids
and entrepreneurs is the hack tools have two babies had to egg item right now so
first of all this has to Mustang is super popular you cannot go wrong if you
do it learning what it is and it’s big as you
see it with a little girl as a plush animal that’s inside an egg and you
don’t know what it is it could be a boy could be a girl when it cracks open your
little girl has to take care of it has to burp it tickle and snuggle it and
show it love yes right and what’s awesome is what accountability right
responsibilities that they’re taking showing to show love to something else
themselves which is absolutely huge and powerful in addition to that is a very
popular toy right now so you can’t go wrong
giving it to your little girl and coming here about 30 40 bucks right now
hey it’s absolutely great deal so I think it’s going absolutely best Amazon
gift ideas you can consider that you can get right now pre-shipment dropped off
and you can be a holiday hero in no time and last but not least 14 the last
Amazon gift idea you can consider for your kids growing entrepreneurs and the
green toys tool set all right so I absolutely love this because what it is
a set of tools right that comes that comes in with all kinds of different
tools your wrenches your your your you know your screwdrivers your hammers your
saw things like that and they’re all made from eco-friendly products as a
matter of fact they’re made from 100% recycled milk jugs which is awesome
awesome I just love that so it’s safe for your kid is free of BPA or any other
stuff like that and at the same time we’re just kid mother they hated
learning the art of using their hands once again fix things right if something
breaks hey guess what things don’t happen to me it’s my response to how
things happen to me that matters and so I’m gonna respond by fixing finding
solutions putting it together and I just love the idea of a toolbox because
that’s exactly what it is and at the same time it made me I would you keep in
mind that hey they don’t know they’re missing a tool and they can learn that
too – school setting out of it – their toolbox of skills that allows them to
get the results that they want in their business or whatever they decide the
little ones decide to do right so coming in at sixteen dollars on 34 cents it’s a
really great item that you can consider for your little kids and hey one of my
favorite amazon gift ideas so that’s it my friend hey hope you enjoy the hope
that was helpful right hey I try to put together a nice little list of gift
ideas for Amazon get the ideas for your kids
they hate even your stripper Amazon do all your online shopping and that hate
will help them develop some entrepreneurial skills at the same time
all right so hey if you enjoyed it that was valuable to you than hey I really
appreciate you watching and definitely give the video a like definitely
subscribe to the channel and hey all by the way question today is which
one of those items did you think was most helpful right on we didn’t see
anything like what are your IDs did you come up with to help promote your kids
learning at myself’ this holiday season so that’s it my friend hope you enjoyed
it until the next day very exciting episode I’m going to be putting out a
few more video series but other gift ideas is you don’t have to think about
it cuz I don’t want to have to think about gift ideas I just want to find
something and pick it and be done with it alright so so that’s signing episode
my crap be blessed stay hungry I’ll class the next one alright please


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