2 Reasons why 250 is in the keyword golden ratio

I’m going to tell you about specific
little quirk with a keyword golden ratio my name is Doug Pennington
I’m from niche site project let’s talk about internet marketing it was an
affiliate site project management and sometimes really deep on keyword
research and that’s what I’m going to talk about today so if you remember the
keyword golden ratio is the number of all in title results divided by the
local monthly search volume where the local monthly search volume is less than
250 you don’t remember that video please go watch that when it sort of breaks it
down into it a little bit more detail a little bit easier to understand but I’m
going to talk about why it has to be under 250 searches per month today so
the reason why is because the sheer math of it right so when you look at the
search volumes that are 250 or less when you look at the ratio of 0.25 that is
62.5 right so the problem is when you go to higher search volume say 1000 you end
up with 250 so the sheer number of what you’re competing with just works out
that it needs to be 250 or less what we’re looking for here is like content
that you publish and it immediately ranks as soon as it’s indexed in Google
and it immediately ranks for the term that you’re trying to rank it for so the
thing is like I mean I get emails all the time someone will email me and say
hey I found a great keyword golden ratio term it gets 6,000 searches per month
and I think to myself that’s not gonna work because that means there are 1500
other pages on the internet that you’re competing with and if you’re you know
launching a brand new site and you don’t have you know any backlinks it’s gonna
be pretty tough to compete with 1500 other you know sites that are probably
well established and they’re already out there they already have backlinks and
stuff so when you look at 250 or less that means you’re only competing with
like at most 62.5 if we if we round that up to 63 you’re just competing with 63
other pages on the Internet and chances aren’t not all of them are actually
trying to rank for it and they just happen to be ranking for it
so at that point you’re going to be able to rank a little bit faster there’s just
less competition when you look at the map there’s a secondary thing going on
with this 250 search volume as well so it’s my opinion I haven’t tested this in
an experimental way or anything but as you go to higher search volume say 500
searches per month or a thousand or 10,000 per month you’re gonna find that
it takes a little bit longer to rank for those I think there’s a lot of factors
involved but it’s my opinion right my pure opinion that Google probably makes
it take a little bit longer to rank for these higher volume search phrases now
inherently there’s more competition for those too so I think that has something
to do with it as well there’s more competition because it’s a more
profitable set of keywords because more people are searching for them and it
just makes more sense that there’s more competition for you know more
profitability so that sort of makes sense to me again when we look at you
know if you’re gonna aim for a search volume of you know 50 searches per month
versus 5,000 searches per month I’ve seen just in general it’s easier and
faster to rank for 50 searches per month compared to 5,000 stick to the formula
and I think you’re gonna have better success with the keyword golden ratio in
the next video of this playlist alex is going to talk about how long the content
should be when you’re trying to do a keyword golden ratio sprint be sure to
check out the rest of the playlist and if you haven’t you know seeing the other
preceding videos be sure to check out the link in the description and watch
this in a series I’ll send it over to Alex


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