200K Subscriber Giveaway!

yo what’s going on guys we are gonna be
picking some winners for the 200,000 subscriber giveaway I did couple uh I’ll
see you it was last week so it’s gonna hang out here with you guys and pick
some winners so what we had giveaway was seracote trimco stuff and then we also
had this rig brake rotor guard from rocky mountain tusk brand I also had a
$50 gift card to pry em X so yeah we’re giving some cool stuff away so once
again thank you guys for all the subscribers two hundred thousand that’s
pretty crazy so yeah I’m pumped and we will have a
new video coming out pretty soon I was hoping to get it up today but you know
busy at the lake busy hanging out so chances are it’s gonna be uh I want to
say probably tomorrow yeah tomorrow or Tuesday so stay tuned you know keep you
guys keep your eyes out for that one Rick been here since sixty thousand
subscribers that’s crazy man thank you guys appreciate that
Logan Henry says how you feeling I’m doing awesome and I’m uh I’m pumped
right now I’m feeling awesome and back to work see we had someone yo I met you
during the Supercross at CenturyLink yeah that was cool to see you guys out
there that was such a good time we’ll be out there next year as well thank you
guys they appreciate that ride really nice beard bro thank you beards coming
in crazy I know I I think it’s growing faster than it was
before it’s pretty insane right now say my name ty Pittman what up
it’s funny how many how many comments are out that about the beard it’s crazy
because before I’d never really grew a beard and then when I got sick I was
like you know what I’m gonna grow it out because I knew I was gonna lose my hair
anyways and I just let it grow out and then lost it all I was really bummed
about that and now I’m able to grow it again so I’m pretty pumped just found
this channel a couple weeks ago rebuilding a 95 CRT 50 awesome man those
are fun bikes I would love to you to build an older C or 350 some of you guys
are asking about what we’re giving away and Oh see I think it was last Saturday
or Sunday I posted the video 200,000 subscriber giveaway and giving away a
brake rotor guard here back actually you guys a little bit billet aluminum tusk
rotor guard these things are pretty sweet and then also for our double use
and lately it’s called seracote shrimp coat it restores plastic back to like a
new shine so if you have faded plastic especially like plastic on dirt bikes so
scratched up and faded from being outside and just riding the bike so this
stuff right here is the ticket that’s what you want too so what do you want
what you want to use on that bring in your bikes to the Washougal show and
shine trying to try remember one that is is the August sometime that would be
really cool to bring those out so I’m not picked the winners pretty soon here
probably a couple more minutes here we got 260 260 people in here so how I’m
gonna do this let me see here I’m gonna flip the camera around so I’ve got
anyway let me show you guys so how I had you guys enter was just pop in your
email address on whoops let’s see this video here and so what I did is I compiled all those
email addresses here in a spreadsheet and I’m just gonna go through randomly
and pick some winners out of here using just a random number generator so
I’m the wait a couple more minutes here make sure gets more people in here get
it rolling and then pick some winners so got those three prizes I mentioned
earlier so pretty stoked to give this stuff away and this was open to anyone
in the world really I mean if you’re in Australia or United States or anywhere
around the world would be happy to ship it ship the stuff to you do you like
fishing I fished a little bit when I was younger but not really a whole lot I do
enjoy it though I just don’t have the patience for it
can I still join sorry the the giveaway is going on right now I saw it’s all
closed off peanut butter chocolate and peanut butter is my my jam for sure see
what else we got here you still live in Bellingham Washington that’s not too far
away superjet video coming out I would love to get a video on that have it be
able to ride the super jet that much I took it out a couple times and I
honestly just hurt myself on it I’m kind of a kind of a injury-prone right now favorite bike you own hmm probably my
125 because I’ve ridden that bike quite a lot and the thing is so much fun I
mean I would say the 250 but I’ve never ridden it so I can’t really comment on
that too much the TTR 125 I sold that bike a couple years ago so alright I
think it’s time to give some stuff away let’s uh let’s jump on the spreadsheet
here here we go got a list of everyone that
entered it’s kinda jumbled I wish it was more organized but it’s got the email
addresses got the numbers in there or the names in there so basically what
we’re gonna do is the first thing we’re gonna give away is this tusk rotor guard
and so how we’re gonna do that is find out how many people entered we had 1876
so this right here is gonna pick a random number between 1 and 1876 and I’m
gonna correlate that to you the spreadsheet so we’ve got 15 39 let’s go
find number 15 39 sorry this is a little bit shaky 15:39 hopefully the guys that win are
here on the stream that would be pretty cool so we’ve got Zach Robinson and so
Zach I’m gonna send you an email got your email address here I don’t really
want to show it but I’ll send you an email you are the winner of the tuskor
Odegard so congrats man all right what the heck happens the screen went all
blue anyways the second thing we’re giving away is seracote shrimp coat if
you guys have not tried this stuff yet it’s unreal like if you want to restore
faded plastic or scratched up plastic not so much scratched up but more like
scuffed to the point where it’s like dough looking this stuff right here will
restore it and keep keep the shine for up to 200 washes it says I’ve used it
quite a bit on gas tanks air boxes I use it on the cr250 air box you guys have to
have to give this stuff a try I think they do a free sample over on the
seracote website I think you just go to let’s see here Sara koat.com and they
have a spot where you can enter to get or just get a free sample in just one
little pack so this has 10 packs in there all right enough BS let’s
go ahead and why is it keep going blue let’s go ahead and pick the the winner
for that why is this a peon stupid okay generate a new number here 343 alright
that’s gonna be way up here on the list 343 alright so the name on that is
Connor Connor Connor Kramer it looks like so Connor Kramer you are the winner
of the seracote shrimp coat I’ll send you an email and get your shipping
address to mail that out now the third thing we’re giving away why do you guys
know I own prime MX this is the website I wish it would stop being stupid it’s
like the the monitor is being jacked up okay there it is so a lot of you guys
know I own probably the next cell you know apparel cleaning supplies bunch
of cool stuff over here so the third one is the third prize is a $50 gift card
over to prime of X so let’s go ahead go over to the generator again number 85 I figure out who 85 is 85 is gonna be
Jesse Fink so just make sure that’s correct yep 85 Jesse think you are the
winner for the third prize Brian of X gift card for 50 bucks so congrats to
all you guys I will be sending you all emails and getting that stuff over to
you all right we have finished up our little 200k giveaway hope you guys the
one are on here that would be super cool so yeah we’re gonna be doing lots more
lots more giveaways in the future and I just wanted to you know say thank you
again for 200,000 subscribers that’s crazy
doing a little giveaway like this is the least I could do for you guys supporting
the channel and just the really supporting my dream of you know working
on under bikes and stuff damn thought I won my name is Jessie
damn oh that’s funny next video on the t-50 that is gonna be tomorrow or
Tuesday I was hoping to get it up today but just kind of ran out of time and you
know how as I I like to put a lot of effort in the videos and make sure
they’re 100% dial before I upload them so you’re a 500 build next that is
definitely in the plans as far as the next build that won’t be a 500 I don’t
have a the hook up on a 500 quite yet so that’ll have to be for a later build but
definitely gonna be in the plans how fast you’re gonna have gonna a bike can
I please have a sign that I tell you what if you order a hat on the website
and put a note in the order details I’ll go ahead and sign it for you and I’ll
sign your your order pages while I do that on on every order I’d anyways but
yeah just mark it down in the comments then oh I I’ll sign a hat for you you
guys got need any interesting questions I want to know what you guys were up to
you today figure out if you guys are out riding or work on your bikes or or what awesome cam thanks again look forward to
every vid thanks master D I appreciate that Dalton says let’s go ride dude yeah
I wish I could ride right now it’s not not quite there not quite cleared to go
ride but when I cam let’s break and go hoping to take that 125 out pretty soon
do you own any road bikes I do have is that why I start 50 it’s like a little
mini across rocket you guys will probably see
that on the channel or I’ve I don’t know if I shown it before I think I have but
we’re gonna be working on that thing it’s a little bit uh needs a little bit
of work are your eyebrows still growing they’re grown they’re there clear brow
so they’re not ever gonna be super sweet baby shower or ambition all day long
that sounds pretty good do you have skid plates yep I run a
works connection on both I won’t 25 in the 250 so they have nice thick aluminum
one those things are the way to go plastic skid plates are pretty good to
you let’s see our lecture on carburetor is worth the money hmm that’s a good
question I do you have one I haven’t run it yet
unfortunately this 250 has electron on it but from what I’ve seen around on the
internet and just reviews in general they have people have really good luck
with them and people are pretty stoked with them so if you don’t want to jet
your bike anymore you just want to just go and rip I would say electrons worth
the money was Devon ever in the dirt bikes like you oh yeah he was all
engineer bikes we built a ton of bikes growing up did a lot of riding
he actually had he was actually in a two-strokes a lot a long time before I
was so yeah he’s always been into it then pretty cool my other brothers were
into bikes there did a fuel-injected bike won’t need the electron but if you
got a two-stroke you gotta really make fuel injection for him so you gotta run
electron is there a way to get scratches out of my plastics you could what I did
in the past was take a razor blade and you can kind of scrape around the
material around the scratch to kind of flatten out that scratch and then sand
it and then use a torch or use like this blast product this era coat trim
coat to give it a nice gloss finish or you can I think I said use a torch so he
heated up in that plastic kind of melts and it also creates a gloss gloss look
why did Devin move over two cars he’s always been more into the car scene than
ten bikes he still has he sells bikes and stuff but I think he just he enjoys
cars more do you have any tips working on bikes I got a lot of tips as far as
one tip in general I would say just honestly just have fun with it you know
you can get old working on bikes having to fix stuff but if you make it fun and
you’re you’re always gonna enjoy it like just you know a fine cool cool things
that do want to you know find a way to appreciate it more and you always enjoy
working on bikes do you go over giveaway stuff yet yeah so I gave away the trim
coat the rotor guard and the gift card already so when this video is wrapped up
the live videos wrapped up I’ll post the video on my youtube new guys can go
watch see who won that stuff how did you start out with your business good
question that started out I think I was around 12 or 13 and I just wanted to
find find a way to pay for my hobbies honestly like I wanted to first of all I
needed it you know money to pay for to fix my bikes and fix it the cheapest way
and so I originally started just by having my first business was parting out
dirt bikes and that started because I was needy parts for my own bike and I
was realizing okay this is tough to go and buy brainy parts when you’re you
know 13 12 years old and so I luckily enough I had a little parts bike and I
would just rob parts off of that so long story short I figured out how
figured out that selling parts individually on eBay or online you could
you could make a lot more money that way and so that’s really how it started out
just from being in a dirt bikes and needing to make me can’t make ends meet
with riding dirt bikes that’s basically it
are you gonna ride this your 250 or build a glass case for it definitely
gonna ride it might might throw it at a glass case once I’m done but we’ll see
it’s definitely gonna get dirty though I’m not I didn’t put all this time do I
just let it sit in the shop and be a shop Queen where is the best place to
buy parts you guys know Rocky Mountain that’s pretty much where I get all of my
all my stuff from OAM aftermarket riding gear shoot I pretty much have everything
I think I basically get everything from them no trailer queens allowed yep not
around here what was your first dirt bike that was a
1979 XR 80 I think I talked about this and the the last video I posted but my
two brothers and I went in paid $120 for this bike and we shared it for a couple
years so that was the the very first bike
that’s what really got us started on it yeah worst dirtbike crash I would let me
think I think it’s when I separated my shoulder honestly I’ve never really had
that bad of a dirtbike crash the other one would have been when I knocked my
chin actually you can’t really see it but I have a some stitches on my chin
here or a nice little scar there knocked me out pretty good but nothing nothing
too crazy do you party no I work that’s all I do you know honestly like you know
I do hang out and I have fun but right now I obviously can’t drink I can’t
there’s a lot of things on i restrict myself on just because of
health reasons so i party to have fun but nothing crazy how’s your day going
it’s been good just hanging out enjoying the Sunday went out to the lake we
hopped on the boat just tooled around the lake and jumped in so it was a nice
chill Sunday biggest dirt bike jump that would have been see the last truck
I had was at my parents house and that was there was a jump that was pretty
close to a supercross triple so I want to say 70 75 feet if I I’ll show you
guys a picture of it was actually pretty cool that was the fun a really fun jump
I’m gonna find a picture of that show you guys what it looked like here’s the
best picture I have of that jump so the take-off was over here landing
was over there so yeah it was a good good sized jump a lot of fun would you let people win a chance to
ride on your track someday it would be cool to have people out here but it’s
it’s tough with insurance and liability a lot of times you know with having
having a private track if you let people ride it you know there’s a lot you take
on as a land owner and it’s a long story short or like in a in a nutshell like
it’s tough to how people live here but possibly someday how many bikes do you
own that let’s see her think I’m eight seven right when’s the last time you
went trail riding that was right before I got sick actually so I posted the
video that went up on my 125 with a couple buddies and yeah we went to ride
and then three days later four years later I was diagnosed with cancer it’s
pretty crazy yeah Dalton that’s true it is very very
risky to let people ride even with a waiver there’s a lot of a lot of issues
there TNT moto Thank You Man
Congrats on your 200k yeah 300 coming up on 300 which countries have you been to
you let’s see I been over to see a bent Canada Japan that’s pretty much it I’m
not much of a traveler but we’re working on it we’ll make our way around the
world considered working on a factory racing team I’ve thought about it but
honestly I love what I’m doing right now videos and social media stuff I love I
don’t know if I could give it up the the grind of working for a factory team and
working on the circuit is pretty tough I I would be able to do it but right now
health-wise I I wouldn’t be able to it would have to be later on but I don’t
really I don’t know if I’d ever do it just because I see so many guys get
burnt out on it though still work as a mechanic or work in the
industry for five or six years and they get burnt out and they’re like you know
I don’t even care to be in the industry anymore and they go get a job somewhere
else so I never really want to get burnt out on on this whole motocross thing what’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in a
bike or a car Oh see on a bike it’s probably been on the bike on our one mm
maybe 160 150 somewhere on there which on a street bike honestly doesn’t feel
that fast it feels like you’re doing 80 thoughts of a Serie 500 I would love to
build this here mother someday and effing in the plans wanna I had hair scrambled today and one
Woody’s racin Congrats dude that’s awesome
must have been riding good he had to pick one dirt bike for the rest of your
life what would he pick I would just probably keep my 250 that would be the
the ideal bike honestly it’s not so much the bike it’s more for me it’s like the
reasons behind that bike like I built that bike going through the Kimia and
I’ve had a so much fun with that bike and so I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be able to
get rid of that one uh do us Year 500 modern frame
conversion that would be the plan I like I love those conversions there’s
something cool about the OEM or like the older style but for me if I was gonna
build a 500 I would do a I would do the conversion for sure have you had a 250
two-stroke before I have I’ve had them before never really ridden them a ton
I’ve always been a 250f guy and so that’s pretty much that
the bikes I’ve written mostly up in at this point until I got that 125 a couple
years ago and that 125 has been just so much fun when will you finish the 250
that’s coming soon as soon as I those fork tubes come back from the coating
we’re gonna be slapping this stuff together and that bike will be finished
up pretty soon thanks Jed Jed kerbin Kirkman appreciate that any dents here
I’m finish next e-50 video will be tomorrow or Tuesday how to learn to ride
faster on MX track that all comes from just technique and practice so go the
kind of how it works is you go slower to go faster a lot of times when you slow
down and practice the right technique in time you know it’ll take weeks or months
to really build up speed but it’s all in the technique message UNICEF for some advice on buying
cr125 anything to look out for I did do a video on covering how to buy a used
bike without getting you know jacked over by by the owner and that videos up
on that channel so that covers most of it as far as things particularly with
that bike I would say let me think definitely make sure it’s not so much to
the 0:35 but make sure the air filter is clean that will indicate how well the
bike was maintained another thing to look out for is see linkage linkage is
something that wears out pretty quickly on pretty much any bike as well but that
yeah that video covers it it’s the video is called how to not get screwed over by
any user bike you rock and knee braces or knee guards either I’ve never never
done knee braces or knee guards never had a knee issue ever any plans on
getting married yeah definitely at some point do you hear that did you hear that
you did you should come over here Hayley’s in the other room she doesn’t
want to be on the stream tonight for stroker to strip for the rest of your
life man what’s more fun I would say a two-stroke have you ever had a bike blow
up from detonation I haven’t no never had that issue before you looking twenty
years younger with the beard man I don’t know about that what do I look 12 I’m
just kidding how much did you pay for the CL 125 let me think I think I paid 1500 and 1,500 probably put about 500 NATO to fix
it up so not yeah maybe to grande 2200 into a total let’s see here let’s see
the hair you guys like it I’m two-toned right now look at this on the side I got
red a red beard and like blonde or like dirty blonde hair it’s pretty crazy how’s the kill switch ever failed on you
hmm I don’t think so I can’t ever recall
unless I crashed and like damage to kill sorted somehow but never really had a
kill switch just straight up fail love the videos in the bill Thank You Isaiah
Fitzgerald appreciate that do you pay for Rocky Mountain stuff so Rocky
Mountain supports the channel quite a bit we have a pretty good deal going on
but uh hold there’s actually a lot of stuff I just straight up buy because I
need from them what premix oil do you use most the time I run nine to seven it
depends on see for my jet ski a lot of times I just run the lucas oil that’s
pretty good stuff for my bikes it’s most the time castor nine to seven what made
you stick with Honda throughout the years that would be probably just
because I like the color red now they always see or they always seem to be
like really well-built I’m used to how they’re put together they they’re
engineered in a way that makes sense like for example like if you’re pulling
an engine out you don’t have to take everything off you know there’s or
taking the head off there’s not like all this stuff in the way I just really like
the way they’re engineered and that’s always kept me around
I just think their overall throughout the years they’re better quality than
than other bikes please make a video about your wedding
proposal that will see a about will see if it can work something like that out
that would be pretty cool my question didn’t get put in donation what do if
powder-coated frame chipping if your powder coating is chipping on your frame
you’re just simply gonna have to strip it off and recoat it if it’s aluminum I
wouldn’t recommend doing powder coating on aluminum it just honestly wears
through pretty quickly on steel as well but and if you are gonna do powder
coating on a frame I would recommend running frame guards grip tape on the
frame something to cover up that powder coating so that way your boots don’t
wear through it right away what ratio of oil to use for premix 125
is 40 to 1 and then to 50 P 40 to 1 as well as when your bikes blown up while
you are riding yeah actually I had a CRF 250 while back and that video is up on
the channel you can you can go back and watch it this was like 2011 I want to
say yeah there’s a there’s a video of my a GoPro video my CRF 250r blowing up and
honestly wasn’t that cool just made like a it sounded like I had to kick sorter
down like you know when the bikes running and you actually push the kicks
order down it makes like that ticking sound and so it sounded like that and I
looked down and my bottom of my case was just shattered like there was oil coming
out aluminum pieces falling out so it was pretty trashed 32 to 1 too rich for
Amex for a1 45322 Warren’s fine you got to be on the pipe pretty hard to to burn
up all that oil but yeah 30 to 1 is fine let’s see there’s a good question up
here I missed it do you plan to stay in the Moto industry
for a career yes definitely that’s the plan I don’t don’t really plan on going
anywhere else my heart’s in motocross and and dirt bikes and and all that I
might say like yours down the road I might spread out a little bit further
maybe do street bikes you know I love to have a do a street bike build or maybe a
side-by-side build your own the house and you know I need a side-by-side for
planning the driveway that kind of things would be cool to build one of
those not that I would you know replace dirt bikes with a side-by-side but that
would be a lot of fun all right I’m gonna hang out here for another couple
minutes and answer some more questions they’ve got some good ones coming in
when is to give the give away I did the giveaway earlier in the video gave away
the rotor guard the trim coat and the gift card so yeah we we did that earlier
in the video as soon as this live video was done I’ll post this video up on my
YouTube and guys can go back washer it see all the questions I answered see who
won the giveaways and just kind of go through and back through and watch it
supermoto build I would love to do sumo to build someday that would be fun maybe
even like a 500 in a modern frame or something that would be insane how dumb
or airports I really haven’t used air forks that
much I haven’t honestly I’ve never torn into him but I know just from riding a
few bikes with air forks and kind of seen reviews online about them they’re
not not the greatest I’m glad the industry kind of went away from that
where all the manufacturers kind of went back to spring some in DMX videos
appreciate that man how do you strip powder coat aluminum frame if
sandblasted Sam lossing depending on what blast
you’re using it should take off the scent powder coating but the easiest way
to go about that is I just ran into this not too long ago so my brother Devin was
trying to strip powder coat off his his car wheels like this stuff was really
really thick powder coat and we tried using paint stripper tried sandblasting
that stuff was on there like really really good it wouldn’t come off so what
we ended up doing or what he end up doing is finding a local shop powder
coating shop that had a dip tank and the dip tank just dissolves all that powder
coating and brought it right down to you to raw material so that would be the
easiest way the second best way would be to send out to you a sand blaster have
them or a blasting company and have them blast it let’s see snowmobile would you ever get a
snowmobile I’ve had one to pass but not not really my jam during the during the
winter I’m pretty much just working all the time in the shop have you considered side by side at UTV
yeah I was talking about that long not too long ago I think could be a lot of
fun to have one around the house mostly just for kind of farm use that kind of
thing but also just to go up up and up in the hills from time to time
it’d be fun to do a build on one got a fat head on my Sierra 125 keeps blowing
head over rings after 15 minutes I would contact fat head contact Lucas over
there and see if that’s something he brought he’s ran into you I haven’t
heard of that happening with mine I haven’t run it yet so I haven’t really
experienced it too much but from everyone else I’ve seen they’ve worked
really good and if you send a message to Lucas he’ll tell you you’ll either send
you new or rings if those ones are bad or tell you exactly what to do maybe
it’s a issue with your cylinder if it’s warped or something that could do it too have you ever considered ATVs not too
much into the quad stuff so I don’t think I’d ever do a build on one or like
ever really get one maybe for around the house pulling the driveway you know kind
of a farm vehicle but nothing for any type of project or any kind of fun like
that Gregory for our appreciate your videos man they helped me so much and
I’m the guy my friends bring their bikes need to be
fixed glad I can help out man that’s awesome rocks or Tomac mmm good question
I’m a Honda guy so I’d have to go Roxton but man I’ve always been a Tomac
fan too all right a couple more a couple more
questions here how do you become affiliated with revived moto rebuy moto
is a business I started 1314 years ago something like that and so I’ve had it
still I still have it I don’t really add any inventory to it but I’ve been I’ve
owned that business since I was 13 or 12 some around there love your workshop
thanks Gary appreciate that what do I do about water in that crankcase just
rebuilt the bottom end water than your crankcase that would be water pump seals
the seal from the water pump to the crankcase that would do it so I
definitely check your water pump first why do you think most manufacturers
stopped making our favorite two strokes that’s a good question for Honda I think
it was emissions really did they’ve always been really eco-friendly they’ve
always wanted to like you know be green friendly that kind of thing so they
believe that two strokes were you know adding to pollution or whatever and so
they quit making them and pretty much or they switched over two to four strokes
and I think part of it has to do with maybe four strokes are more profitable
maybe they sell better but I think overall it had to do with emissions and
which is weird like Katy and husky Yamaha gas gas all these other companies
still make two strokes but they never I don’t know I don’t know why the Japanese
quit making them yeah it is BS I don’t I don’t really like it too much but also
it makes two strokes more more valuable or like more nostalgic when they’re not
made anymore so it’s you know there’s two sides to it as well can you do a
yz125 I do have a 125 already so I don’t know
we’ll see we’ll see if I can get my hands on one all right couple more
questions here then I’m gonna gonna dip out of here bought an o2 cr125 frame to
start as a build bike heck yeah man so you’re a 125 those bikes are so much fun
they bore two strokes that’s where it’s at man hoped you do a 500 build someday
it would be a blast um one more question here doing the
giveaway giveaway we did that earlier in the video once I finish up the stream
and end it I’ll post on YouTube you guys can’t go back through it and watch it
how big is your shop house so it is 36 by 48 it’s what is that 1,700 square
feet so the shop space is like 1200 square feet house is around 500 600 so
yeah just enough space to really live and work I love it thanks Brett
appreciate that alright last question here Chevy Road as
88 says I just want to know how you were doing period how’s your health
hope all is well things are really good we’ve let’s see where are we at right
now we’re still battling one little issue it’s a blood related issue where I
think we got the solution for that but as far as how I’m feeling I’m doing
really good right now back to work back to work can out unfortunately can’t quit
can’t quite a red dirt bikes yet but that will be within the next couple
weeks and so I’m really really amped for that hopefully the 250 is done just in
time so we can get back to riding and you know hop on that bike and whatnot
but yeah I’m I’ve been doing really really
good lately and as far as treatment stuff goes we have let’s see well I have
one next week and then from here on out it’s gonna be one every month for the
next few years so pretty simple stuff I have a port in my chest right here if
you guys have seen that before the line runs up to my neck but that’s how they
give me all the the treatment stuff so honestly it’s pretty pretty
straightforward pretty simple and I can I can live with it that’s all I got to
be from here on out then yeah I’m happy thanks for reading my comments love all
your videos keep making them alright guys had a good time chat with you
giving some stuff away hope the winners who won the stuff the trim coat the trim
coat and the roto guard and the gift card we’re on here that would be super
cool too those guys that won I will be sending you an email get your shipping
address mail that stuff out to you so keep an eye out for the next video will
be out let me let me think like tomorrow or Tuesday I’m gonna actually should
probably get busting on it right now finish it up but thanks for watching the
stream guys and I will see you in that video take care

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