20K subs update: I’m sick! Are we moving? Crime wave in Guanajuato…

hey guys in this video I wanted to give
you a quick update um I have been absent from YouTube for a while so I wanted to
explain why um let’s see so today let’s talk about why I’ve been off YouTube um
hint I’m sick so we’ll talk about that we will talk about our future plans, are
we leaving Mexico are we moving to Japan are we moving back to the United States? this
is always you know, a question that I get and we will talk about crime in Guanajuato
there’s a lot of stuff going on and things are changing so let me give you a
quick update on that to the best of my ability. I’ve got a cup of green tea here
Gracie just jumped up right next to the camera so hopefully she’ll leave that alone and yeah this is uh
I’m out of bed that’s uh that’s something okay so I have been in Japan
I took Harper – okay I took Harper to Tokyo for – really okay I love you
Gracie but I just yeah I took Harper to Tokyo Japan for two weeks to see the
cherry blossoms it was amazing however I got horribly
sick while I was there if you are following me on Instagram
then you already know this story there’s cat now there’s cat hair
flying around if you aren’t following me on instagram find me over
there it’s at Erin is traveling and that’s where I I can keep you more up to
date on the real-time stuff so while I was in Japan I got
horribly sick and was sick for a solid week I lost a week out of two basically
I was there for a few days I got sick for a week I got well for a few days I
came home the travel day the travel home was very difficult but we made it we got
here safe and sound um and then I dealt with jetlag for a
little bit and thought wow this jetlag is extremely bad compared to all other
jet lags that I’ve had come to find out well it wasn’t just jet lag so now I
have been sick with something I don’t know what’s going on the doctor doesn’t
know what’s going on I’m going through a bunch of tests to figure that out and
hopefully by next week I’ll have more information if you’ve had mono that’s
kind of what this feels like I just don’t want to get out of bed for
anything, it’s very glamorous and exciting as you can imagine. uh yeah um
being sick and a foreign country sucks it really sucks. I think it’s the worst
part of this whole thing. it’s the worst part of living abroad is being sick
traveling abroad and there are a lot of people who are just like troopers when
it comes to being sick but when I’m sick like I just want to be somewhere
comfortable with my mom making me chicken soup and so every time I get
sick I just want to run away and and run back home. I’m just gonna let her
do her thing. there’s that, that’s no fun twenty thousand subs guys what the heck
I’m so excited but have been completely unable to fully celebrate the milestone
because I’ve been so darn sick but yeah twenty thousand that’s ridiculous um
when I hit ten thousand last year I think late late November early December
I was I couldn’t believe it. when I had started documenting our Mexico journey I
thought you know what like if I can make a hundred dollars a month at this then
this is going to be a hobby that’s worth the time like I will be so so pleased
with that and then at some point I started thinking man if I got to ten
thousand subscribers that would that would blow my mind and now we’re at 20? what? I appreciate you guys so much more than I
can even say, I really enjoy the fact that on this channel we get to have
really difficult conversations often, I love that you share your stories with me
I love hearing your stories and yeah I just love getting to connect with you as
much as I can. I have been totally off YouTube because I’m ill and I do miss
interacting with you. I don’t miss the trolls so I’m sorry if the comments
section… if anything disastrously bad is happening on there I just haven’t had
the energy to look. I am constantly a mixture of amused and infuriated at the
things that people will say online especially about Mexico, it’s like okay
you have obviously never been here ah but yeah the majority of you are
beautiful inspiring freakin intelligent people and
human beings and I just love you so much so yay to 20,000 I have no idea where
this thing is going but I’m really happy with where it’s at. if I could just get
well enough to freaking edit videos again she’s like I don’t know if you can see
her but she’s like taking her afternoon bath here right I mean… this is Gracie
she is 14 years old this year she’s the baby of the family
Oliver is 16 this year so whenever anybody asks us are you leaving Mexico
um I kinda just I’m like guys we have a dog and two cats here now like my desire to
move these animals to another country is so low I cannot even tell you um you may
remember getting the cats here was fine getting the luggage here was such an
enormous pain in the butt and I can’t even imagine like how do you move a dog
the size of Pita? I just yeah I mean if we had to do it we could do it but this
it’s not something that is on my is on the top of my to-do list right now that
being said there has been a huge increase in criminal activity in the
state of Guanajuato and it has over the past year been largely confined to other
cities however it is now here in the city it is affecting san miguel de
allende it’s affecting Guanajuato city the
violence has by and large been contained to the cartels
so it’s cartel against cartel that does not minimize the impact it has on its
victims however I don’t at this point think that you as a visitor if you are
coming here on vacation I don’t think that you will probably notice anything, I
don’t notice anything unless I’m staying up on the news
however I do find it important to keep up with the news so Jesse and I try to
be as informed about what’s going on as possible okay the thing that I’ve
noticed about when people talk about Mexico is that there can be two extremes
and a lot of expats get one extreme from people back home which is like oh my
gosh Mexico is so dangerous are you safe are you going to be beheaded in the
streets like what oh my gosh like how can you live in Mexico this lawless
country. that is not true; however sometimes expats can swing so hard the
other way that we and I see this a lot on expat forums that sometimes when
people do share news about crime people can get very twitchy about it and I
think probably because we’re responding to you know concerned family and friends
and also the trolls who are just trying to provoke people by saying ridiculous
things about Mexico online. however Jesse and I both feel it’s really important to
find the middle ground. if we felt we were unsafe here we wouldn’t be here we
would not have Harper here if we felt we were truly at at risk more than we would
be at risk anywhere else. however there are
precautions you have to take when you live in Mexico. this is not Disney World
okay the cartels are not going out of their way to target tourists and expats
however this is a complex situation things change fast so we are really
monitoring things right now very closely the murder rate in Guanajuato city is
off the charts. Mom I know you’re watching this if you have questions you
can text me we are okay um
but yeah we are definitely keeping an eye on this if things had been the way
they are right now a year ago it would have knocked Guanajuato off the list for
us so we take that very seriously. we’ve got a young child we don’t feel that we are at
risk in terms of being targets however we don’t want to be caught up in
anything um right now I don’t think our risk of being caught up in anything is
any higher than our risk of being caught up in something bad in the United States
obviously obviously you can see how worried Gracie is. I’m not gonna go into
specifics and details because by the time I post this you know in a week it’s
gonna be a different story so as you are doing your research look for local news
and make sure whatever you’re reading if you are considering Guanajuato city
make sure that whatever you’re reading is talking about Guanajuato city
because when the news story is put up it will often say Guanajuato at the
beginning and you’re reading about some horrific thing and turns out it’s in
Salamanca it’s in Celaya or somewhere else
so it it’s easy to confuse the city of Guanajuato and the state of Guanajuato.
they are two different things. however the stuff that’s going on in the state
is now starting to affect the city and it does have people nervous not so much
for what is going on but but what I’ve been told is just that this is so
unprecedented this is uncharted territory so we don’t know where it’s
going all right that’s really vague I know. the
point of this is just to say you have to be realistic
about where you are and where you want to go and this is totally undermining
the seriousness you you do realize that I’m talking about something serious and
you are like yeah it’s a serious topic… you don’t care do you? basically hmm we have
no immediate plans to leave Mexico we are on high alert because we are very cautious
people yeah and the only thing on my to-do list right now is get over
whatever the heck this illness is so I can get back to my life. I do miss it. as
soon as I can edit again there is a video I shot before I left for Tokyo
about comparing San Miguel in Guanajuato um and then I will have Tokyo footage
for you I’m so excited to start working with that footage because the cherry
blossoms were so beautiful it was it was an amazing trip except for the amount of
time that I spent lying on the floor wanting to die oh my gosh. Jesse has
promised we can go to Puerto Vallarta for my birthday in May I’m super excited for
that and at some point in the summer we’ve got to figure out where we are living
so that will be coming up I’m also really hoping to go visit a friend in
Rome this summer so fingers crossed that all of
this will be sorted and I can do that and that’s about it when you see us
traveling to other places it doesn’t mean we’re gonna move there it just
means that we that I have an issue with staying still and as long as I’m healthy
I can’t stay very long off of the travel apps and checking for flights and
dreaming up where I want to go to next Mexico is home right now, is it home
forever? I don’t even know what forever means right now. there’s stuff going on
yes am I panicked, am I freaked out? nope. am I watching and staying informed? yep um yeah that’s about it I love you guys
thank you so much for twenty thousand here’s to the next however many and I am
gonna go back to bed bye!

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