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(“Galop Infernal” by Offenbach) – Hi, guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And today we are going to do 24 hours in an air-box fort city. This is crazy. Dad and the boys set
up an air-box fort city downstairs in our basement, and it’s huge. – Huge. – And we’re going to spend 24 hours in it. Each person will stay in
their own air-box fort. – How’s the box fort? – [Mom] What? – Well, I don’t know about
you guys, but I call pink one. – I call the, um – So let’s do this. – I call the red. – First person to get all
their stuff and get down there gets first dibs. – [Mom] (gasps) Get
your stuff, go, go, go! – Last person, last dibs. Go. – Hurry! What do you need for 24 hours? You better have food,
’cause I’m not sharing. Jk, I’ll share. I always bring food, water, and mail. Okay, guys, so everybody
grabbed their items, they ran downstairs, and
they chose their forts. Now I’m going to show you Fort City. This is pretty crazy. It’s kinda loud down here, so I’ll try to yell, but check this out. – [Dad] Whoo! – [Mom] Look at this. (all clamoring) – [Jake] Hello. – [Mom] There is a room
full of forts down here. It goes everywhere. So there are six airforts down here in our basement, and every person has their own airfort. AirFort sent us these, and we want to thank them. These are so awesome. – [Dad] Can you guess where I’m at? – [Mom] I think you’re the first one. – [Dad] Nope. – Oh, you’re the silver, alrighty. So these are pretty cool, because you just hook a fan to ’em, and they inflate, and then they’re easy cleanup to put away. I love these, ’cause hardly any mess, and you build a fort really fast. Let’s go check out Dad’s fort first and see what items he
brought for 24 hours. (percussion and slide whistle) – Alright, so welcome to my pad. As you can see, I brought a blanket, because what’s gonna happen
is the sun goes down, this room’s gonna get a little cooler. Plus there’s a fan
pushing air all over me. So I brought a jacket
so I could stay warm. – [Mom] A jacket and a
small, little blanket. Like, literally, a blanket to sit on. – It rolls out to be bigger. (Mom laughs) And I have a pillow. – [Mom] Good luck. – To lay my big head on. – [Mom] Well, I know who’s
gonna have a sore back in the morning. – I know. – [Mom] And it won’t be me. – I brought some Try Treats. These are from Poland. I brought an experiment to do with a Coke and Mentos. – [Mom] Ohh, I thought
you were gonna drink it. – So I hope it doesn’t go too high. And then for my dinner and lunch, I brought a big salad here, so. – [Mom] Olive Garden. – So between my Try Treats
and between my salad, I should stay fed. – [Mom] Unless someone sneaks over. – And what little I get
with my Diet Coke to drink. I also brought water. – [Mom] Nice. Alright, I’m moving on to Ty. (slide whistle) (gentle music) Oh, are you sleeping already? What’d you bring? – Three pillows to lay on. – [Mom] Three pillows? Oh, you’ve got it right. That way you don’t have to – And a blanket. I got a ball, so I could prank them by throwing this on their tent. – [Mom] Oh, great. – And I got a drink and chips. – [Mom] Chips. That’s all you need to survive down here in your airfort? – Mm-hmm. – [Mom] Nice. You did think, now you won’t have, like, with the pillows, I like that idea. You’ll be sleepin’ good. – [Dad] If you need food, Ty, I’ll slip some over to ya. – Okay. – Oh, sweet, awesome. Okay, so let’s go check out my fort next, ’cause I’m right by Ty. (slide whistle) (gentle music) Okay, so my fort is a pink fort, and I actually, so I grabbed
a blanket and a pillow and then I was sitting on the hard floor, and I thought, uh, I need a mattress. So I didn’t wanna bring an air mattress, ’cause that would have
taken too much time. But I did grab a mattress. (Ty imitates fanfare) So here’s mine. I have my bed all laid out, and the fan blowing, so I’m definitely going
to need the blanket. And then over here I
brought some fan mail. I brought some balloons. So I thought that I could try
to make some balloon animals. And then I brought these Rocket Balloons, because I thought this
would be fun to blow up and then let go in everybody’s tents. And it would go around crazy. And then for dinner, I brought some tin cans. A whole bunch of these. This is from when we
pranked Nana and Grandpa, and we tore off the labels in
their pantry on the tin cans, and they didn’t want them, so they gave them to us, because they didn’t know
what they were eating. So now we’re stuck with them, and we don’t know what’s in the cans. So this is dinner. Whatever I open up, I guess
that’s what I’m eating. – [Ty] One is tomatoes. – Eww, and Ty says one’s tomatoes. Yummy. Okay, let’s go check out Audrey’s fort, because she’s next to me. (slide whistle) – Wait, can you see inside? – [Mom] Can I come in? – Yeah, come in. I have a party of, like,
four now in my room. – [Mom] Whoa, it’s a party. – It’s a party in my room. So, I’m super cold, because the fan’s, like, blowing on me. – [Mom] (laughs) You’ve
got one little blanket. – So I’m all cuddled up in my blanket, which I’m gonna use tonight for bed. And my super soft pillow
that’s, like, memory foam. – [Mom] Memory foam. – So when you lay on it, it just sinks. And I’m hugging my, um, massaging unicorn. Uhhhhhh. – [Mom] That was on a weird
items video that you did. – I still use it. – [Mom] And you kept it. (laughs) – And then me and Ty have brought our little instruments from Hawaii. You wanna play together? – Yeah. – ‘Kay. (both playing pipes) – I didn’t know you were
bringing your instrument. I would have brought mine. We could have made a little trio. – [Mom] Go get it. – I brought my Easter candy from Hawaii. – [Mom] Yummy. – And that’s why it’s still in a bag, so. I guess I didn’t really think it through that this was gonna be all my three meals. – I’ll share some for you.
– Yeahhh… – I might have to go
in someone else’s tent. – [Mom] Dad has lots of food, and I have some mystery tin cans. – Oh, I’m not goin’ in yours, then. – [Mom] So if I open spinach, you’re welcome to it.
– No thanks. – I’ll share some chips. – [Mom] Ty has, like, a
fourth of a bag of chips. Dad has, like, Try Treats from Poland. – [Ty] It’s Joe’s new one. – [Mom] And he brought something else, which I can’t remember. – Okay, well, I might go into his. – [Mom] Okay. Next, I’m going to Jordan’s. (long slide whistle) Jordan’s staying in this silver tent that’s right by the hammock. Let’s see if we can go on in. Let’s first take a peek. (playing pipes) Where is she? Oh, there she is. – Hi. – Come on in. So I brought hand sanitizer. So I brought water. And a pillow that I stole off the couch. And a blanket. These are all, like, necessities. And for food So, I brought some Cadbury eggs, which are chocolates,
and I really like ’em. But I also brought chocolate-cake mix. – [Mom] Yum. – And this is just a mix. This is not an actual chocolate cake. This is, like, raw. – [Mom] Maybe if you
mixed your water with it, it might be good. – I could try it. I panicked. I didn’t know what to grab. I also brought some
pearl slime that I made. – [Mom] Nice. – It’s, like, got all these pearls in it. It’s a bit sticky, so I brought activator. So that way I can play with it. – What about (mumbles)? – And the last thing that I brought was this. I brought two rainbow looms and little wriggling bands, and I think I’m going to have a contest with somebody soon. To see who can make the fastest. To see who can make a
bracelet in the fastest time. That’s everything I brought. – [Mom] Okay, I’m on to Jake’s fort. – [Silly Voice] Yee-ha. – [Mom] Oh, sweet, I can
go from Jordan’s fort straight to Jake’s. Alright, so Jake has a rainbow fort. So awesome. Feel like you’re sleeping in a circus. – Yeah.
– Okay. – And I’m gonna sleep like this. – [Mom] You’re gonna sleep on the blanket? What if you get cold? – I’ll wrap around me. – [Ty] What happens if you get – [Mom] Oh, you’re gonna
be on the hard floor, then. – Yeah. – [Mom] Have fun with that. – And I got this so, this. – [Mom] A drink. Some Cheerios. – Then I have this for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. – [Mom] Nice. – And then, if I get bored, and I can try to throw
the Cheerios in these. – [Mom] Ohhhh. – This is probably gonna
be the hardest one. And as my secret thing, I have my phone. – [Mom] Nice. – And my Nerf blaster to raid. – [Mom] Ohh, so you can Nice. Alrighty. Everybody, to your forts. (calm music) – Alright, so it’s just before dinnertime. I figured before I eat dinner, I might try doing my experiment here. And this is the Coke
and Mentos experiment. You guys have probably seen
it or done it yourselves. But have you ever done it
with a straw at the bottom? Because usually what happens is all the foam shoots out of the top, but what it needs to do now is it needs to go down to the bottom and
then up through the straw. And so we’ll see if I can trick it and keep it from exploding all over me. I hope that is the case, because if it does explode all over me, it’s gonna be a long 24 hours, ’cause we just started. Alright, so the first thing you do is you put in your Coke. – [Mom] Oh. – Diet Coke. And you let it come down a little bit. This is kinda crazy. I don’t know if I should do this. Alright. I’m not gonna fill it
all the way to the top, because I’ve gotta be able
to put in some Mentos. Alright, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just hurry
up and throw ’em in and put on the cover. (laughs) Oh, boy. And, go. Alright, it’s fizzin’. Oh, no, it’s going around the straw. Ohh! I’m trying to hold it down so it can’t fizz around the straw. But it is leaking through the straw. It wasn’t a geyser like
we thought it would be. Let’s try this, then. Let’s take the regular Diet Coke bottle. I’ve got four left. Here it comes. Whoo! Maybe it’s gotta be the bottle. I don’t know. It didn’t really do anything in here. So that was kind of a fail. (sad trombone) (gentle upbeat music) – So I’m gonna throw
this ball on their tents. Let’s go. – [Mom] You’re gonna go prank them? – Uh-huh. – [Mom] Okay. – Canon ball! – [Dad] Whoa! Hey! What are you doing? – [Mom] Hey, that’s mine, sonny. Ohh. Ohh. – [Jordan] Hey, Ty! – Hey! – [Mom] Hey, Jake, what are
you doing outside your fort? – Looking (drowned out
by background noise). – [Mom] You’re supposed
to be in your fort. – I’m playing with my slime! – [Ty] Ha! – [Audrey] Where’s my fort gone? (Mom laughs) I’m trapped. What just happened? I’m trapped. – [Dad] Hey. – Shh, that was awesome. – Alrighty, so I snuck back to my airfort, so that Ty could not get me anymore, and Logan came in here with me. Hi, Logan. Ohh. Guess what, guys? It’s dinnertime! – [Ty] Yeah! – Who wants to join me
for a picnic in my fort? Okay, so everybody has
joined me in my airfort. We’re going to have a picnic. – Whoo! – [Mom] Alright, what did you guys bring? – Chips.
– More candy. – [Mom] Do you wanna do a potluck picnic? – Yeah.
– Yeah! – [Mom] (laughs) Jordan’s like, yeah. – Cake mix. – Why’d you bring cake mix? – I panicked, okay? I didn’t have time. – [Mom] Okay, but I
brought mystery tin cans if you’ll pass ’em to me. They’re right there. – Oh, nevermind, I don’t
wanna do this potluck anymore. – [Mom] Wait, it might be yummy. – Let’s all just share. – [Mom] I forgot a fork. – Guys, one of them is tomatoes, so. – [Mom] Oh. Well, I think Jordan loves tomatoes. So we’ll pass that one to her. Here, Jordan, that can’s for you. – Whoo! This one has a red top. – [Mom] And, Audrey, this can is for you. – [Jordan] This one sounds like tomatoes. – [Mom] Who else forgot their food? – I got food, thank goodness. (Mom and Dad laugh) – [Jordan] I got food. – [Mom] Okay. – I got candy. – [Mom] You guys brought candy, so you have to do the
mystery tin can with me. And I’ll pick one, too. I’m going with this one. – Yeah, you’re gonna pick the best one, ’cause you know all of ’em. – [Mom] This one says best by June 2000, that’s the only clue. – I know what this one is. – [Mom] Tomato paste? – This is tomato paste. (laughs) – [Mom] And that’s why I chose this. – Glad I brought my dinner. – This expired two years ago! (“Galop Infernal” by Offenbach) – Mom, can you open this? – [Dad] So you’re doing
the tin can challenge? – That’s dinner. I hope it’s something good. – [Dad] There it goes. Good thing you brought a can opener. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] What is your
first mystery ingredient? What do you think it is? – [Audrey] I hope it’s the gross one. – Explode.
– I hope you get tomatoes. – It could be beans. – [Jake] Explode. – Can I have beans? – Black beans or something. – [Audrey] I want black beans. – I want the beans. – [Dad] Alright, here we go. – [Mom] Okay. – [Dad] I don’t smell anything yet. – [Jordan] Oh, no. – [Mom] All I smell is their chips. – [Jordan] This is just
like the tin can challenge. Oh, no, oh, no. – [Mom] What did I get? – [Jordan] What in the world? – Is it soup?
– Eww. – Oh, it’s pork and beans! I like pork and beans. I have nothing to eat this with. – [Ty] So, you – [Dad] You gotta get past all the juices. – [Audrey] Ewwwww. – So, so you’re doing
two challenges at once? – [Jake] You didn’t think that through. – Yeah, look, it’s pork and beans. – Be very careful. The edges of the can are sharp. – [Dad] No, they’re not. Not with that can opener. – You know what? This is really good, actually. I’ll eat the can. (Dad laughs) – [Audrey] Eww. – Can you open this for me? – Pork and beans for me for dinner. – Oh, no, nooo! – Enjoy those tomaters. – Noooo. – [Dad] Jordan got – [Audrey] At least they’re not expired. – [Dad] Jordan got canned tomatoes. – Her favorite. – Can we swap?
– No. – Can we swap? – No. – I will take yours. – No, come on. – She loves tomatoes. That’s her favorite. – [Dad] Alright, is this one Audrey’s? – [Mom] This one’s Audrey’s. – [Dad] Audrey’s mystery can. Alright. – But I wanna see Jordan eat her tomatoes that she loves. – No, I’ll stick with my cake that I can add water to. – Okay, then add your
tomatoes to your cake. – [Audrey] Eww. – [Dad] Ooh, tomato cake, yummy. – Nooo, that makes it so much worse. – It’s not the same as carrot cake. – No. – [Mom] I think you should
have to eat one tomato, girl. – [Audrey] Do it. – Do it. – [Dad] Alright, let’s see. – That’s dinner. – [Dad] Did you get it cut open? – [Mom] Yep. That’s what I thought she got. – [Audrey] Yeahhhh! – [Dad] Oh, yummy. I want those. – Yeahhhh! – [Jake] What is that? – [Dad] They’re Mandarin oranges. – But they’re two years expired. – [Dad] They’ll be alright in a can. – [Mom] Jordan, would
you like to keep your can or trade for this can? (Dad laughs) – They’re both tomatoes. (Mom and Dad laughing) – [Jake] What’s pink? – How about I eat one of these, and then you open that
and eat some of that. And you swirl it. – It’s just tomato paste. – Yeah. – Okay, you eat some of that. I’ll take a lick of this. – [Audrey] Do it, do it. – [Dad] Alright, Jordan. – [Mom] I keep eating my beans. – [Dad] Ohh. – Actually, can I have
the tomato paste, please? And you have this? – You just put your fingers in it. – I had clean fingers. I promise. – Eat one. – Oh, my gosh, I just don’t like tomatoes. – [Dad] Alright, here we go. – It’s a small piece, and I still – [Jake] Mom, what did you get? – [Mom] Pork and beans. – [Jake] I mean in the second can. – Oh. – [Audrey] It’s not bad. – It is.
– Nice. – I don’t know why, it tastes like V8. (laughing) – [Dad] You forgot a spoon. – Yep. – [Dad] How’s yours, Audrey? – Mine was good. – [Dad] Did you eat it all gone? – Yeah. – Okay, guys, it is getting
towards nighttime now. Everybody is settling down. I think it’s, like, midnight. We stayed up so late, you guys. And, um, yeah, Mom and Dad just said that we have to go to bed, because the boys have
been acting super crazy trying to destroy everybody’s airforts. Pranking everybody. I heard Audrey practicing
her little flute, which makes it very hard to fall asleep, and I’ve just been watching
movies on my phone. But I think we’ve stayed up way too long, and we need to go to bed now, so goodnight, guys! This is gonna be tricky because this floor is really hard. ‘Kay, guys, we’re going to sleep. Goodnight. – Good morning, you guys. It’s morning time. And I stole the camera, because I think I’m the only one awake. But oh, my gosh, it looks
super bright right now. Let me show you. It’s not really that bright outside. Like, over here, it’s way darker. But last night, it was freezing cold. I was, like, shivering in my blanket. And the ground is super hard, so it was not a good
night’s sleep last night. Let’s see how everyone else slept. – What are you doing? – [Audrey] It’s morning time. – Ohhhhh. – [Audrey] Don’t go back to bed. Ty-Ty. Jake? Oh, that’s Jake. Jake? Jacob, it’s morning time. – What? – [Audrey] It’s morning time. Here we go. Mom, it’s morning time. – [Ty] It’s morning. – I know. Are you guys not gonna sleep, like. – [Jordan] Wake up. – No, you guys, don’t. What are you doing? – Ow. – [Audrey] It’s wakey-wakey. – [Jordan] All dog pile! – Can we just eat right here? Poke your head out this way. We’ll share right here. (Audrey laughs) – [Audrey] Efficient. – It’s breakfast. I’m tired and I don’t wanna eat. Er, I don’t wanna get out of bed. (Audrey laughs) – [Audrey] Ew, what’s? – These are chocolate milk,
er, milk chocolate stuff. – [Mom] What is there? That’s dumplings. – Yummy. – [Ty] Jake has the Cheerios. – [Mom] Have you tried ’em? – I’m about to. – [Mom] It says something
about mashed potatoes. (Audrey laughs) – What is (mumbles)? – These are chocolate. – Is it chocolate? – Look what they’re called. They’re called (speaks foreign language). – All this, this is a
recipe to make dumplings. With potatoes. I’m like, what? It’s early. I don’t know. – Okay, guys, so we finished up breakfast, and we have some time
to do whatever we want. So it’s time for Audrey
and I to go head to head to see who can make the fastest mermaid-tail rainbow-loop bracelet. Are you ready? – Oh, it’s fishtail.
– I forgot how to do these. – So this is what it’s going to look like. Not in these colors, but, you know, that’s the basic idea. These are some other creations I’ve made. I made a little jellyfish. It’s so cute. An ice-cream sundae. And a starburst bracelet. – She’s also made me an octopus before. – Yeah, but that was
– It was 3D. – Those were years ago, so I don’t have very
much knowledge, so, um. Are you ready for this? – No, I forgot how to do this. – Okay. So, ready? The competition begins – Wait, how do you start? – You’re gonna have to watch me. Competition begins in three, two, one, go! – [Audrey] Okay. How do you remember all this? – [Jordan] I googled it. – [Audrey] This was,
like, three years ago. Actually, no. Wait, what’d you do after? I’m already failing, you guys. (balloon deflating) – What? What in the world is that? – Balloon. – It was a balloon. – [Mom] Pranked ya! – We just got pranked? Okay, guys, I think we
know who the winner is. Um. Let’s see our creations. – Wait, what? This is mine. – Here’s Audrey’s creation. Here’s my mini-fishtail. Ta-da! So, yeah. – Comment down below who won. (laughs) – Okay, so the boys
and I have been in here for probably an hour or so, just making balloon
animals, or practicing. But we’ve been popping a lot of ’em. But I was able to make a dog. Look how cute. It’s awesome. – And some swords. – [Mom] He made some swords. Jake, what are you making? – I have no clue what this is. – Okay, I’m going to show you how to make a dog with a balloon that I’ve learned. I tried making an elephant, but every time I get to its legs, it pops. So I could make the
elephant ears and the trunk, but then it doesn’t work so well. So I’m gonna have to keep practicing. Do you guys make balloon animals? Let me know. – [Jake] Comment down below. (laughs) – Okay, so, for the
first thing with the dog, I start with the end where I just tied it. So I’m going to give
the dog a little nose. And then for the ears, I just twist
it about two inches down, fold it, and twist it again. Give it a couple turns. That makes the little doggy face. (Ty barks) Now we need to make the legs, and the legs are made
the same way as the ears. So I’m just going to take a
chunk, twist it, and then turn. Twist it a couple times. And then just kind of position
it to where it sorts out. So we got the dog ears,
the nose, and the legs. Now we need a long body. So we’re gonna make this dog with a little bit longer
body than this one. I think I’ll go down this far. Gonna be a funny dog. And then I twist it. Then we’re going to add the back legs, so we just need to section off some, about the same amount that
you used for the front legs. Twist a section off, fold it over, twist another section. Twist it really good. And there are the legs, and then it has this long, funny tail. (Ty barks) And that’s a dog. That’s all you have to do. I like this one better,
’cause it has the short tail. I should probably fix this
one and make longer legs, especially the back legs, ’cause they’re not quite long enough. (Ty barks) – Yeah, our time is almost up. – It’s dinnertime. I’m starving, ’cause that salad for
lunch didn’t go very far. – [Mom] Uh, yeah. Lunch was basically like starvation. – How was your canned tomatoes? Okay, let’s do meal time. – Whoo whoo! ♪ Mail time ♪ ♪ Mail time ♪ – This first package comes
from Louisa in South Carolina, who is nine years old. Let’s open it up. Whoo. Whoa! We got some slime. – YouTube play button. – So this one is crunchy slime, red. We have this pink slime, a bluish-teal slime, treats for Logan. – Whoo. – Ah, it looks like a squishy stress ball. And some purpley glitter slime. – Ooh. – That was so thoughtful. Thank you so much, Lousia. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – This is from Maddie in Maryland, and Maddie’s got two dogs of her own. Looks like they’re big
dogs, which is awesome. She sent us some blue ocean butter slime. – [Jordan] Ooh. – And, Jordan, this one’s for you. – Whoa. – This is sugar scrub. – Oh, a sugar scrub.
– Ooh. – You use it to exfoliate your hands. – [Mom] That’s awesome. – That’s so cool. – And I get the slime. (all laughing) – [Mom] That’s cool. – Thank you so much. – Alrighty, guys, so that is it for spending our 24 hours in a box fort. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I am ready to go take a nap and eat a lot of food. Like, maybe get a burger. – Yeah. – Ooh, a burger sounds good. Let’s go. Race you to the car. – Oh, I’m starving. So. – These airforts are awesome, though. – Yeah. – These are way awesome. If you guys wanna see us do
more videos with these airforts, let us know what we
should do in our airforts down in the comments, down below. – And remember, they don’t
have to be in the house. We could take ’em on the road somewhere. – Oh, yeah.
– Ooh. – So think creative. – Yeah.
– Yep. – Alrighty, thank you
guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and – Hit the bell! – And we’ll see you next time! – [All] Bye! (“Galop Infernal” by Offenbach)

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