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– All of the flowers I’ve
been sent have now died. These ones are like, on their way out, but I thought they were pretty enough, but will probably throw them out soon. If any friends are watching,
please send me more flowers because I miss having a botanical garden. Also, it’s my birthday. So, there’s another
reason to send flowers. So, the day that this video goes out, it will be my 26th birthday tomorrow, the 19th of February. What a time to have a birthday. This is probably the first time in my life that I’m having a low-key birthday party. And that is not by choice. That is because I’m still
recovering from surgery. But it’ll still be great. It’ll still be great. Also this birthday party was planned only a few weeks ahead of
time, whereas, normally, I start planning my
birthday around November. So, whole different ballgame here. Anyway, I’m gonna be 26. I’m still countin’ 26 as
mid-20s, like 24 to 26 mid-20s. So not quite in my late 20s yet, although I am in the second half of my 20s. Oh boy. So last year I made a 25 Things I Learnt in 25 Years video. This year we’re doing 26
Things I Learnt in 26 Years. Although, most of these things, I’ve learnt in the last year. Some of them are overall, but most of it is the stuff that I’ve
learnt in my 26th year. When you’re 25, is that your 26th year? Yeah, ’cause when your zero,
that’s your first year. Maths. Anyway, as written down my list. So, here are 26 Things That
I have learnt in 26 years. How to empty and change a stoma
bag where your appendix is. I still can’t get over
the fact that the surgeons took out my appendix
and forgot to tell me. Imagine if I got abdominal pains that I thought was appendicitis and I go into hospital and I’m like, “I think I’ve got appendicitis,” and they’re like, “Lull, no,
you don’t have an appendix.” Then I’d be like, “Oh!” How to use an Xbox controller at least in very basic turn-based games. I can’t be fast. Another gaming-related one, I now know the basic rules
to League of Legends. I can follow a game. I know the names of
some of the characters. Are they called characters or players? I don’t know. Still got lots to learn. No matter how old you get, your parents never stop
worrying about you. All of my faves are problematic. Just have to except it. Musicals are my weakness. I learnt how to do joined-up handwriting and I seem to be the only person I know who still uses joined-up handwriting. Although my handwriting
changes constantly. Even just on this page where
I’ve written the 26 things, it changes like four or five times. Using the same pen! I don’t get it. I suit about this length hair, like somewhere between
my chin and my shoulders. It is extra long now. One, because, obviously,
didn’t go and get it cut whilst I was in hospital, but also I am growing it out to donate it again. But I think that’ll be
the last time I do it. I want hair this length again. Also, Lucy and Dan and a bunch of you guys have all said that my
hair has changed colour. It’s gone more blondie ginger. I’m okay with that. I’ve always had like red, to ooh, flowers. I’ve always had red tones in my hair. And I’ve always identified as a blonde and then everyone tells me
that I’m actually a brunette and it hurts my feelings. So, if my hair does go more light and red, I’m okay with that. I am a seven on the Enneagram and I have no idea what my wing is. The wings for seven are either one or five and I don’t identify with either of those. Help me out here guys. Maybe I should call Tessa. There is not enough
research into female health. It feels like we are 50 years behind and you’ve got women
screaming their own, like, anecdotal experiences
and then 20 years later, doctors and scientists are
like, “Oh we’ve finally “did the research on that and
you were right the whole time. “Yes the pill does cause depression.” Maybe, who knows? Hormonal coil causes flare-ups
of all sorts of colitis. But, you know, I’m gonna
have to wait 20 years for them to do that research to find out. Ah. I can hold a decent conversation in French if I have been drinking
and if the other person is really patient and also French. I have mastered the art of inbox zero. Anyone needs help with
their emails, just ask. I don’t have to post
on Instagram every day. What a life-changing realisation. I’m a terrible cook, but
I can follow a recipe. I have no instinct when it
comes to cooking and flavours. If you just tell me to
put in a little bit, I start to panic. I need precise measurements. Would you rather be liked or respected is the worst question. I hate that question. Never ask me that question
’cause I don’t know the answer. I have learnt how to have my own opinions rather than ones borrowed
from other people. I’m proud of that one. I am not good at fashion
although I would like to be. I can look at peoples’ outfit posts and I can appreciate them,
but then I have no idea how to replicate that for myself. Also I don’t really go shopping. Maybe that’s my downfall. Goin on an internet- phone-free holiday was actually easier than expected. You are less addicted to your phone than you thought you were. Good stuff. One thing that you’re learning right now is that reforming habits
and routine is really hard. Getting back into reading
is really difficult. Getting back into work
is really difficult. Even though your brain
is like, “I wanna work,” you’re body’s just like,
“No, let’s lay on the sofa “and scroll through Instagram.” I’m a really hard-working
person and I get really stressed when I’m not busy but I need
to cut myself some slack. I’ve just gone through hell and I’m still not a hundred percent yet. So, give yourself a break Witton, it’s okay not to be super
busy and productive right now. No one expects you to be. But I want to be, ugh. I finally learnt what the difference is between a sit-up and a crunch. Can’t show you right now though. Physically unable to. Here’s a deep one, you ready? Going through a health crisis shows who your real friends are. I have learnt how buying
property and mortgages work. Super complicated and boring. Talking about money helps
you to be better at money. Look after your mental health the same way you would your physical health. So, if you are physically
healthy, you exercise to maintain your physical healthiness. If you are mentally healthy, do things in order to maintain that. Like self-care and therapy, maybe. You don’t just do the thing once you start having
a mental-health crisis. You gotta lay the foundations like we do with our physical health. And, finally, 26, you never know what life
is gonna throw at you. You absolutely never do. Cool. So, there we go. Those are 26 things that
I’ve learnt in 26 years. Completely from 26. Thank you for watching
this video and I’m going to preemptively say, thank you for all of the happy birthday messages. Thank you so much. I’m a big birthday person by the way, so like, please do wish me a happy birthday. Otherwise I won’t feel loved. I don’t have a P.O. Box, so
you can’t send me anything. But if you do wanna help a girl out because, you know, I’ve
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thumbs-up if you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments some things that you have
learnt in however many years that you have been on this earth. I will see you in my next video which might be a February Favourites. I’m home now and I’ve
been doing some things. So I got some favourites. And, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my next video. Bye. (electronic music)


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