– Cha cha cha with a cherry on the top. (screaming) – It was my favorite birthday party ever. (fast-paced music) – So we are having a big,
triple birthday party today at Chuck E. Cheese. Our kids celebrated most
their birthdays when we were traveling in San Diego but
they still wanted to have a moment to play with their friends. And so we decided to keep things simple and just do one big party. This is gonna be fun. I don’t think our kids have ever been to Chuck E. Cheese before. Alright, head in. (light music) – Unlimited games okay. The birthday kids are gonna
get one of these things on their wrists. And then everybody else
is gonna get one of the unlimited cards. Do not lose your card. (playful music) – [Kendra] You got it, good job Britney. Scan it, she’s riding the motorcyle. (upbeat music) Whoa! (playful music) You made it in the jackpot? – Yeah the jackpot,
and I got all of these. – [Kendra] Good work. This is the real reason we
came to Chuck E. Cheese. – I’m in the Hall of Fame, I
have a high record right now. (playful music) I’m gotta try to beat the high score. (frantic music) No! I got it but it went in afterwards. I broke the record but I
was short in it coming in. I finally broke the high score. (video game music) – [Dad] Get him! (video game music) – [Kendra] Do you keep getting
stuck in that seatbelt? Let’s get you out of there. – Let’s go eat pizza. Alright, we’re gathering
together for the pizza time. Laura, what do you have to drink? – Root Beer. – (room chanting) Chuck E. Cheese. (cheering) (upbeat music) (“Happy Birthday”) – Cha cha cha with a cherry on the top. – [Jeremy] Alright, Elise. – So instead of doing a big birthday cake I let the kids choose
different flavors of cupcakes. They chose strawberry,
lemon, Funfetti and chocolate cupcakes, which one would
you choose if you were here? Let us know in the poll. Laura chose a strawberry cupcake. Why’d you choose strawberry? – Because it’s pink. (fast-paced music) – [Kendra] Oh my goodness. – Thank you! I love it. Awww! Thank you. – [Kendra] Oh my goodness
Elisey, it makes princess cakes. – Lego set! – [Kendra] Awesome! – Thank you. Dude, thank you. – Screams. – [Kendra] It’s so pretty. This one’s from Britney. – It’s a microphone! A real one? Thank you. – [Kendra] It’s a light-up purse? – [Ashlyn] And you can
also change the modes. – Thank you so much Ashlyn. – [Kendra] It is a light-up purse. – What! – Look on the back. It has electronic scoreboard. – Thank you, thank you, thank you! – [Jeremy] Caleb, how’s your cupcake? – Look. – [Jeremy] Whoa. How’s the lemon cupcake? – Yummy. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] That is an awesome picture. – I just took a picture of myself. – [Kendra] This is like a funny house one. Do another one. And then it prints. Let’s see it. Looks awesome. (giggling) – [Jeremy] You guys got a great picture. (light music) Good shot! Nice. Oh almost. – It’s so fun to see
the kids enjoying this with all of their friends. They each only invited a few friends but when you put that all
together it makes for a big group. So the kids have a
friendly competition going, who’s going to get the most
tickets by the end of the party. (yelling) (playful music) – Look what I got from beating Garret. – [Jeremy] Good job. (whimsical music) – So when kids come
here for their birthday they let them use the
ticket blaster to try to get as many tickets as possible. – I’m so excited. – [Jeremy] Alright, go! Three, two, one. How many did you get Elise? – 140! – [Jeremy] 140 tickets. – [Caleb] Go Laura! Come on Laura. – [Jeremy] How are you
feeling about it, Laura? – I’m scared. – She’s feeling a little bit nervous. But because Laura didn’t wanna do it she got a little nervous,
Isaac is gonna go for her. Isaac, the bigger ones are worth more. (laughing) Okay, put it in your pocket. Which one was it? – 500. – [Jeremy] You got a 500 one? – Caleb doesn’t want his
turn in the ticket blaster so Jeremy’s doing it. And he’s taking it seriously. The adult in the ticket blaster. Times up. Let’s see how he did. – It was a lot harder than I expected. I like still have
tickets down in my pants. Caleb, I got the 500 one. – Yay! – [Jeremy] They’re counting them up. – You caught 746 tickets. – [Jeremy] 746! (dance music) – Janae does not know what
to do with Chuck E. Cheese. – [Jeremy] She’s not
quite sure about that. – Can you say hi? Hi! – [Jeremy] She’s not feeling it. – Look at her eyeing him. – She’s still a little nervous. Yeah, yeah! Good job. Good job. She’s getting a little
bit more brave each time. Hey! Yeah! – I took a picture with all my friends. – [Jeremy] How fun. (salsa music) – The kids are done playing the games and now we’re gonna count up the tickets and pick what their prizes will be. (salsa music) – [Kendra] Isaac, you’re still feeding it? – I’m at 119. – He still has this much more. – [Kendra] Is it working Caleb? – Yup, I’m at 24, but I
have 750 more of these not counting this. – [Jeremy] You have almost 300 tickets. (frantic music) – [Jeremy] Laura, what do you wanna get? – A lollipop. – A lollipop? So this is our first
time at Chuck E. Cheese. I think we’ve only done a place like this one other time so it’s novel for our kids. – I want that football. – [Jeremy] The football? – Yup, and then I’m
gonna get a few candies. Air heads, I would like one skittles, I would like one gummy ring. – [Cashier] Happy birthday! – Yay that is awesome! – Well this place got
really busy and so I’m happy that we’re heading home. It was a wonderful night. – We survived. – It was my favorite birthday party ever. Good night. J House out. – Okay I’m ready to take these things out and see what happened to my head. Caleb, whatcha doing?

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