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okay if you have any hopes of making money online there’s three super critical things you have to remember all three of these really came up in an email I received today so after the intro we’re going to talk about them in depth and let’s make sure you guys don’t fall into these same traps [Music] okay guys it’s been Arkell passive Automation calm in this channel we talk about affiliate marketing how to make money online how to develop money to passive income so if you do me a favor of subscribing and hitting the bell notification so you are aware when our videos hit also if you give it a thumbs up that tells you to be like the content also lets me know what you like want to jump in and talk about an email I received I was I have on one of my automations I am helping people learn more about a legendary marketer as you can see here there’s a 15 day challenge it teaches you how to set up an online business super awesome training ok really good really high level but also it goes in detail a lot of great material there and it cost $7 ok so one of my automations I’m gonna actually pull up the email and you can see here it’s just as if you turn $7 into 100 would you and for a seven dollar investment you can get started with legendary marketer okay here’s this email I had someone respond back to me and I’m gonna try to make sure you got sued their last name but she says please tell me how I could learn through a line what should I do where do you find to earn income and earn a little the start just want to thank you if you could extend that information okay so first off the first tip I give for people who are trying to make money online pay attention okay in my email here you can see that everything that she’s actually asking it says right here this is an email she got she responded back basically with the same question and that’s fine I understand sometimes you just maybe it’s your way of reaching out but just pay attention to what informations already given you if you do you’ll be in the 90 percentile right you know you’ll be more successful than 90 cent of people 90 percent of people around you now what what was next after Elizabeth she reached out to me I sent her an email or appliance it Google here’s the video you can click and learn more about legendary marketer it’s only seven dollars it’s an incredible training highly recommend that you take it and I’m here to help you let me know if you need anything I’m invested in your success okay so we’re gonna shift now to part two something that you need to do if you want to make money online you just need to do and that is pay alright so let me explain more she goes on to ask you know if we want the training is there any payment or registration fee which again at my first email that said a couple times the other email I said at once if there is for sure and honestly speaking I may not can’t afford to pay for it I’m afraid I can’t avail for such reason stated above and so sorry for that now if you had told me that three months ago I was I think I understand it a problem but after going through the legendary marketer training and specifically watching one video that talked about the poor mentality I tried to help Elizabeth see the mindset of trouble she has and you guys might be suffering from some of those mindset issues to where your number one instinct to say I can’t afford it so my response was Beth I totally understand but this is an issue of mindset using the phrase I can’t afford it is just an excuse and I know because I use it all the time the training is seven dollars you can afford that and if you don’t have the money in your pocket right now the question you should be asking yourself is how can I earn seven dollars how can I afford that so if you’re in this boat something new something you want to invest in to further your education online – to learn more to receive a mentor to get training if you don’t have the money you say how can I get the money don’t say I can’t afford it when you say I can’t afford it you know you’re done you’re checked out mentally you need to say how can I afford it my wife had the training she wanted to go do a few months back it was a hundred dollars and she’s like I can’t afford that training I said honey don’t say I can’t afford the training say I want to go how can I afford it and during the course of the day she was downstairs cleaning up some stuff in a school room and she found some books she had purchased a couple years ago that she was playing I’m using with our kids in homeschooling but she never got around to it and guess what she sold it online for a hundred bucks okay so she found the money because she didn’t tell the universe yeah I’m done she said how can I afford it one of the things I said to Beth is one of the biggest shifts I’ve had to make in the last year’s realizing that I need to use money as a tool to invest in my growth I’ve shifted from saying I can’t afford this – how can I afford it and then I sent her a video that talked about the poor mentality so we’re gonna kind of recapping the first thing you need if you if you want to make money online and I started you own that business you wanna do a Philly marketing and passive income you need to pay attention to other people and what they’re telling you – you need to pay you need to pay for some training you to pray pay to invest in yourself you need to pay to be I to get a mentor and the reason is people who pay pay attention the first design that are kind of interlocked if you get everything for free you won’t follow through but those who pay pay attention this training for legendary marketer actually used to be a free training what they notices people will sign up for the training and then they’d schedule calls with their coaches because there’s free coaching offered and people would bail they wouldn’t show up to their appointment and so they needed more skin in the game people who pay they pay attention they show up to their appointments they do the training I mean if you look here you know there’s the 15 day training that they they’ll go through the training those who pay and those are don’t wouldn’t now the last thing I want to mention okay yes and so number three is actually seek answers there’s a mentor of mine Steven Larson a lot of times people asking questions and he’s like google it he’s like why are you asking me you know and I think a lot of times people put get paralyzed and they had this analysis process by analysis and they don’t act when they could just go to google search for an answer and find it we need to be more motivated more proactive in trying to find solutions and problems because as an entrepreneur you’re trying to be able to provide solutions for other people who want them and if you can’t find a solution for yourself if you can’t Google something if you can’t youtube something if you need to always be asking somebody else then you’re not gonna be able to provide solutions for other people which is what an online entrepreneur does okay guys so just remember those three things one pay attention to pay because when you do pay you’ll pay more attention and then seek answers there’s so many resources resources online and you can’t be someone who provide solutions if you can’t find solutions for yourself so if you guys would again do me a favor subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification and smash the thumbs up perhaps leave me a comment tell me something you’ve paid for that kind of gave you more skin in the game and you’re glad you paid for it because you feel like you’re more invested in doing that I’d love to read those responses I look at every comment and we will talk to you guys on the next video thanks


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