3-Ingredient INSTANT POT JAPANESE-style CHEESECAKE Recipe & Taste Test

Greetings, my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today’s video is sponsored by glassesusa.com where you can find stylish and affordably priced prescription glasses for as little as thirty dollars. Click the link down below and receive a discount off your first purchase. Big thanks to GlassesUSA for sponsoring this video. Now, let’s get on with the recipe! So, today I’m going to be making Japanese Style Cheesecake. It’s called “Japanese Style” because it’s lighter in texture. It’s kind of a cross between a cheesecake and a chiffon cake. Now, I’m not sure how much this is going to jiggle. If you’ve missed my Japanese Style Jiggly Cheesecake, I’ll put the link to that video up above and down below. Amazing, amazing recipe. So, I believe this three ingredient cheesecake recipe was made popular by Ochikeron — she has a great channel here on YouTube. I’ll put a link to her channel down below. But today I’m going to cook it a little bit differently. I’m going to cook it in my Instant Pot. This….this is an Instant Pot. And it is a combination pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker thing of magic. So, this will only be the second recipe that I’ve ever made with my Instant Pot. The first recipe I made was homemade natto. I’ll put the link to that video up there and down there as well. I both cooked the beans in the Instant Pot, and I also fermented the beans in this pot, and it worked beautifully. So, I’m excited to see if it can cook me a cheesecake. Hehehe. I guess we’re gonna find out! Before we do anything, we’re gonna prepare our pan. Now, look at the– Oh gee…. Call me Grace…. Alright. So, before we do anything, we’re gonna prep our pan; I found this on Amazon. Now, I was looking for a seven inch springform pan, similar to the pan that I used in my jiggly cheesecake. But then, I saw this. I believe it’s called a push pan. And you can push the cake out like that, rather than having the springform loaded on the side. I really could have used this when I made my mirror glazed cake. But– Yeah, which I can still do by the way I didn’t do the mousse style of the mirror glaze cake because I didn’t have a push pan like this, but now I do. So, if you want to see that, you know chime in down below. So, you just find the middle of it like that. And then, you just open this up. A little bit big so I’ll trim it down. Better big than small. [smh] Alright, let’s see. Yes, that’s pretty good. Parchment paper to stick on our pan. We’re going to spray a little bit of cooking spray. On the interior. So, you know, everything sticks. [releasing the double chin] Airborne air [inaudible] not good to nail. Okay. Now, we’re gonna place this inside. Alright, there we are. So, pan is prepped. So, here I’ve got 120 grams of white chocolate. So, after about three rounds of 30-second intervals. My chocolate is nice and melted. To my melted chocolate, I’m going to add 120 grams of cream cheese. This is at room temperature. It’s about 4 ounces or about half a block of cream cheese. So, add that to this. Now, it’s important that the cream cheese be at room temperature, so it mixes well with the chocolate. Now, we’re going to separate our three eggs. I’ve learned this the hard way. I’m going to do them each individually into a bowl. That way, if I break a yolk, I’m not going to contaminate the other bowls. I like using impeccably clean hands to separate my yolks and whites. Just that’s just how I like to do it. So, there we go. Now, I’m going to wash my hands. [random sounds emitted] Now, we’re gonna add our yolks– to the chocolate and cream cheese mixture. So now, we’re gonna take our whites. I’m going to whip these up into medium stiff peaks. If they’re stiff enough, they should stay in the pot when you turn it over your head, so we are good. So now, we’re going to incorporate our egg whites into our egg yolk mixture. We’re going to do this in three increments. So, add about a third. And just gently fold this in. Finally, the last– egg white. Pour the batter into our prepared pan. Give the pan a couple taps. So, before we place our cheesecake into our instant pot, we want to make sure the gasket or the little silicone seal inside our lid is a new one or one that’s designated for baking. These are notorious for absorbing flavors and my last recipe I made natto, which has a strong odor. Although this doesn’t smell like anything– But, just in case, I want to have a designated one just for baking. So I ordered these online. And the blue is for baking. So, we’re just going to tuck this into here. So, the instant pot has the liner inside. Add a cup and a half of water. And then, we’re going to put the included rack on the bottom. And now, we’re going to set our cheesecake inside on that rack with our handy dandy handle. We want it on high pressure pressure cook, and then I’m going to set it to 17 minutes. And then, it should start. It should just start. Alright, cheesecake be well and be happy, cook nicely in your instant pot house. So, while my cheesecake is cooking, I’m gonna try on a few pairs of glasses. And have you decide which one you like best? So, these are the pair that I’m wearing now. I like these because they’ve got a little bit of green on the inside. Prescription glasses. Next, I have these. There’s definitely kind of a retro look. What do you think? And then, for sunglasses– These are fun. Oh yes. Next, I have these. And then, two more pairs of sunglasses. These ones. And finally, these ones. Yes. Let me tell you a little bit more about glassesusa.com They have over 4000 different styles, including in-house and name-brand that you can choose from. The lenses are of high quality. You can even order special lenses, including transitions or bifocals or progressives. And picking frames couldn’t be any easier. You can use the virtual mirror tool to take your picture and try on the glasses. Once you’ve ordered the glasses, they come straight to your doorstep. 100% money-back guarantee for if any reason that you’re not happy with the glasses. You can return them for free shipping within the first 14 days. So, if you’re interested in getting yourself a pair of prescription glasses, click the link down below and you can receive a discount off your purchase. Big thanks to GlassesUSA for sponsoring this video, and let’s check on our cake. Here we go! I love that it sings to you. Cake out. So, to unmold this cake, I’m just gonna place it right on top of this jar of honey. Push this down. Whoa, look at that cake. Interesting, huh? Doesn’t look like any cheesecake I’ve ever seen before. Hm. This cake needs to cool completely before tasting. It has completely different flavor once the cake has cooled. So, I’m gonna let this chill and then I’m going to taste it. Alrighty lovelies. I am back. My cheesecake is completely cooled. It is a very small cheesecake, but it had to be in order for it to fit inside the instant pot. [sings] A little bit of snow makes everything better. A little bit of snow makes everything better. Now, that the cheesecake is dusted. Let’s go ahead and taste it. Looks pretty nice. It does look a little bit more like flan rather than cheesecake, but let’s give it a go. Itadakimasu! Mmm! It tastes pretty delicious. though! Mm-hmm! The cream cheese flavor is pretty subtle. This is nothing like New York style cheesecake — it’s not like a solid block of cream cheese that’s sweetened. This is much lighter; it has a slight eggy flavor; and I’m trying to taste the chocolate. I don’t taste any white chocolate at all. But, that little bit of white chocolate that’s in there is the perfect amount of sweetness, in my opinion, for this dessert. Mm-hm. It is very, very different than the jiggly cheesecake, and I think for several reasons: number one, the cooking method is completely different; number two, and probably more importantly, are the ingredients. This only contains three ingredients, while jiggly cheesecake contained a lot more. Most importantly, I think butter. That one had a beautiful flavor of butter, cream cheese, delicious kind of pound cake-y flavor. This does not. This tastes a little bit more custardy and cream cheesy and sweet in a completely different way. So, these are completely two different recipes. I was hoping that this would have a little bit of that jiggle to it. But it didn’t. But, on the flip side, this cake only contains three ingredients. But, be warned this is not a New York style cheesecake at all. If you’re looking for that kind of cake, you’re gonna be sorely disappointed with this. This is a much lighter version of that. All righty. So there you have it. Three ingredient Japanese style cheesecake cooked in an Instant Pot cooker. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. If you’d like to get yourself a pair of glasses, click the link down below to receive a discount. Big thanks to GlassesUSA for sponsoring this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Please share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; and I shall see you in the next video! Oh, be sure to like, subscribe, and I shall see in the next one. Too-da-loo. Take care. Bye!!! Hee-haw! Hee-haw!


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