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sup guys it is a beautiful morning I thought I’d just shoot a video outside because hey it’s a beautiful morning as good Kyle wanted to touch on something super important talking about three really critical principles if you’re starting a business online in whatever venue whether it be affiliate marketing there’s three super critical things that I learned from Danny Walsh he did a podcast I think it was with a might of him with Steven Larson on sales funnel radio but I thought these are super important one of the touching them here with you guys one Danny talked about the need for technology to work in order for you to have success with your business online your technology has to work from your website to your funnels to your email fault to your links can’t tell you how many times I’ve got into a funnel and stuff just didn’t work or you click a link and it just is a dead link you know I mean it’s it’s a no-brainer but it’s something that happens all the time recently I set up a funnel and it was kind of frustrated I’m like man like I had put some ad spend into some Facebook ads and no one was converting and when I found out was my lit my funnel was broken because funny enough I I was trying to edit a piece of my funnel and it wasn’t working and so had my daughter trying to help me out just because I wanted to see if she could figure it out I was kind of at the point of no return it was just changing this font color in some location and what happened is that she ended up breaking it I didn’t know so once I went back into my funnel and saw that it was broken and fixed it things started working great again but technology has to work in every part of your business okay that’s a no-brainer but it really is something that happens all the time so you need to make sure you test send it to somebody else if you have like a website or a link or an automation send it to somebody else have them look at it just to double-check yep okay secondly Danny said this was super I keep saying super does anyone else say super lot this is critical and I love it it’s get the right offer in front of the right people and this is segmentation right you can’t be selling a weight-loss program to some guy who runs triathlons he’s just not gonna buy it and it’s the same thing with whatever you’re selling online whatever affiliate product you can’t expect people to buy your product if it’s not right for them it’s it’s not it’s not something they want that’s why it’s so important to to know your niche know your demographic know what they want to be able to tag them when they come into your email sequences knowing who they are what they’re interested in as you be able to segment and better put the right offer in front of the right person then obviously your success and the money you make is just gonna completely grow exponentially just trying to check my notes down here yeah I just again get the right offer in front of the right people so you ask yourself how do I do that well honing down on who you’re trying to sell to is one thing I was reading it from Russell Brunson dot-com secrets he talked about how hey they reverse engineered a funnel and they found out that the product they were trying to sell actually another competitor was selling it to people with diabetes like they really there was a high demand for those who had diabetes and so did I go WOW and so they put that offer in front of those with diabetes and a couple other sites they found out about and their revenue went from like I think it was 20,000 a month to 500,000 a month just from putting their offer and for the right people okay now lastly in order to sell and make money online you need to build a solid relationship with people that keeps them coming back and so to be a good person serve them help them try to provide information teach them something that I think is really important here is being able to use video right you can build a relationship through through your voice through a podcast or through you know through an email but really is amazing what happens when you do in fact see someone in person I remember like I listen to Dave Ramsey lot okay and always listen to his podcast but when I actually saw who he was on a video I’m like oh it’s Dave Ramsey you kind of have like more of a connection right so I definitely people buy from people they trust and you need to build a relationship and a great way to do that is through video through like Facebook lives through YouTube videos there’s like a guy know he is within the legendary marketer crew and he says my number one goal when I reach out to somebody I want to get a video in front of them of me as soon as I can and I actually have right now I have an email sequence for people who sign up for this 15-day business builder challenge with legendary marketer if they if they show interest right so I my right arm is dying if they show interest what I’ll do is I’ll put send them on a 35 day email sequence which follows up and kind of provides more information and tries to get them to sign up what I’m it’s not converting very well and as I’m thinking about it it’s because I don’t really have there’s not much video and so I’m gonna try to get my video my face in front of them a little more hopefully that I’ll build some trust okay guys just wanted to hop on and show show those three tips again technology must work one to getting the read offering from the right people and three is building strong relationships with these people and truly serving them okay guys we will talk to you in the next video leave me a comment and let me know of those three which one do you think you are best at and maybe also let me know which one you think you could improve on the most and we’ll talk to you in the next video

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