3 Quick Tips To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing | 2019

What’s going on guys CJ flood here and
welcome back to Side Hustle Startup today we’re going to be going through
three quick tips to get started with affiliate marketing now this is really
simple an affiliate marketing is an incredibly powerful platform but it is
so often overlooked so the first thing that I’m actually talking about and I’ve
got some notes here because I want to make sure that we get this done properly
the first thing that we’re talking about is identifying the result now not just
the result in which you can offer somebody but it’s identifying the result
in the product service or experience that that can bring to somebody what are
all those results what does it look like how do how does this happen now unless
you’re a part of a brand new affiliate launch you should know pretty roundabout
way what it is that the result brings the best way to do this I found is
actually to have lived the experience just just experience it for yourself now
what I’m talking about here is you actually go out and you use the product
service or whatever it is you go through the motions that your customer or
prospect a lead or client or whatever the hell you want to call them would go
through actually experience what they’re going to experience and then that way
you can talk from a more authentic place when you’re you’re talking to your leads
your prospects your clients and now that could even be via email could be via
chat BOTS could be face to face in just referring them directly to an affiliate
link it could be a multitude of different ways but knowing that result
is gonna make a world of difference when you start to convey that message to
people on how great something in particular is now caveat to that I’m a
big believer that you absolutely cannot without a doubt get away without
actually being a customer of that same product you just can’t and if you do you
need to be super open about it and super like loud about it you know you can’t be
like oh yeah you can get this amazing result but I’ve never used it before I’m
fuckin hate that shit it drives me absolutely postal so make sure you’re
not doing that sort of stuff the next thing that you got to do is identify the
people who are the people that are actually using this product or service
already what is it the like what are these results what’s the
the people what do they like where do they come from what how do they talk how
do they act what are they experts this identifies the the helps identify your
target market straight up off the bat so which is really cool and it’s super
super handy to have that sorry once you can identify all the different little
nuances you’re not gonna know everything either straight away you’ve got to
understand that this is like the brilliant thing about affiliate
marketing is you can get started with nothing like that it’s so easy to get
started but really really troubling part is you’ve constantly got to be updating
and growing and moving forward so like my my dream client list my dream
customer list that I’ve got written down the people that I absolutely love and
cherish and want to work with like even if I wasn’t getting paid I’m constantly
updating that stuff constantly but the thing is I have to do that particularly
well in any business particularly in affiliate marketing because we have
often a multitude of different areas that we can send people and and point
them towards now this is really really powerful when you can actually start to
identify the result you identify the people now the third thing and this is
gonna be a little bit different to probably what most people would say the
next one is actually to identify your suite your buffet now what do I mean by
that I’m talking about the actual program which will be an affiliate for
one of my favorite affiliate programs outside of our own affiliate program
that we run one of my favorite affiliate programs is the click funnels affiliate
program it is so ridiculously powerful it is beyond belief but not it’s not
because of that that it’s my favorite there’s there’s a few things that really
make that that suite of products amazing one it’s the fact that everything kind
of leads towards click funnels which is a software not that I’m before or
against software or anything like that but it gives me a monthly residual
income a monthly recurring revenue they call it and this actually builds up over
time and it’s really really powerful the next thing is
you can take anybody at any point in their marketing game from A to Z and it
just absolutely allows them to do so much with it whether you are already a
six seven or even eight figure marketer you can go into the click funnels world
use the clickfunnels products and actually still continue to grow like the
same as anybody else the third thing is if you have absolutely zero experience
you can go into the click funnels world and actually start to get those results
now this is not because these two almost like polar opposites are achieved by one
thing and one thing alone they have a suite of products a suite of things you
can use a suite of different products and services that you can hook into
which makes it great for me as an affiliate because now I’ve not only
identified the result which might like the product or service and I’m actually
bringing forward like first one I’ve identified that I’ve identified the
people in that world now I’ve identified different add-ons this is the key
different add-ons if they have bought you’re like … I can’t pull it out now my phone is under but on top of it but like the expert secrets book I love the expert
secrets book I am absolutely a massive believer of that book and I know without
a doubt anybody that reads that book will 100% get value for money and if
they don’t I’ve always said that I would refund their money they bought
through my affiliate link of course but this is how much I believe in it that
book literally applies to anybody but the cool thing is it introduces so much
more that it’s not just a book it introduces a world of marketing it is
there’s this switch that happens so it’s like all you’ve been over here doing
this thing that’s great but check out this way of doing and it just cracks
open their mind and like everybody that’s read that book has become a
clickfunnels affiliate of mine they’ve gone on to use
a click funnels programs by the click funnels software they’ve
gone into buy clickfunnels programs or trainings and things like that they
absolutely fall in love why because it just starts to introduce the idea and
these are guys that are not just like beginning
out in affiliate marketing but well-established business owners and
their own bricks and mortar business these people absolutely love it
anybody any business can value that now because that actually gives me a really
easy introduction point into the rest of the suite let’s see how many products
okay now you’ve got dot-com secrets expert secrets a clickfunnels software
actionetics MD actionetics alone you got one funnel away
challenge funnel scripts funnel university marketing secrets you’ve got Friday
funnels of 108 splits has perfect webinars so like you can see that
there’s or many like products there that you can affiliate for you literally can
go oh here’s a book and then it’s like will choose your own adventure almost
because this suite actually allows that to happen so it’s really really powerful
to do so with so just a quick recap on the three quick tips for getting started
with affiliate marketing number one identify the result what I mean by the
results so you obviously have an idea on the product service that you actually
want to be an affiliate for identify that result that that product or service
brings once you’ve done that identified the people getting that same result you
can then start to draw a connection between what’s going on and it just
makes the conversations that you have via automated systems or even face to
face or through social media or whatever as an affiliate much easier because you
can you’ve got stories that you can pull up the third and last thing in this
these tips is actually identified this suite the suite of programs because once
you have a suite that is easy to add on two different things easy to get
different people to come in two different out like go from one product
to the next product to the next product to the next product then that is super
super powerful it is so so crucial now guys I hope you got heaps of value
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