3 Quick Tips To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

three quick tips to start an affiliate
marketing business if you’re looking into affiliate marketing you want to
know how to get started I’m gonna share with you three quick tips that things
that you really need to know about people don’t talk about this let’s go my name is Stacia Kennedy if you’re new
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new here to the tribe if you’re interested in affiliate marketing just
comment yes you’ve been looking into it you want to know how to get started we
just don’t know where to go or what to do there’s so many things out there
there’s so much information out there but before you do anything I want you to
listen carefully to this video because I recently came across a mentor of mine
and he shared with me these three quick tips I think you really need to know
about it before you go into any training or even even some of my free trainings I
have tons of training below this video in the description but number one I want
to make sure that you understand this is not a quick rich scam or thing like that
you know anything that’s easy and fast will leave you the same way it came in
okay so there’s no shortcuts this is you’re in it you want to be in it for
the long term if you are looking for a rich quick scheme then you should just
leave this video right now there are no shortcuts
and if someone tells you which I actually you know I’ve done this as well
to us I provided a lot of things that are done for you but it’s not completely
done for you like I can only give you so much right like I can only if people
come to me and say can you just do it for me can you just build my funnel for
you yeah I can do that but you still need to put in the work you still need
to know how it works you need to know how if you want to make changes to your
sales funnels and pages you need to know how to drive traffic to it like I can
build you a sales funnel and I can build you all this done for you stuff but if
you actually don’t put in the work to drive the traffic and really understand
what to do and I want to share with you in the next
you know tip here what you need to know best you know what what are the skills
that you need to know in this business as well number two which goes into the
fact of number two committing to learn so like I said you you you know I can
build you all this stuff but and and I will be gladly you know to take your
money to do you know done for you things but you need to be committed to learn
you need to commit to learning three skills getting really good at social
media going live driving traffic using you know those tools there’s so many
great you know avenues one avenue that i like to focus on is youtube so you need
to get really good at one social media platform and then you need to really get
good at email marketing you need to make sure that you’re following up you can
build a sales funnel like i said but if you’re not using social media to drive
traffic and you’re not following up then then whose fault is that right like you
need to learn how to get good at email marketing and you also need to learn
commit to learning how to build sales funnels so you have to this is all part
of the process and doing that during the traffic doing the videos and the emails
that’s all part of the process inside of the sales funnel those are three skills
you need to get really good at is social media email marketing and sales funnels
obviously you know if you’re entrepreneurs you say well i don’t have
time for that well then you can pay someone to do that so that leads into
don’t be cheap because you’re going to need to invest in yourself invest in
your learning invest in other people to do it for you if you don’t have the time
we all have 24 hours in a day right and the biggest objection for everything is
either money time or knowledge so if you don’t have enough money then you need to
put in the time to educate yourself and actually know how to do it yourself
or if you have the knowledge but you just don’t have the time and you maybe
you have a lot of money you can hire out and make sure that you’re duplicating
yourself and creating systems in your business so I talk a lot about this in
my trainings below so if you want to learn if you are in a position
where you really want to take it to the next level you really want to be
committed and you’re willing to actually not do the shortcuts just like working
out right like your body has to learn how to actually you know get through the
workout and you have to be consistent you have to no matter what platform you
you you you focus on you need to get really good at it right like I said
those three skills get really good at one platform in social media email
marketing and sales funnels and don’t be cheap so if you’re willing to not take
any shortcuts and actually be committed to learn and do all of the things that I
share with you in my programs and then click the link below in the description
and let’s get started but if you’re not if you’re not willing to commit if
you’re not actually willing to put in the work and you’re looking for a quick
you know buck you wait you know hustle just do something else then I can’t help
you you can might as well just unsubscribe for my channel but if you
are willing to do all those steps these are my three quick tips and if you have
any questions and you want to learn more make sure to comment below in the
description and I’ll see you on the next video check out all my other videos as
well too because I got tons of resources for you if you’re just getting started
alright thanks for watching much love and aloha

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