3 Ways to Automate Your Content Curation | The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want to have popular social profiles,
you’ve got to continually provide new content on these profiles. You don’t have to create the content, you
could just post other people’s content, but that takes a lot of time. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to teach you how to automate your content curation. The first thing you want to do is follow people
on Twitter that you respect and are in your industry. These people are tweeting stuff out. They content that you like. Favorite it, star it. This will give you a list of all the good
content that people are sharing within your space. Now that you’ve Favorited a lot of the content
that looks interesting to you, within Twitter, you want to use Pocket. So what Pocket does is as you’re reading these
content pieces that you’ve found on Twitter, you can favorite them. So that shows, hey here are all the ones that
I read, that I liked. Then using If This Then That, or by using
Zapier you can connect Pocket to Buffer, and what that does is for all the posts that you
read, and you liked it sends those over to Buffer, and it schedules them out and it shares
them on all your favorite social profiles. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter
it’ll share out the posts that you skimmed and you approved of. So it’s that simple. You first star all the posts that seem interesting
on Twitter, that people within your industry are sharing. You then skim those articles, you star them
within Pocket, from there Pocket connects with Buffer and it schedules out all the posts
that should be shared on your social profiles. If you do that you can pretty much automate
most of your content creation and it’ll go by way faster than if you’re manually reading
sites, and uploading them, and sharing them one by one on each social network. Don’t do it the hard way, follow these three
steps and you’ll be able to share more content, at a quicker pace, and build up a bigger following.


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