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but in welcome to Monday morning it’s
another hot day here in the homestead but I can’t wait to share with you what
I got today at the food pantry last month I missed it because there was five
Saturdays in the month and I thought it was the last Saturday of each month but
it’s the fourth Saturday so I’m really excited to be able to go and share with
you all I got and it’s gonna be a real blessing to me so let’s get started in
the video I just got back everyone and you won’t
believe what I got I got not one carload but two carloads of food the food that
was leftover was going to go to the pigs literally I have all of this food this
is going to be the busiest week that I have ever had with other things that are
happening here on the homestead but I’m going to share with you all I got this
week at the food pantry now it’s once a month it’s a food truck and it’s its
produce and we went at the end of it and we asked them we said you know we don’t
want to take from anybody where does this food go when what’s left it goes to
the pigs I just retrieved all of this food from
the pigs and it’s going to feed my family all winter long so I’m going to
show you what all I got much its ovis almost overwhelming but it is amazing so
we have lots of tomatoes lots and lots of tomatoes but we got lots of green
beans we got lots of bananas cases of chips but most of it is produce and my
produce is everywhere everywhere I can’t even walk in the kitchen bags and bags
of produce cases of bananas cases of strawberries cases of tomatoes we’re
gonna go the whole way over here sorry for the mess because it is
everywhere we we just simply didn’t have room for everything it’s on the floor
it’s on every counter and I have cases in the refrigerator a bananas and
everything so I’m gonna get all this together and today’s video is going to
be showing you how I can some of these green beans because I got to get the
green beans done I have so much going on and it’s just crazy it’s just it’s just
literally crazy but I’m so thankful I got to go and I’m so thankful I get to
glean all this food because this food is going to sustain me for many many many
months so I’m gonna get started you after I get I have to go through
everything and I have to just organize everything and this week you’ll see what
I’m doing with all this food so there’s two bags and the tomatoes and I have to
put them in the refrigerator overnight because they will spoil if I don’t so I
had the tomatoes all bagged up and I went through them I still got all these
tomatoes and I’m gonna see what I can do with them
bagged up the bagels and I’ll put them in the freezer it stays like this I wish
I had a big freezer and all of these strawberries are in that case so we’re
gonna go through them and we’ll take out the rotten ones I gathered all the
bananas together and they’re in their box and they will be dehydrated this
week so we figured out the wax beans the reason why they look so there were a
little bit soft they look like they were accidentally froze so they partly froze
and what we’re doing is we washed them and now we are canning them and I’ll
show you how many it gave so I added my Lipton onion soup mix and it gave me
seven quarts so we have 7 quarts in here and I’m gonna put the other court in the
freezer so that is the green beans that is the wax beans and they are finished
so that there was project number one project number two is all of the
strawberries and I’m going to be making some jelly with them and who knows what
else and project number three would be all the pizza sauce I use with all the
tomatoes so the green beans are finished and they taste amazing I’m slowly
getting everything done so this is going to be a series of videos and at the end
of my video it’s gonna say to be continued because I just have so much
going on now right now I have more and more and more cucumbers and tomatoes and
all of these wonderful things this is probably the busiest time of my whole
year hope you enjoyed the video I just wanted to sit down with you and talk to
you a moment the next seven days are going to be extremely challenging for me
and I’m asking that all of you would keep me in your prayers that I would
have relaxed mind I have a lot going on here
right now in the next seven days it’s going to be extremely busy for me and
I’m going to share with you the following week what’s going on in my
life and why was it so challenging but in the meantime I’m asking if some of
you could play some of my old playlists maybe you could let them run and just
play them for me it would really help me out also there may be one or two vintage
videos this week most of my videos are fresh videos and their new videos but
there may be a video one or two this week that are going to be ones that I
filmed a long time ago and the reason for that is just to give me one or today
a break and when you hear what all I was doing these next seven days you’re going
to understand but if you could just bear with me for just these next seven days I
would really appreciate it with having over a thousand videos I’m sure there is
a few videos that you don’t mind reviewing so I can’t wait you guys to
share with you so much more and I can’t wait to share with you what is going on
in my life and I think that you will be blessed by it take care everyone we’ll
see you guys tomorrow once again it’s time for Viennese diary
we’re gonna start with July 26 1943 Danny writes it was Sunday and we had
Sunday school and church at Flores for dinner we ate in the meadow and had soup
and a doggy roast July 27 1943 Monday I washed and I dried the laundry I planted
some chives in the garden and also some Chinese cabbage July 28 1943 Tuesday in
the evening at a town church to hear MC longnecker his missionary work for the
relief workers in Poland July 29th 1943 we had a revival meeting at the church let’s go to July 30th and let’s see what
she has to say July 30th some of these entries are getting so faded it’s almost
hard for me to read I helped Pete in the garden and I also helped drive the
tractor we were planting some wheat and it was a very hot day thank you guys so
much for enjoying these diary entries and I took your advice and I’m going to
preserve them for many years to come because it is starting to get very worn
from the pencil scribbling that theory pants it’s been another great day here
on the homestead and I hope you’re staying warm and I hope you have a real
good night take everyone and we’ll see you guys tomorrow
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guys tomorrow and take a look at these very old videos from me you


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