32 Days to FIRST Order for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Keyword Golden Ratio Success Story – Wesley

this is another keyword golden ratio
success story and this one I talked to Wesley and he started the site and made
his first sale in just about 30 days so really cool story I’m excited to share
it we also talked about one of Wesley’s other sites how the skyscraper method is
working well and some tips for beginners so let’s get to the interview right now
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out welcome everybody I’m Doug Pennington
I’m sitting with my friend Wesley how are you doing today Wesley doing pretty
good how about you I’m doing awesome it’s sort of like the thaw here in
Montana so it’s a little slushy out there walking the dog but at least that
means this warming up so by the way were you from Wesley from Alabama it’s a
little wet here right now ok ok cool which part Alabama central Alabama will
run Clanton ok we’re right in the middle gotcha
ok because I’m from Georgia so I passed through those parts on the way to
different road trips and stuff like that so cool well I’m gonna get to the point
really quick here and then we’ll backtrack so you emailed me because you
started a new site a new Amazon affiliate site and you’re using the
keyword golden ratio can you just kind of tell me about the results that you’re
seeing and a little bit of a timeline will dive in deeper later but if you can
tell us about like the success you’re seeing so far well on the new site it’s
actually been really crazy to see it because on my first site I you know it
was completely non kgr for all the content and this is the quickest I’ve
actually seen the website get clicks because it’s only been 30 days you know
and it’s already getting clicks and visits but not a ton one here one every
three days or something but it’s getting traffic period which is crazy to be that
young okay cool and so right now it’s like March
19th of 5 it’s a Monday it’s March 19th I think so when did you first launch the
site launch as far as when I published my first piece of content yeah
the first piece of content was at the very and uh January 30th okay did you
buy the domain just in January sometime yeah not much before that okay
so this is really cool because basically within six weeks you buy the domain
launch the site and there’s like some traffic there now have you done any link
building or is it just keyword golden ratio no link building at all the
content only has only have like nine or ten pieces of content even no link
builder so it’s still you know just very very very new very cool now now that we
have sort of like why you’re here I want to hear about your background how’d you
get into online like making money online affiliate marketing and you know you
probably had a day job at some point so just take us through that tell us about
yourself okay well to make it a long story not not too long I started off as
actually working on the railroad see a sex that was my day job and I started
doing drops shipping so on Amazon products on ebay before drop shipping
was cool you know it was like way back when and that’s kind of sparked my
interest on the whole online thing so I gradually transferred into working less
hours you know calling in sick on purpose and things like that so I could
work you know and I’m not a very good employee ended up leaving my job and
doing the whole eBay thing really hardcore and I got hit with a tax bill
from the IRS which I wasn’t expecting I was new to it wasn’t saving my tax
portion so that kind of put a threw a wrench into everything so then I picked
up another job which was at that point working at a pawn shop and my first kid
on the way everything like that and I started to do an online gaming community
have you ever heard of Minecraft I’ve heard of it yeah okay well I figured out
I could make money from it because these people would buy virtual currency things
in the game and it ended up making enough money so I could replace my day
job so I did that for the longest time and you know eventually I started a
website for that community that’s where I read a post on Amazon Associates how
you can make money with referring products things like that I literally
read like one post and then tried to do it you know so
I didn’t know what I was doing I though I was targeting like these super hard
keywords and I only had like three posts right actually started ranking for one
up keyword on light routers you know out of all things wireless routers and I
made a couple sells and after that it was I was hooked you know wow and then
it’s kinda inch towards where I’m at now gotcha
and can you so you were you were working the railroad CSX basically you started
doing a little more Minecraft or you were doing eBay stuff sorry okay what
what year was that roughly just curious early 2012
okay got it and the reason why I’m pointing that out so you did eBay stuff
and then you meandered a little bit minecraft so you went from eBay
dropshipping to gaming and the reason why I’m pointing this out is you
launched a site and you started getting traffic in 30 days that’s cool but also
you had you know five seven years experience like before we got to this
point some rank that now it wasn’t exactly an Amazon affiliate but it’s not
your first time around the block and I do want to point that out I don’t want
to paint a picture that just anyone can do it but you’re you look like a normal
dude you know just grew up around computers a lot so sure yeah I just
wanted to point that out now I do know that you had another site that you
launched I guess out of the authority hacker paid course which I’m not
affiliated but I know they’re actually a competitor of mine but they’re good
dudes and you launched a site out of that course right I actually started the
site before I met them during the spencer hawes and it the NSP 3.0 sheriff
site project 3.0 I started it right around then so I didn’t really have a
course but then I joined authority hacker like very kind of soon after
gotcha okay so about 2016 early 2016 is when you started it right gotcha
then you enrolled with authority hacker they got you pointed in the right
direction and can you tell us about the results of that site and kind of you
know yeah it started in pretty much January
2016 basically and right from there to now I’m making eight in between eight
hundred and a thousand every single month not where I want it to be
obviously especially with you know that much time and
but I haven’t really honed any like link building or anything like that
and you know and all the articles started with different keyword research
which was I guess to say by comparison to what I’ve learned for kgr is a big
difference way more comfortable using like kgr content then on what I was
doing before okay it feels way more solid in my opinion okay and for the
sake of comparison can you tell us about maybe one example of sort of how they
frame or how your keyword research was framed I’m not going to say it’s
credited to a specific person since that was a few years ago but if can you just
tell us how you approach keyword research in 2016
well the way I learned reverse engineering using a HFS you know looking
at your competitors but the problem only problem with it was there wasn’t enough
I guess you could say filters to really pick the the Golden Nugget keyword for a
beginner site and I was kind of picking like just random stuff and another
problem was the content that I was going after a key for keyword research wasn’t
as as well grouped like I know you like to use pins for an example right so I
might I had like one post on pins but then I would have another post on how to
write a novel or something you know it’d be completely different instead of a
whole bunch of post on pins starting off so the first site is a mixture of really
horrible research into me getting knowledgeable over time and then the
later half of it getting better okay got it and it that totally makes sense I
mean that actually I think it probably describes how a lot of people get
started with affiliate marketing and SEO and probably a lot of other things too
when I just think of the hobbies that I get into like beer brewing I didn’t know
what I was doing and I tried to do a lot of research and I thought I knew what I
was doing but now I know more about beer than I ever did and I feel like I know
less than I ever have and there’s so much more to learn I mean we’re ignorant
when we first started out working on something and then we get better and
better so ok cool now when did you discover the keyword golden ratio it
would probably be around the very end of 2017 I think it was okay only a couple
months okay and you mentioned
before we started recording that you you’re trying to add a lot more kgr
content to the site that’s making a hundred to a thousand currently so can
you tell me about how you’re approaching that and I mean we may have an
opportunity where I could just give you some advice or tips based on it so like
right here in the call so if you tell me on where you’re at then maybe we can
solve some problems well what I what I started with after I discovered the kgr
was I went and assessed my content and to like the ratio between info and
affiliate and it was it was way off so I used the kg our content to boost the
informational content to bring the site level to 50/50 and that was all written
by myself and it was 90 articles in like three straight months like just every
single day writing like hustling it out you know and that’s what I did there
just to kind of balance it other than that I took the kgr started on the new
site and that’s where I’ve seen actually both being able to see it I guess then
is in a concentrated area like that who’s able to see the results even even
better because it was like this fine tune on that one single site but on the
first one it was so like balanced the content how many posts you said 90 post
and yeah when were those published I published the last one January 10th
January 15 something like that two or three weeks before I started on the
second side all right got it so that means if I’m doing the math right you
started in like early November writing all the content alright and I’ll point
out something else give you some props here so when you first heard about
affiliate like Amazon affiliate marketing and the Associates Program
back in whatever year you launched the site right away you didn’t know what you
were doing but you’re like hey I’m gonna mess with this yeah and I was gonna say
you heard about the keyword golden ratio and you’re like hey I got nothing to
lose I’m gonna write some content and see what happens and then even forward
you worked really hard for you know 90 days and here’s what I’m gonna tell you
right so actually let me get a little more info so you published all this
content how were the results so far well I’m still I’m still waiting to see more
and more of the results because my site doesn’t have a lot of I guess you get
quote-unquote Authority because it doesn’t have a strong backlink profile
so it still takes time for stuff to ring and that’s where I’ve talked with some
other people and they told me hey you need to build links that’s what you need
to do on this site number ones and really see growth but so
I’ve just started on that so I’m still kind of waiting to see how those kids
you are ranked in so I have a theory unsubstantiated I haven’t tested it I
haven’t even done good research on it but this is what I have kind of seen I
think there’s a sandbox like when you launch a new site but I also believe
there’s some sort of a sandbox for a specific URL and I don’t think it’s
necessarily six months I don’t think it’s something I think there’s probably
some randomness so that’s why it’s hard to put my finger on but what I’ve seen
is you’ll publish a lot of content and then you come back say you don’t pay
attention right two three four months later all of a sudden you’re starting to
get a little bit more traffic it’s not alarming you don’t notice it right away
the week over week you’re like my traffic went up by like
20 percent over a month and I don’t know why I didn’t add any content the last
time I added content was four months ago and then I’m right that’s weird and then
the more I talked to people where they’re patient they’ll do what you did
right they published a lot of content they’re like hey you know what I thought
it didn’t work but six months later all of a sudden I have 50% more traffic and
it grew pretty quickly and literally you know no links were added no additional
content was added so there must be some something else to it but there are a
couple things that I’ll suggest and Wesley since I know that you watch a lot
of the videos or you may know some of these things but I’ll mention them right
now anything else that you could think of that other background information
that may be helpful before I give you these I think three points if I could
remember more anything else that you could think of for the first night no no
okay number one you probably already have
this but make sure you have everything interlinked so all across the site it
seems like you at least have you know 180 to 200 posts on this site so it’s
not a trivial piece of work to do this analysis there are tools that you can
use so you can see the number of outbound links and make sure
everything’s like linked up but the only way to do this really is
– you know get a list of all your URLs maybe from the sitemap or screaming frog
I think can do some analysis for you basically you end up with a list all
your posts and what they linked to and you want to make sure you know two to
five is kind of the range I hey Matt you can do more interlinks if you want and
just make sure everything’s interlinked all over so every post has two to five
outbound two to five inbound so that’s across the whole site that
gets you your inner linking and some people say I mean do you already have
this in place yeah I mean I have interlinking but I have to go back and
check to see how much improved you know okay here’s the part that’s difficult
you have to pull the band-aid on this one so when you publish a new post it’s
really easy to link to your old post right that’s easy you could even tell
the writer to do that or you’re writing it so you could do that the hard part is
you have to go to the old post and then you have to link to the new one
so you have to make an update in the past that’s the part that’s hard that’s
the part that people omit because it’s a pain in the ass so if you go back and do
that that’s a good thing to do I’m guilty yeah I was – for a long time and
then it was like look it’s just a problem to solve just like you did one
new post each day like you can do to post two old posts just make sure you
get some new links on those pages all right so that’s number one the other
part is around just blog commenting so it’s not gonna give you like a huge
boost it’s rare that you’re gonna be able to rank just on blog comments for
like any term however you can’t get that sort of brand ability and links to your
home page you don’t even have to use the comment love type strategy you can of
course you don’t have to and you could potentially get some some branded or at
least like Wesley at whatever your site name is sometimes you know sites allow
you to do that or just the brain so that’s the the second thing and then the
other part of course is the the deeper external link building but it sounds
like you already have some stuff and play on that right yeah I’m just kind of
where I’m focusing efforts at the moment to kind of strengthen my link building
skills and really I’m just now seeing success with it or beginning to see some
success okay so what you got going on I’m using the skyscraper method you know
and before what I would do I would like take this post that I’ve informational
post in the past and just try to build links to those using the skyscraper and
instead I’ve went and made post specifically designed for it instead of
doing older content and I take what I do to make it to increase my success as I
remove all of my ads from it and remove the sidebar make it look a straight
narrow page no links no nothing until the links building is done and then I’ll
go back and link to once that page has incoming links I’ll go add links to
there to internal link to my money pages stuff like that cool cool starting that
whole routes up and for the people that don’t know what the skyscraper is can
you give us just like a quick summary well my version of it is there some
variations since it first came out I do shotgun skyscraper which it’s basically
you take you build a informational piece of content around a very popular topic
that’s talked about you know everywhere can be no matter what your industry is
and you want to build the very best piece of content for whatever that
subject is make it you know the the best you can do and then you just basically
go get everybody that’s linking to that topic and are similar even even like
shoulder topics of it let’s like anything you can do for the shotgun
method anyway and it’s email them and pitch it to Arms put your content in
front of them you know and the original method used some wording that I didn’t
like personally personally they would say hey I see you linked to this piece
my piece is better you know I don’t do any of that I think that’s kind of shady
I’m more of like hey here’s an additional resource if you like it you
know here’s an additional thing you maybe your readers were like instead of
trying to talk about mine’s better theirs is worse any of that so basically
you’re just emailing a bunch of people showing and putting your content in
front of their eyeballs okay cool cool and that that generally follows the kind
of method that I have seen and you use the term a shotgun is that credited to a
specific I did the shotgun method I learned through authority hacker okay so
just want to be sure not my thing authority hacker if you want to know
more about the shotgun but it sounds like pretty standard skyscraper create a
good resource and it’s a shotgun approach of where like you just try to
get anyone who be really interested to take a look at
it and potentially link so you said you’ve had some decent success now that
you’ve sort of made your page more conservative it doesn’t look so
affiliate it just looks like a great piece of content so can you tell me
about some of the results and stuff as far as link building yes and like I said
I’ve just started it recently so it’s the beginning of this month but since I
started sending out those emails I’m getting one to two links every day Wow
and have you seen any impact on your rankings yet not yet that’s not
necessarily a bad thing you know right because you you’re still link building
so you don’t have the internal links going from that page to the rest of this
pages that you’re trying to write so not yeah okay so how like what’s your goal
for this specific campaign like when you like how many emails are you gonna send
out what’s your conversion rate like can you tell us some data right yeah sure
the conversion rate is it as good as like a highly targeted guest post or
something like that pitch it’s definitely not and that’s another
example of it being a shotgun approach because you know you’re spreading your
emails out everywhere so basically and I’m not spamming so don’t don’t take
that the wrong way you wanna see right but the conversion rate was around 3% is
about what you get and that’s without having to that it’s only for people that
put the link of the first time now sometimes you’ll get responses of people
wanting you know you to pay money things like that if those people I just reap
itching and I’m be completely honest I’m like hey Google doesn’t really like that
I try to avoid it maybe you’ll want a free guest post instead and then maybe
they’ll write them a guest post if they want it from there
very cool when you send the emails is it just a cold email to a person who has
shown interest in that topic in the past is that the deal right yeah they’ll
usually have linked to a similar piece that that’s similar to mine that’s just
you know quote unquote not as good okay got it I’m interested because I
have I mean since other courses have been I guess more aggressive with the
it’s not necessarily spamming but sending out a lot of emails to people
who may not be interested I get a lot of the emails that’s why I kind of I can
personally say I don’t like them but the they work right it you can’t ignore the
3% and that number of links that you’re getting it
also means that you’re sending out today but but the other part is I like the
high touch ankle because it’s harder for someone to emulate a person could
conceivably like reverse-engineer what you’ve done generally kind of do the
same thing right but if you do the high touch it’s kind of a pain in the ass
right so I wonder if you did you know a hybrid of like sign up for their email
list build some relationship somehow even if it’s just one or two emails and
then you pitch with that I’m just curious if it gives you a you know even
if you only go up to you know four and a half percent or something like that
that’s like a fifty percent increase in your conversion rate so right and it
just takes you know a little bit more time but it also would sort of put you
in a class above the other people who were just sending out a bunch of emails
and there are just so many emails going out I mean I actually have gotten emails
from the competitors in which I mentioned earlier where in others that I
haven’t mentioned also where they’re like trying to get links on niche site
project and they actually know me they could just email me but they’re sending
the template and emails so there’s definitely some sloppiness in the
process I mean I’m not saying yeah it works but I’m just like there’s there’s
more like I think the sloppiness actually comes in in the template itself
people not taking the time to personalize it because you have to have
a mixture of a template but you have to also make it personal to that person
that’s nice right yeah and it’s like if you have you know for example and some
of the outreach that I teach them and I’ll get off the soapbox here you know
I’m like you should put an image in your you know in your Gmail profile so it’s
like someone’s face shows up in your Gravatar right so if you go comment on
someone’s blog this your little face they see your name they see your site
you send them an email this your face they see the name of your site and then
when they get your pitch they’re like oh yeah remember this guy
he emailed me a couple of times I think he reads the blog and then they’ll go
and check and they’re like oh yeah I do know this guy way more tolerance I agree
so but it takes I mean everything I just mentioned will make it take probably
four to eight times something like that I mean it’ll make it
go much slower than what you’re doing so keep up the good work I’m just throwing
out ideas maybe so I’ll try like well the higher end prospects that’s
something that’s definitely worth doing too you know
yeah right on right on okay cool so Wesley do you have any advice for people
who are just getting started or yeah anything like that
yes one is this is a patience game I would say a lot of people just want to
see that and I was like and I was in that bucket too when I first started I
want to see those quick results and things like that but in the internet
world and you’re not used to it one thing I can say I agree with a hundred
percent is your video on the first 1000 days because I’m in like because I’ve
done the 600 days right two years 2018 is my I guess a quote about real years
like really getting into it right so this is my night last 365 days complete
a thousand I get there yeah and it feels like it’s like right on track with your
video cool so it’s like it’s like be patient but then again keep working it’s
like like hustle every single day but then for the long-term stay patient and
you have to wait to see it play out yeah very very well said thanks Wesley I
appreciate you sharing the story and everyone let us know in the comments if
you want to get an update from Leslie sometime in the future maybe I can
convince him to come back on and let us hear how it’s going great thanks Wesley
appreciate it thank you you


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