4 Affiliate Marketing Examples That Generated $25k+ in Commissions

hey guys Spencer from Buildapreneur
here and this video is one I’m just so excited for because it’s something that
I really wished I could see when I first started affiliate marketing. And it’s four
affiliate marketing examples okay and not only is it for affiliate marketing
examples but it’s examples that each generated twenty five thousand dollars
or more in commissions okay so it’s examples that worked sometimes you just
got to see it all right we are back thanks so much for
watching a couple things that we want to talk about before we actually start
showing you the examples of these campaigns the first one is if you want
to be an affiliate marketer and succeed click Subscribe I promise you I put up
the best videos I can possibly make on how you can be a beginning affiliate
marketer and end up an advanced affiliate marketer. Ok the next thing I
want to talk about is actually two of these campaigns specifically the first
and the last one ok so the first campaign is one that I’m gonna show you
where I actually had an audience already okay so I already had an audience of
thousands of people an email list you know I had a YouTube channel that was
successful and things like that but the reason I’m showing you that is I
want you to see what you can get to it what you can aspire to okay the fourth
one is something that only took me two and a half hours total to do okay
twenty-five thousand dollars with two and a half hours total of work so that
one’s really cool you’re definitely gonna want to stay to watch that one now
the other ones something you need to understand is it didn’t take me I didn’t
have an audience for that for these ones to work okay those middle two and then
the last one that only took two and a half hours
none of these took an audience to work. They happened before I ever had an
audience that I have now and so it means that you can do this right now this is
something you can do right now to successfully potentially make twenty
five thousand dollars in affiliate commissions. Alright the first campaign
we’re gonna look at is with a girl named Katherine Jones, and strangely
enough she actually turns out to live like she was like 30 minutes from me so
we live very close – but that’s not why she was chosen for me to do this
campaign on – it’s because it was a really successful campaign for a lot of
different reasons. You can see here just to show you the results
she has three different payment plans so you can see as an affiliate I made about
eleven thousand off of the single payment plan and then those only add up
to about two thousand right now and that’s because we had about half of the
people you know thirty people choose payment plans meaning that money is
still coming in right now right we’re bringing in I think most people chose
the seven payment plan so I’ll be bringing in money for the next like few
months from this particular campaign anyway so it’s gonna scrape by here’s
one barely scrape by the twenty five thousand dollar mark but it didn’t it
did make it even with refunds so we’re gonna look at how he from
already here the first thing we did is I have a Facebook group and a lot of you
guys are in my Facebook group if you’re not you should be it’s automation nation
and I I’m very active in my Facebook group okay very active not selling so I
hadn’t sold for months before this I just posting valuable stuff doing lives
doing all kinds of things where I’m not trying to sell anything to this group
okay I’m just keeping the group engaged I’m building rapport with them and
things like that so that when I have an event like Katherine Jones it goes well
and we actually see success right and people trust that I’m not just trying to
make money off them anyway so he did a post in the group where we invited
people to a live event okay so we had a live event we we started promoting at
about a week before and we said hey we’re gonna have Katherine Jones on
she’s gonna teach us a little bit about funnel design which is her specialty and
I’m having you know make him look good and how to make money off him you can
see I actually only got 98 comments on that which you could get with a much
smaller group than mine I didn’t do a very good post and that wasn’t the thing
that really drove people into this campaign was that but I did do a post so
I’m gonna be you know disclosure that I did that probably where I did the most
success was through my email list I had an email list of about 15,000 to 20,000
people at this time and this should help you hopefully see why it’s just so
important to building your email list okay because almost all this success
came from this email list and so I said the first email just telling about the
event okay say hey I identified my audience hey are you an entrepreneur
looking just thing online boom I’ve got an event that I think you’d like to
attend and then emails it’s really really important to structure your call
to actions okay whether you do a big button or you do something where their
eyes go to it it’s very easy for them to see what it is and what they need to do
to follow through with that call to action so you can see I kind of did it
like a little invitation looking thing saying hey here’s the dates here’s where
it’s happening who it is and you can register right here okay and they
register via messenger bot and the reason I did that is I wanted to be able
to send them well what I wanted them to subscribe my bot but I want to send them
via facebook messenger bot right when the thing right when are a live you know
goes live I wanted to be able to send them a notification and have it show up
in Facebook to just click a link and have it show up right there and so
that’s why we did that so now I’ve got you know I’ve got a lot of my email list
also I’m a messenger bot list which is always a win the more the more ways you
can reach an audience the better so we did that first email and then we’ll go
back to here we did two other emails okay so I did a
second email where I actually did a testimonial of someone who had taken the
live training who’d had seen captain’s life training and had seen some really
good results okay so I said hey I don’t you saw a last email we’re having this
event but check this out this person was able to attend Catherine’s training and
he bought her course and here’s what happened okay so now I’m kind of hyping
up like oh wow look at the results that I can as well see here’s another person
that did so well with it and then email number three I always do like a short
and the final email before the event is just like a short um like hey I don’t
know if you saw this but tomorrow this event is happening you need to attend
here’s you know here’s the quick breakdown of it so just three emails I’m
not nothing crazy right just three emails getting people and then once I
went live I sent an email and I sent a messenger bot blast to people so you can
see I sent an email saying we’re now live
everybody should you know hop on right now real quick and I usually send that
10 to 15 minutes before because you know emails aren’t quite the same as
messenger BOTS they show up and a lot of times people take time to open them and
they open them at different times so I usually stand about 10 to 15 minutes
before so that was all we did to get people to the event okay we had three
emails and then one live email and we had the Facebook right here we had a
Facebook post okay and then obviously I’d done a lot building up this audience
beforehand then we actually had the live event and you can see we did that inside
of my Facebook group it got 410 people commenting or 410 comments it had you
close like just close to a thousand I believe people actually watching the lie
that watched it live or attended later a lot of good engagement and then
obviously at the end of the live training Katherine made an offer okay
now we’ll look at what we what we kind of did to make it such a good sales
offer cuz we did less than half of these sales during or after this live okay the
day of the live so the next thing we did is after Katherine introduced her course
and if she was able to show all the cool things in the course and give some
testimonials then I came in and this is so important as an affiliate and I
offered bonuses and one of the things I think really made this campaign do
better than some of my other campaigns is the particular bonuses that I’ve
offered a lot of affiliates offer all kinds of different bonuses and to be –
Frank do you some of the bonuses suck okay they don’t spend time in their
bonuses they just try to whip out as many as they can so they can have a
list of bonuses right hey if you buy through me I’m gonna give you this this
this this and this and when you actually go look at those you’re like that is
doesn’t apply to me that doesn’t apply to me right that has no intrinsic value
and that has very little intrinsic value I’ll probably never actually use that
but for this one I use I like what I call the trifecta of bonuses what I
think is the perfect bonus package if you’re really wanted to go all-in on
something and that is training that is software and that is time sorry you saw
many eyes flick over to my notes here I froze up
so training we give them access to some really good training in my case I made a
traffic so I gave them access to a course that I’ve been selling for 997
right that they knew they could only get for 997 it’s called affiliate secrets
and it had a ton of traffic training where I say hey this relates to you
you’re going to build these funnels but Katherine’s not going to teach you how
to drive traffic to these funnels I’m gonna teach you how to drive track to
these funnels and it’s gonna be for free when you buy a Katherine’s course okay
so that was kind of the angle I took so that was training next I told them that
I was in the middle of building a software which by the way I’m still
building it’s almost done these things take so much longer than you think
anyway I told him I was building a software and I was going to give them
all free access to the software and this would be the only way people could get
free access I was gonna sell it for you know a couple hundred dollars or
something like that once it actually launched I said you’re gonna get free
access to my software and the cool thing like this is I actually use the money
from this to hire the person that built my software okay so I use the money from
this this campaign all these people that bought to then turn around and get
someone to go to software for me so it worked really well and that’s kind of
the way you can build software without actually paying for it up front right as
you say I’m pretty selling this software I’m going to build it and then the third
thing was I offered time okay and I don’t do this very often but if you’re
going all-in on something I promise you people love time you give people
training and they know they’re gonna have to dig through it when they’re
gonna have to watch a lot of stuff that they just don’t want to watch that they
already know about right and – they’re gonna have questions that just aren’t
answered in that training that are kind of unique to them so time can help them
eliminate you know watching and learning all the stuff they already know about
and it can help them you’ll get specifically stuff that works
for them so I offered those three things after a coaching call I offered a free
training that had real value and I offered a software that obviously had
real value and um I showed you the results they
kind of spoke to themselves right let’s look at the post campaign though so we
did the live and then I sent out an email the next day and I might even do
bit date two days later and I said hey here’s the replay okay here’s a replay
of this live you want to catch it by the way Catherine made an offer at the end
if you’re interested in going with this further like you’re truly interested in
funnel design check out this offer she made and by the way I’m offering you
know XY and Z bonuses okay and then I should have been better at this this
follow-up stuff but I didn’t but you can see it’s still work and that’s that’s
what I want you to see here’s like I didn’t do this perfectly this campaign
was not you know months in advance planned and done perfectly it was kind
of me just going with the flow and missing things
so I sent one finally no so only two total emails post campaign and the final
email said hey last chance to get you know this for free this for free
dystrophy all my bonuses plus Catherine Jones course which has the potential to
change your life if you’re any and all interested in this you want to take this
and and then I sent a messenger Bob last right because everybody registered with
a messenger boss and now I’ve got everybody that it was planning on
attending this in my messenger bot list and that is the whole campaign okay so I
showed you the results here it’ll it’ll come out to about we made about 55 sales
so it’ll come out to somewhere between 25 and 30 thousand dollars after all the
refunds come through but this campaign yes this hopes you hopefully helps you
to see why an email list is so important in an audience is so important is in
affiliate okay if you’re doing affiliate marketing and you’re not building an
audience that you can remarket to down the road you’re killing yourself because
a lot you know I built this group and stuff when I built my email list a lot
of times not making money as I built it okay like I wasn’t making a ton of money
as I built the list and making a ton of money as I you know on this group as I’m
building it but I know that once I have this audience there’s a you know you can
make a lot of money by connecting this audience to products that can help them
and so that’s where true affiliate marketing comes in is once you’ve built
up that list alright the second campaign used my youtube channel now I know my
youtube channel currently has eleven thousand something subscribers it did
not when this started this is 2017 this is two years ago my channel had I’m
pretty sure it had less than a thousand subscribers but it may have had a
thousand subscribers at this point okay let’s talk about my strategy here so
this is for a company called click funnels which like I said
almost everyone my audience knows about because I promote clickfunnels pretty
hard but this company has a really unique affiliate program where they
actually offer recurring commissions every time someone pays them they paid
you they also offer a drink arm so you win your free dream car if you get up to
a hundred active users that you referred to the company so it’s an awesome
company I knew I wanted to go all-in on this one and I needed a good strategy
right and I knew I knew that I was pretty good at youtube I was great at
YouTube at this point but I was okay YouTube and I decided that was me my
strategy and the reason I like this is because YouTube is full of really hot
buyers okay you can target people that are almost ready to buy on YouTube and
the way you do this is you use branded keywords okay so for example people that
are looking into clickfunnels will often go to youtube to look for a review or
they’ll try to understand the pricing structure a little better understand
which plan they need to choose right they might go to youtube to do that and
so you can target those people with YouTube videos and they’re this close to
buying right they just need a little more information so you give them a
little bit more information and then you can make an offer to them like we talked
about earlier with some bonuses and say hey you know if you’re sold you’re ready
to roll go ahead and click my link which is down below and we’ll get you started
and I’ll give you some you know time and some other coaches coaching and things
like that that can help you along it away so it works really really well I’m
in closing battle riders these are like people that are like on the cusp of
already signing up you’re not having to take somebody brand new and totally
introduce them to clickfunnels and get them you know totally interested in it
and kind of work them down this this stuff funnel of its own to try to get
them understanding and wanting to use click funnels you just take them and
answer the one little question they have and then send them on their way
so we can go here we can kind of look at some of the videos that I used here I
did a review video and you can see I got about thirty thousand views I don’t know
if you can see that will kind of move me move my screen over or something I’m
sure my face is gonna be in the way there but thirty thousand views and then
I made a Philly atour view their affiliate program that got about six
thousand views my offer I just made a video about bonuses for people that are
looking for click funnels bonuses okay and that got about three thousand views
which is a lot less but these are really really hot audiences okay like this is
someone that says hey I’m ready to sign up for click phones I’m literally ready
to go right now and other than that they’re just saying hey
who’s got the best bonuses until they hop onto YouTube to see right so yeah
that’s the only 2600 views but these are like these are spicy hot and then
another review their affiliate program about 4,000 and then I served you some
kind of how to’s like hey does clickfunnels offer this it’s good
funnels off for this that got about 11,000 a membership area video got about
3,000 affiliate training 40,000 okay and that was a great one obviously 40,000
views I did some verses videos click funnels versus another product like
click funnels that got 16,000 views okay I’m helping people pick the right plan
only a thousand views but still it’s pretty hot traffic other click funnels
products because they offer different click funnels products right how to use
click funnels to do certain things like real estate leads got 10,000 views which
is pretty good how to create a membership site 20,000 video so you can
see will go out at the top here understanding click funnels what is
click funnels how to get started with click funnels so I put out all these
videos right targeting these quick funnels hot audience now the way I did
that I used a couple different tools for keyword research just go over my youtube
channel like one of the last few videos that I put out talks about how I come up
with my ideas for YouTube videos you can go ahead and watch that but but these
are the videos that I used to to totally one create a lot more those 25,000
dollars in income it actually created a $5,000 a month passive income stream as
well as a thousand dollars at this point five hundred dollars a month directly
paid for towards my dream car so you can see here this is the car that I won
using these these videos right here and this is my post when I finally got this
kind of like deja I do like well it’s been so long back in 2017 when I posted
and said hey I made it you know I got my hundred active click funnels users and I
was really exciting for me the time and so the key to this the key to the way
this one worked is one I did keyword research k so I did a lot of keyword
research to figure out what people were looking for so that I could not waste my
time making videos that no one cared about and the second thing was every
time I made a video I put two things down below one I put a direct affiliate
link saying hey there’s my link and I mentioned it multiple times in the video
you know and then I also made a bonus offer and the bonus offer typically
included time and it funnels I wasn’t as adept at bonuses
back then so I didn’t have like my perfect trifecta but I did have some
good bonuses that I offer to people and a lot of people don’t even aware of
bonuses at all right so for those people like anything will worth like oh hey I’m
gonna sign up anyway but look you’re offering anything it makes it a little
bit of a better deal and so that was this campaign okay like as you can tell
it was able it was massively successful I’ve done a lot since then with
clickfunnels with a bunch of other things and these videos the cool thing
with these videos is about half of them are still ranking in YouTube okay so I
bring in I get new quick form of subscribers and make new money every
single day from these subscribers because YouTube is awesome and it
continues to display my videos when people are searching so that’s why I’ll
talk a little later on about how YouTube is my favorite traffic source because it
truly is awesome so confession the third way actually
uses YouTube as well but it’s actually very very different the strategies that
we’re using and the approach we’re taking everything so I consider a
totally different way of doing it but I do love YouTube so this is actually a
different YouTube channel it’s called wealth hacks and strangely enough it’s a
YouTube channel that I have with only eight videos and it’s got more
subscribers than this build the preneur channel which kind of drives me nuts
I’ll be honest but what did for this one was I made this YouTube channel it was
in the finance niche okay and so I’m looking for topics and things like that
one ways I look for topics is I go to a place called Google Trends which
basically shows you what’s trending on Google right now okay and basically it
shows you how it’s trending today compared to a certain time frame so you
can beg how’s it turning today compared to like 6 months ago right and you can
start to see what’s kind of on the uptick and you want to make videos about
things that are trending now and will be trending in the future so when I would
typed in things I was having things like finance and it’ll show you just for that
word you can see and then it gives you related topics down here and related
things that people are typing in I was typing in finance and money and like
stock market and things like that and I started to see Bitcoin coming up over
and over and over and over again and this is in 2017 so bitcoins not it’s
like insanely well-known as it is right now
so I start to look and I don’t know any Bitcoin don’t know a ton about Bitcoin
but I start to look into it and I say okay this is like this is hard trending
ok we can even look at it will type in Bitcoin
I was like type in Bitcoin and at the time it was at a hundred which means
it’s the most trending right now that it’s ever been and it was a very steady
upward graph and so I was like okay this is definitely a good time to get in if
you look now it was right before this huge spike in Bitcoin so I was able to
see that spike coming because I could see I was like right around here
somewhere I could see it trending up okay and Google Trends is saying hey
this is this is being searched for right now more that’s ever been searched it’s
something I’m gonna do some stuff about Bitcoin well now I need to figure out
what I’m gonna make my videos on about Bitcoin okay so once again in do keyword
research and this time I’m not I’m not taking an affiliate program and running
like doing like you know these hot queries where I’m not trying to run
videos about that to be a particular product instead I’m going after what’s
called that called warm traffic instead of hot traffic it’s warm traffic what
that means is I’m going for people that are that are searching YouTube with
problems okay so they have a problem and they want it to be solved and so they’re
heading to YouTube to see how to solve it and I’m gonna help them solve it by
referring them to an affiliate product that can solve the problem for them okay
and so once again I do a bunch of keyword research and I found out people
are looking for how to buy a Bitcoin they’re looking for here we can look at
my videos I only did six or seven of them how to buy like coin or a theory
and these are other cryptocurrencies how to get a Bitcoin wallet cables but how
do you store Bitcoin and then people looking for how do you make money with
bitcoin like what did I hear how do I make money with it right we’ve lost or
something like that how to keep your Bitcoin safe things like that and so I
go and I I now need an affiliate program that can tie into these right and so I
do a bunch of research and I figure out how to buy Bitcoin like I’m no expert on
Bitcoin guys and this I’m no expert on a lot of things but I doesn’t take that
long to become enough of an expert that you can make a five or ten minute video
okay takes a couple hours where you can learn and become an expert enough to
make a five minute video so the first video was just how to buy Bitcoin that
was the most commonly searched thing like how do I freaking buy this stuff
that I was talking about Bitcoin and I find a product or a program that it’s
really easy to use for beginners and has an affiliate program I learned to use it
and then I make a video and the product is called coinbase
probably a lot of you have coinbase trafford coinbase i say hey you’re gonna
buy bitcoin you got a coin base and I show them live on the screen just talk
them through it you click this you know you click this you click buy you go
through here these steps this is what’s going on and that’s all the video was
okay that video got 330 thousand views and so
coinbase only gives me $10 for a person that signs up but you can see I’ve got
this traffic that’s pretty warm right they’ve got a probably looking to buy a
Bitcoin I’m gonna show them how to do it and and I’m gonna do it easy okay and
naturally there’s gonna be an affiliate link in there when I say okay to do this
you’re gonna need you know software a coin base click down below you guys can
get access to coins I’m not offering bonuses or anything because I only make
ten dollars off of it right but but it’s still natural for that software to come
in there and so the people that watch my video you know the way to follow my
video is to click that link open up coinbase
and then to buy it’s that easy so I’ll hop into my coin base and see how it
resulted in okay how these these 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 videos what they resulted in I
cannot seem to get back in the coin base is okay so this is January so this is
six months after the video went live it’s already starting to really good
because bitcoin is starting to trend more right bigger and bigger and bigger
you can see this is coinbase giving me $10 increments of commissions as you
know someone watches the video clicks my link in the description to sign up for
coinbase signs up and then makes a bitcoin purchase and you can see here
January 24th I did like 50 bucks gender 25th I did probably 10 to 15 maybe 15 so
150 dollars I’m getting 26 may be back to a hundred may be back 250
twenty-seventh not so good and you can see that that time I’m making you know
100 to 150 dollars a day off of this single affiliate campaign and the cool
thing is the video just stays there right the video that I made that’s 15
minutes just hangs out there and continues to bring in money for let’s
see we’re in February now lots and lots and lots of money in February she’s
still in February now we’re in March she’s bringing in all these or $10
increments see $10 $10 $10 $10 August and or $10 $10 $10 and this is last year
so we can go keep scrolling scrolling scrolling scrolling scrolling all the
way up to August 14th which is a two days ago that we got our last you know
Bitcoin from these videos and you can see August 13th August 12th August 10th
like it’s night so it’s obviously slowed down as I’ve lost ranking and stuff like
that but but these videos have brought in well over 25
thousand dollars I don’t really know exactly how much to be fully honest
because this particular campaign is being paid for in Bitcoin and Bitcoin
changes value so much you have no idea that you’re making at any given point
right I get ten dollars in Bitcoin each time it you know someone makes a
purchase so but you can see here definitely over twenty five thousand
dollars there and all I did was I helped people okay I found what people are
searching for um that related to an affiliate product and then I went out
and I made videos that help them and answer their question and and naturally
use the affiliate product that I was trying to promote okay
that’s all I did and you can see the results here are just crazy like this
one is obviously one of most blown away things I’ve ever done where I made just
a couple videos and they just exploded and good things happen when you when you
put yourself out there okay the last way the way we’re all
excited about is called launch jacking but before you go away cuz I know you’re
awful at marketers and you like wait what I know what launch jacking isn’t
and that’s not easy to do what launch jacking is is when a company is coming
out the new product or a new company is launching typically there’s a lot of
talk that goes on around that right when they’re launching a product people are
talking on social media about it to go try it in person about it there’s a lot
of like hubba but going on online about this product and what that means is that
there’s a lot of people going to search engines and trying to figure out what
this product is is it a good product worth buying you know things like that
and so launch jacking is capitalizing on that that sudden spike in search engine
volume from from people as a new product launches or a new company launches and
getting people to click your affiliate link that are kind of trying to figure
out what this product is okay now you can do that via like Google organic you
know that YouTube organic I’m the way I’m going to show you right now on the
way that you know the reason it only took a couple hours was actually with
Adwords okay so if you’re familiar with Google AdWords Google AdWords is where
you actually run an ad at the top of a Google search so you tell Google hey
when someone searches this word I want this ad to show up okay so for example
we’ll use Apple as an example because everyone uses iPhone and Apple for
example for everything these days when some types an Apple this ad shows up
right Apple is running an ad that looks just like this and they’ve told Google
when when this keyword is typed in we want that ad to show up okay so you can
do that with these brand new products that are just launched
and and when someone searches that product right they’re like hey what is
you know what is this or nor they just type in the word or they type in review
or there’s a lot of things they could type in then you can have an ad that
pops up and they go and they click and it takes them to the home page your ad
just takes them to the home page so it’s an affiliate link to the home page of
that product and then they you know they scout around a little bit and a lot of
people sign up because they’re clearly interested that’s why they searched it
okay so that’s all we’re doing is we’re doing an ad just like this but we’d be
using our affiliate link now it’s really important to note a lot of companies are
not fond of this in fact a lot of well a lot of companies just don’t allow this
okay as an affiliate and you don’t want to break the rules or you’ll be shut
down and kicked out but a lot of companies do allow this in particular
there’s kind of this range of like smaller companies that just aren’t big
enough to have someone that runs their own Adwords and so there’s no one
running their own ads to do this right so you’re not competing with them and
and those are kind of the companies that we go for because they typically don’t
have rules with affiliates being able to run that because they’re not doing it
themselves so you’re not like competing with them in any way no like I said the
big Kony’s all have their own average people but the medium-sized and kind of
small and medium-sized companies who having a suite there for a minute the
small and medium size companies don’t have these rules because they’re not
running their own AdWords and you’re actually you’re actually helping them
out and I say that’s because if you look at this search Apple right if Apple
wasn’t running an ad here a competitor could be running an ad here k so Samsung
or Google they could say hey when someone searches Apple put this ad in
front of them and they could have an ad that’s Google right so with Google phone
or something like that and obviously Apple does not want someone searching
for an Apple iPhone to get an ad for a Google phone right there because they’re
gonna lose customers that way and so these smaller companies that don’t run
their own AdWords it is important to have AdWords running or your competitors
can come in and own these top spots when people search for your company which is
a bad thing so that’s all we’re doing you can see right here the company I did
this for was called builder all they launched about a year and a half ago and
you can see between requested and paid on this builder account this is the
account I just did that with it’s done about 28 almost exactly $25,000 once
again we’re scraping by by the hair of our hair of our chinny chin chin here
but so we’ve made $25,000 at this and and that’s literally with this with this
campaign that’s all we did okay that’s all we did is we
looked me said hey bill Darrell is launching right now there’s gonna be a
lot of people trying to figure out what it is we’ve launched an ad that look
just like this so it did said you know build our all
and instead of Apple and when people were searching for bill draw but IB had
one for build relevant for Bill drawl pricing we had one for what is build a
raw a couple other keywords that were like that right
bill drawl versus some things like that and we put these ads in front of people
and and we’re able to gain with about ten to fifteen thousand dollars in ad
spend we were able to gain twenty five thousand dollars plus there’s recurring
commissions with builder all okay so when people stay like I’m still making
money each month with builder all as different people as people stay and
continue to pay builder all better monthly subscription builder all pays me
a portion of that so you can see this the ads you can see an ad like that in
AdWords takes little to no time to set up okay like it’s totally got to type
out about to three hundred words right you do need to know AdWords a little bit
and you know I teach AdWords and some of the trainings that I do and stuff like
that but it’s really really not crazy complicated to make that ad right so the
hardest part about this strategy is finding the right product and doing it
at the right time okay because when a company it’s big and the product it’s
big they’re gonna run their own AdWords but if the company is still small enough
and the product is still new enough then there’s often this little gap where no
one’s running Adwords and you can you can fill that gap okay and and so you’ve
just it takes a lot of research on a lot of different sites and I have other
videos that show you how to find like sites that are launching and things like
that or products they’re launching and things like that so it does take some
time in that area but then you can see once you go to launch it’s very very
very easy and I was luckily on this product that I heard about I didn’t have
to hours and hours of research like I have on other products I heard about
this product as it was launching and was able to jump on and make it all happen
really quick so that’s why I was only taken three hours cuz I didn’t spend ten
hours or 20 hours doing research okay so there are the examples those are for
flip marketing examples if you made it to the end that’s awesome I want to know
which one you like the most okay which one like a peeled you the most and a lot
of you’re like oh the fourth one did but trust me the fourth one does take some
time to find the right product okay there’s only one and it’s got to be a
product that not everyone in the world is already trying to do that with
because you know like with apple or something
like that because only one person is gonna sit there in that top spot okay
they can’t be a hundred affiliates all sitting there like there’s only one ad
that that’s allowed to be shown by Google so it’s not quite as easy as it
sounds but once you find the right product it’s awesome and it is as easy
as it sounds so yeah let me know what you like the most remember coming right
up there’s gonna be a free training that we can look inside my affiliate
marketing business and kind of get a good idea of what a full-time affiliate
marketing income can look like and how its how its earned and thank you so much
for watching click subscribe now go take your life by the horns


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