4 Things You Need To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing

– Hey guys, what’s going on? Arthur Early, welcome back to the channel In today’s video we’re gonna
be talking, right here, four keys to affiliate
marketing success, guys. So, if you’re new to the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button, and hit that bell notification for videos that I’ll be doing every week. All right, so guys, four keys to affiliate marketing success. Before we go any further, let’s dive into exactly what affiliate marketing is, okay? Affiliate marketing is a marketing system where you’re basically the third-party, promoting somebody else’s product, okay? So you’re taking somebody
else’s product that’s out there, and you’re promoting it online. It’s that easy, guys. It’s that simple. According to the publication
Business Insider, by the year 2021, affiliate marketing will be a six billion
dollar business guys. So, if you haven’t started your own online affiliate marketing business, I suggest that you get started on one because you don’t want to miss the boat. But, if you have done so, then you know exactly what
I’m going to be talking about in this video, so sit back,
relax, and watch this video, and if you need to, watch it
a couple times to go ahead and refresh your memory if I’m talking too fast
for you guys, all right? All right. So, the first thing that
you’re going to need to have affiliate marketing success, so number one guys, is gonna be an offer. Right, an offer, or you’re
gonna need a product. All right, offer or product. All right, that’s gonna be number one, you’re gonna need an offer or product. What I suggest in finding
an offer or a product is that find something that
you’re passionate about, okay? There’s a lot of items out there, there’s a lot of businesses out
there that you can get into, okay, there’s gonna be easier to research so find something that’s
easy for you research and that also has a good
commission pay plan. That’s very, very important guys. You don’t wanna be out there
promoting a $25, $15 product when you could use as much energy and promoting a $500 or
even $1000 product, okay? Now, regards to commission plan, we’re gonna be jumping into
that a little bit later, but I just want you to
get to the basis on that. My offer is showing people how
to make money online, okay? And, there’s certain products out there, and if you’re looking for a product that you can actually
make money online with, I’m gonna leave a link
in the description below for you can get started with me, okay? That’s number one, a product or an offer. Number two is the lifeblood
of all businesses, which is traffic. Traffic, traffic, traffic. All right guys, so what is traffic. Traffic is basically eyeballs
on your business, all right? Now that you’ve found an offer, all right, so you’ve gotta find an offer, and then you want to drive traffic. People that are interested
in your product. There are very, very many
different ways to drive traffic. Okay, you have Facebook,
through your personal page. You have Instagram, you have
YouTube, you have blogs. So those are all free items and methods that you
could drive traffic, okay? But there are also other
ways to drive traffic which are paid, which usually
result in faster results. Free traffic is good, usually
takes a little bit longer, but paid traffic is where it’s at. Okay, so there’s Facebook
ads, there’s Instagram ads, there’s Google, there’s Bing, there’s your favorite solo ad provider, and if you don’t know what a solo ad is, what I want you to do is click right here, and I made a video
right there for you guys that you can go check out to
see exactly what a solo ad is. All right, so that covers
the traffic end of it. All right, so you need
eyeballs to your offer. The more eyeballs you get to the offer, the more people that are
going to come into your offer, the more sales that you’re
going to make, all right? So that’s number two, traffic. Number three, okay? Now that you’re driving traffic, okay, you’re gonna wanna make sure that the traffic is Tier 1, okay? Now, what I’m talking
about Tier 1 traffic is, okay this is very important
guys, so pay close attention, Tier 1 traffic is
English-speaking countries, usually meaning the countries
with the most wealth, the most influence, so that’s
going to be U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., okay, and New Zealand. Those are the five Tier 1 countries, and the traffic quality is usually good, somewhere around 95-100%
of Tier 1 traffic. Okay, so there’s something
called ClickMagick, all right? So, you want to write this down guys, this is very, very important. Okay, now that you have
an offer and product, you’re gonna want to be
able to track your traffic. So, it’s called Click. All right. ClickMagick. All right guys? And I think it has a K on it. I’ll put the link in the description below of all these items, all right guys, so I think it’s ClickMagick
with a K once again. So that is a tracking software to make sure that all of
your traffic is Tier 1. All right guys? So, to recap, offer, product, traffic, and how to track your traffic. Last, but not least, is something
called an autoresponder. For those of you that don’t know exactly what an autoresponder is, have you ever gotten
an email from something that you ever put your email address into, and you’re getting emails
over and over again, every single day? That is somebody using an autoresponder to send you an email. Basically it’s a list, okay? So you create a list of your customers that opted into your page,
into your offer, right? They opted into your offer here, okay, and now you want to be
able to send them updates. Like, some of you on my list that are watching this video right now, you clicked on the email that I sent to you to this video, okay? So that is called an autoresponder. The names of some good
autoresponders are going to be: AWeber, okay? Sendlane, and GetResponse. There’s also MailChimp,
and there’s other ones. Like I said, guys, I’m going to put a link for all these items down below, so you can gain access to them, all right? So, you want to go ahead, for number four, is get your autoresponder. Okay guys? An autoresponder. Very, very important. This right here let’s your
audience or your list know what updates you’re going to be doing. If they clicked on a offer and they answered their email address, and you want to send them
some important information in regards to your offer,
if anything changed, if any new bonuses are out there, or people that are just not on the fence, because once you get your traffic, okay, it’s going to take anywhere between seven to twelve exposures to your offer to get a customer, guys? That’s very, very important. Once you get this traffic here, okay, you’re gonna want to go and put ’em into the autoresponder guys. So, once again, to recap,
offer, product, traffic, how to track your traffic,
and an autoresponder, guys. These are the four basic necessities to have success online and
as you get more advanced, there’s going to be some other things that we’re going to get
into in regards to that. So go ahead and, once again,
follow me on Facebook. I’ll put the description in it. I might put the link in
the description below, and also make sure you
subscribe to the channel guys. So until the next video,
I’ll see you guys later. Thank you for watching. Bye.

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