4 Unobtrusive Ways To Make An Affiliate Offer

James Schramko here. I’m going to share with you a few places where you can make affiliate suggestions for your audience in a way that is much nicer than just sending them an affiliate blast of your emails. So when you have an audience and a community, and you’ve got people looking at your emails, and you know what problems they’re having, often you’ll develop great solutions for them in terms of affiliate offers, things they should have or should buy, that they need, that you want to be able to inform them about. And thankfully, you can often get rewarded as an affiliate for making that recommendation. So here’s a few places where you can put those recommendations. Number 1, if you don’t already have it, have a recommended products page on your website. As obvious as it sounds, just listing recommended resources on that page can make a lot of sales and then put it in your navigation link. On my site, it’s pretty much the first one because lots of people want to see my products. And then underneath that, I put other people’s products that my customers tend to buy. You could also put affiliate recommendations below your signature in an email. Dean Jackson calls this a super signature. But it’s generally, you can either use the P.S. or below the P.S. And you can put a link which either links directly to the affiliate offer or for bonus points, you could link to a bridging page that has perhaps a video or special personalized message, which of course you can re-target later. And you can fire off a follow-up sequence when people click on that link in your email if you’re using any of the popular autoresponder tools, like Ontraport, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, etc. Another place you can put recommendations is to have a webinar or a members-only training. So, I actually collaborate with some people from time to time where they’ve got a great solution for my audience. And I invite them to come along and share valuable knowledge and information. And finally, one that works really well, is in your cart abandonment sequence. When you’ve sent out email follow-ups for people who have looked at your sales offer but haven’t bought, it’s a great idea to recycle that lead into something that might be suitable for them. Maybe you can offer them a competitor’s product? I originally got this idea from Jay Abraham. But if you can make a recommendation, Look, if you didn’t buy my product, here’s something you might get some value from. And certainly, in my case, there are people who aren’t ready for my product yet. So, I help them with a starter course to get up and running, to be ready for my product. So that’s another valuable place where you can get a little bit of energy from that investment you’ve built up to build that email list. You’ve made your attempt to the sale, it hasn’t worked out, make an affiliate offer at the end of that sequence. I’m James Schramko. I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Good luck with your affiliate marketing and I’ll speak with you soon.

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