5 Beauty Affiliate Programs

We are gonna talk about how to make
money with the top 5 Beauty affiliate programs. So, I’m gonna be going over five
different Beauty affiliate programs where that will pay you to recommend
their products. I’m gonna be talking about big brands such as Sephora and
Amazon and Le Occitane De Provence and telling you exactly how much money
you can expect to earn by recommending each of these companies products. Beauty is a great industry to market because let’s face it everybody’s trying to be a
bit more beautiful everybody has insecurities and
self-esteem problems and they want to find ways to spend money to make
themselves more beautiful. So we have an awesome market to go into and we have
some really big brands in this market that you can take advantage of and
market. Now, the first brand I’m gonna start with is something if you live out
here in America and I’m not sure if it’s around the world but I’m guessing it is
is a very high-end brand called Le Occitane De Provence , it’s a French I believe and they sell all sorts of beauty products. Now, the
unfortunate thing about big brands is they tend to not pay very good
commissions in their affiliate program. 2.5 percent is all you can expect to
earn with the Le Occitane De Provence affiliate program. Again, they have very
high-end very respectable products they’ll be pretty cool t o say you’re
working with Le Occitane De Provence as a marketer but you’re not gonna make a lot
of money doing so. Sephora is a well-known makeup brand and they’ll pay
up to six percent commission’s for recommending their products.Now, if
you’re an influencer if you have an Instagram channel or a YouTube channel
about putting on makeup this might be a good decision for you to promote their
programs you can earn some money 6% cash but again, Sephora is going to be making
the bulk of the profits and for your hard work marketing generally
speaking you want to get better commission’s than that, but this is still
a great option if you are a beauty blogger or a vlogger to make money with
buy and promote some of the best brands around. Avon is a well-known brand and
they will also pay 6% commissions to affiliates to promote their products
online so again you have two great options of brands to promote their
affiliate programs with and make some money. Now, Amazon is not all that much
better they pay between five to ten percent but what’s great about Amazon is
that they have millions and millions of products that you can choose from and if
you’re a beauty blogger with a very big following
you can literally choose any product you like and make a really good deal of
money promoting it on your blog your vlog your Instagram whatever just very
easy to grab Amazon affiliate links I found their affiliate program it’s great
because they make it so easy to generate your link and they have so many products
you can really be successful in any niche you want on the entire Internet
with their program. So this is this is probably the program I’m the biggest fan
of and also look they pay up to 10% commissions so, that’s better than all of
these guys. So above all offers it’s a CPA Network it’s an affiliate network
that has a number of beauty products on it and they pay anywhere from thirty
five dollars to two hundred and forty dollars per sale so what’s nice about
this program is even no matter what somebody buys you’re gonna make a good
deal of money and you can choose which product you promote. Now, if you’re an
affiliate marketer and you’re gonna be promoting products through paid
advertising this is your best bet above all offers because these are gonna
be the most split tested highest conversion products you can promote and
if you want to join above all offers as an affiliate you can use my name as your
referral but above all offers is only looking to work with experienced
affiliates who are not going to bug their affiliate manager. Again, they only
make money if you make money and they are not a training company.
So, if you want advice don’t if you don’t know how to
promote your affiliate links don’t join above all offers if you want training on
affiliate marketing make sure to either subscribe to my channel and click the
notification bell to get updated about future videos or join my training course
there should be a link in the description I have a six-week training
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