5 *Best* High Paying Affiliate Programs 2018 | Beginners

yo what’s up guys this is Giorgio and
in this video I’m going to show you the five best high ticket affiliate programs
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jump into my laptop alright so let’s start right away
what kind of affiliate programs or products should you promote well let me
first warn you that you should never promote products that you’ve never heard
of always do your research and even better use it yourself or test it out so
let’s say that you do promote a product that you’ve never heard of and it’s a
bad product it’s a crappy product you’re following is not going to trust you
anymore so it’s really important to like I said
just test it out yourself or do really good research on these products
I assume that everybody knows what affiliate marketing is so I’m not going
to explain it over here so guys what kind of products should you focus on you
have high ticket and you have recurring affiliate products in my opinion I think
it speak for itself of course one thousand plus dollar products well let’s
say that you’ve earned thirty to forty percent commission which is three
hundred to four hundred dollars for just recommending referring a product to two
people so let’s say that you will manage to successfully recommend ten people per
month that’s basically a full-time income so that is great recurring on the
other hand so the best part with promoting recurring products is that you
only need to promote the product once so if you managed to successfully promote
the product and as long as the person for the product is active let’s say that
it’s of course or let’s say that it’s an SAAS product which is a software
basically well yeah you earn a percentage of the of the of the purchase
so that is crazy as well so if it’s a good product you were able to make a lot
of money for just promoting one product but well we will talk about it later on
but guys focus on high ticket and recurring products all right so the
first one is builderall and builderall is a digital marketing tool it has a lot
of features to offer you can make sales funnels you can create websites it has
their own chat bot the facebook chat bot you can host webinars a lot of features
to offer but the best part of builderall is an affiliate program so this is the
inside of builderall well like I said you can create sales funnels for example
so a video sales letter, an invisible funnel product launch funnel storefront funnel
some a lot of funnels you can create but that’s not it of course you can create
your own websites it has their own email autoresponder
mailing boss design studio photo studio browser notifications SEO on page report
tool auto post facebook chat bot script generator social proof webinar you can
hold your own webinar and a lot more a lot more but but like I said the most
interesting part is their affiliate program which is called builderall
business you will earn a hundred percent commission on the initial plus you earn
30% commission recurring plus you earn 30% commission
recurring on there there are two leads so this means that if the people that
you bring in will bring in other people you will earn 30% Commission as well and
there it stops so you can make a lot of money by just promoting builderall
and they even provided an earnings calculator so let’s click on that so how
many licenses can you sell in one year so let’s say that you are able to sell
30 and everyone is going to be an affiliate and how many it sells each
affiliate will make let’s say that five of those will make sales as well so that
is 2,400 euros recurring guys recurring every single month and your immediate
earnings will be over 1k 1,300 euros so how much is that in dollars so we copy
it and we paste it over here so that is $2,800 a month recurring for just
referring 30 people’s 30 people in a year 30 people in a year it’s just
basically it’s a full-time income let’s go back let’s say that you managed to
sell 100 license that is 8k guys that is 8k recurring and in in dollars it’s ninety five hundred dollars every
single month for just recommending a hundred people in a year so like I said
their affiliate program is crazy so Builderall is the opportunity of 2018 in
my opinion and even 2019 so that is Builderall I will leave a link down in
the description for the seven day free trial so you can play around with it and
you can test it if you want and you can make money right away
so make sure to click on the seven day free trial I will even give you a four
day free training as well but later more about that click funnels the second one
is click funnels and well it’s an alternative of builder
builder offers a little bit more features but click funnels is just it’s
more known of course in the digital marketing world and of course their
their affiliate program is amazing as well it’s really lucrative like I wrote
over here so a huge benefit is the sticky cookie which means that if
somebody clicks on your link and they go to the landing page of click funnels
that’s a cookie then let this stick in the browser I don’t know exactly how it
works but which means that if the person doesn’t buy right away but he will buy
in a year from now you will still earn a commission because you brought the
person to click funnels a year ago and you will still earn a nice amount of
money so that is really nice of click funnels the sticky cookie and what I
like as well of click funnels is that you can give away free stuff and of
course the sticky cookie is applied and you’re able to make money as well for
just recommending, recommending people
free stuff and you have the potential to make a lot of money this is the landing
page and as you can see they offer a free 14-day trial but let me let’s say
that I will give away experts secrets book and it’s free guys it’s free so all
right let’s say that I will give away a free book which is called expert secrets
and it’s free but I still earn $1 but what happens is that clickfunnels will
well they will try to upsell this guy or girl and if the person buys let’s take
the black box for $37 you will earn $40.80 which is nice and clicks on those
upsells again $37 you will earn 40.80 as well
etc etc and clickfunnels also has an high ticket offer as you can see the funnel builder secrets for almost 2k and you will earn almost
800 bucks guys almost 800 bucks so let’s say that the person that you brought to
clickfunnels from just the free book and he bought everything you will make
over 900 bucks for just recommending a free book so like I said it’s really
lucrative as well plus what I almost forgot to mention is that they the offer
of 5 percent commission on the tier 2 lead so if people that you bring in will
make money as well you will earn 5% Commission so like I said they have a
14-day free trial the third one is getresponse and getresponses an email marketing service product so it’s one of the most popular
email service products basically everybody needs email marketing whether
you are a blogger whether you were an online entrepreneur whether your digital marketer everybody needs it because simply you can make a lot of money with
email marketing and I use getresponse myself and I’m pretty content with it to
be honest email marketing services tend to be
quite pricey but getresponse is one of the cheapest I guess I pay fifteen
fifteen dollars a month which is not a much which is not a lot of money so
let’s take a look at getresponse as well here we are this is getresponse
and it could create a form you can create a newsletter create a landing page
at contacts create autoresponder but what I like the most is the
autoresponders of course everybody in my opinion needs a not responder why
because you can make passive income with an autoresponder if you set it up
properly so what it is is that you write a bunch of emails and what I try to do
is mix it up with three variable emails and the fourth one is a pitch where you
try to sell something whether it’s your own product or it’s an affiliate product
you write a bunch of emails and you put it into your autoresponder and what
happens is that if someone opts into your autoresponder they will receive all
these emails from day one to day two three four five six seven eight
I don’t know so the result is that you can earn passive income because you
wrote all these emails months and months before and if months and months later
somebody opts into your autoresponder he will receive
the first email that you wrote way way before so everybody basically needs an
autoresponder to just sell products in a passive way so this is getresponse and
let me take a look like I said I pay around 15 bucks every single month and
it really depends on how many people you have on your list but let’s say that you
refer someone which has a lot of people on the list you can make a lot of money
because their affiliate program is in my opinion it’s nice its recurring and you
will earn 30 percent commission 165 times 30 it’s roughly 50 bucks every
single month for just referring one one one person for just referring one person
to the next option so that is get three spawns the next one is to buddy I mean
if you have YouTube you should take a look at – buddy – buddy is a free
extension a free Chrome extension and what it does is it helps you with
ranking in Google of a ranking in YouTube it shows you a lot of statistics
so their affiliate program is crazy as well you earn up to 50% Commission as
long as your leads remain paying customers every single month and I said
that it was free which is true but people can upgrade and if they upgrade
you were 50% Commission again for just referring a free a free extension a free
extension to someone which will help them a lot with ranking on YouTube and
getting more views and getting more subscribers etc etc so let’s take a look
at tubebuddy so as you can see on the right side – buddy this is true by the
video video olynyk’s total views three comments three thumbs up so it
basically gives you a lot of statistics watch time 314 average view duration
social best practices shared on Twitter liked on Facebook and the tags that I
use what is really useful is you will get these this just bar on top as well
go back and you can see how many hours it’s watched views the last 60 minutes
last 48 hours subscribers etc etc and let’s say that I search for more
subscribers what you see is the number one video used all these tags you can
just copy it paste it into your own video if you want because you know these
tags they rank over here down below related searches you can use this as
well most use tags you can use it as well so as you can see two-body really
helps you to improve your YouTube channel so to buddy is something I
recommend as well Oh before I forget it Tubebuddy allows you to earn a free
star or legend license for yourself by just referring people even if they don’t
pay for an upgrade I really do like Tubebuddy and like I said if you like YouTube
you need Tubebuddy anyway so why not promote it guys again use Tubebuddy for
free and be an affiliate for it and the last one is siteground and siteground
is a web hosting company if you are you too but if you have a YouTube channel I
strongly encourage you to also create a blog why because well you can have a
YouTube channel you can have a lot of subscribers but you only reach the
people on YouTube mainly but if you create a blog as well you will reach
millions of people there using Google or Bing or another search engine
so I really encourage you guys to create a blog as well you can just transcribe
your video and put it on your blog so that way you reach the people on YouTube
and you reach the people that are using Google or Bing or whatever so you really
need a blog and siteground like I said it’s a web hosting company and everyone
with a website needs a host I mean we’re out a host your website is not visible
on the Internet and siteground is the number one for a
long time now the websites loads amazingly fast and support has a quick
response and are skillful I had an issue once not twice I guess and they
helped me within two or three minutes if I remember correctly and well they just
helped me and the issue was solved so sitegroundis amazing in my opinion I use
it myself to hold my website I wrote a detailed
step-by-step garden how to start the WordPress blog on siteground you can
just check it out if you want it’s on my blog and I also recorded a video on how
to start a wordpress blog so if you’re interested just check out my channel and
well maybe I’ll leave a link down in the description you can check it out and the
affiliate program is amazing as well so if you manage to well successfully get
one two to five sales in a month now you will earn fifty dollar commission that
is nice I mean five stills in a month is $250 every single month so that is
really it’s great in my opinion but let’s say that you manage to
successfully recommend siteground to 21 people to 21 people the highest tier
is $125 so that is over $2,600 a month which is really nice because it just one
jnccome source and I wrote it down over here high affiliate Commission’s combined
with a great conversion rate is big bucks so guys that’s it for today if you are
interested in the other 15 high ticket affiliate programs just head over to my
blog and read it I mean you can make a lot of money with some of these products
so that’s it for today if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to
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