5 BIG MISTAKES Beginner Photographers Make and How to FIX them

Ahoj! This is Zdenka Darula. There are
5 very big mistakes every new photographer makes. What are they and how can you instantly fix them to make everything look better? And for the new faces, my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer for many many many years. If you enjoy tutorials, tech reviews and creative camera challenges, you might
want to hit the subscribe button. It’s overcast. A perfect day to get out of the office which I did. And everything is green. Its spring. It is waking up, it’s rich
in tones and colors and it’s wet. It’s perfect for photos and videos. That’s why
I am here. But I decided to talk to you about something really important which I
am just going to do. When you are new and you start taking photos, you’re gonna
have a lot of fun. You’re gonna enjoy it for sure. But there will be some days when you will be very frustrated and you’re not
gonna have exactly greatest time. Especially when you get home, you upload the photos on a computer and you find out that they are not good. Well, you have
to put in the time. You have to put in the hours, the days, months. Sometimes even the years to develop the skill, to gain the experience. So today I picked five
very big mistakes I usually notice right away when I’m looking at photos from new photographers. Those five mistakes usually tell me how much experience the
photographer has. Hopefully with this video you’ll learn much faster. The first one is here. The missed focus.
This is usually very common problem, especially if they are using
auto focus and he let the camera to choose your focus. Especially if you are
using low aperture, very shallow depth of field. It’s something you cannot really
fix in post, it’s almost impossible. It is the best if you choose single point
auto focus. Very simply you just tap on the screen with the finger and you
choose what you want to focus on or if you’re focusing with the lens, just focus,
half press the button, recompose and then click finish the shot. And don’t forget,
if you’re taking photos of people you need to focus on their eyes. Mistake
number 2. Well, you take your time to pose your model or friend. You make sure
they have beautiful shape of the body, you look at their face, you make sure
they have the best expression possible, the best look. You take a whole bunch of
photos, you do all that. You come home, upload it on a computer and then you
realize that there is a pole or tree or something just sticking out of their
heads. I’ve been there. I know it is very hard to concentrate on everything. It is
very hard to double check the whole shot. So what do you need to do first. You get
to the location, you pick the spot, make sure you scout the background very well
before you even place the model there. Then you place the model. Double check
again. Once you’re set, then you start posing your model and directing them. Another one is pretty big mistake as
well. Blurry or shaken photos. Usually when you take photos and you look at
that little screen, the photos usually look pretty good because it’s so small.
But then wait until you get to the computer and you enlarge your photos and you see that they’re actually blurry. They are shaken. That’s usually a common mistake when you use too slow of a shutter speed. Rule of a thumb is. You should usually use at least shutter speed equivalents to the focal length of your
lens. For example on a full frame camera if I am using 50 millimeter lens then
I’m going to use one fiftieth of a second, otherwise you will need to use a
tripod. On cropped aps-c sensor, multiply the focal length by 0.5 so 50 millimeter
lens on the aps-c sensor would be 85. So you should use at least 185th of a
second shutter speed. But this doesn’t apply if your lens has image
stabilization. In that case you can go three to five stops slower. Mistake number four is here. And this one
absolutely drives me crazy. I simply call it the photo snapper. Let’s say the
photographer, the new photographer is invited to anniversary or birthday party,
or is invited to friend’s wedding or is going to second shoot a wedding.
Maybe photographers friend wedding. And instead of taking photos of an action,
he’s actually doing this….. snap, snap, snap, snap, snap is a photo
snapper, it’s not a photographer. When When you actually shoot on a target,
you also don’t snap. You wait. You focus right? So the same thing happens when
you’re shooting anniversary or life event. You are waiting. You pick a couple
or the person or something very interesting. Or I usually pick very
interesting person which very pops from the group and I position myself so I
have a nice view and then I wait and I wait and I wait for the smiles and I
wait for conversation. I wait for sudden movements and stuff like that. And that’s
when I get the emotion and take the photo. When you just snap and walk around and you give it to the photographer like me, if I
get a second shooter and that person gives me those kind of photos, the snap
photos, I know that 80% will be garbage. It is not going to be usable. It’s just
random photos. But if you take your time and you really try to take the photo, you
wait for the moment, you will get the reel authentic emotions, the real
photos. Mistake number five is here and it’s
poor composition, which can really ruin your photos. How many times I’ve seen
photos of people where the head is missing or the fingers are missing or
part of the leg or butt or I don’t know. Or if I seen the horizon where its actually
cricket it’s not like that, or I’ve seen photo just of branches, but nothing
really interesting behind that. So some people are born with it. They see it
right away, which is awesome, others might need little help. Don’t be shy to turn on the grid which shows the rule of thirds. So those
were the five biggest mistakes I usually see in photos. Please give it thumbs up
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