5 Crucial Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program | Two Minute Tuesdays

Hi, everybody! My name’s Matt, and I’m the
Marketing Communications Manager here at Volusion. Today, we’re going to talk about getting your
affiliate program set up. Before you do anything, the very first step is to choose your affiliate
program platform. Essentially, this is the technology that’s powering the entire system.
If you’re a Volusion customer, we have a five-star affiliate program already built in. If not,
you can use any of the popular tools out there right now, such as Commission Junction. Next
on our list, and don’t take this lightly, you need to decide on your commission structure.
In other words, how are you going to pay your affiliates? For example, it could be a flat
fee for each sale that they make for you, or it could be a percentage of that sale.
Step number three: You need to give your affiliates something to work with. Make sure that you
create affiliate banners and pertinent collateral. By affiliate banners, I mean banner ads that
they can place onto their website to link back to yours with their specific affiliate
code. By collateral, I mean almost anything. Whether it’s content or other images, the
goal is to bait their readers into coming back to your site through their link. Number
four on our list: Recruit affiliates into your network. There’s no point in having an
affiliate system unless you have a whole bunch of affiliates working for you, right? That
means you need to take the time and do the diligence of finding the right people for
the job. There are several affiliate recruiting sites out there you can leverage. You can
also do organic searches, or just reach out to some people you may know. Last on our list,
and this one is an ongoing process, always make sure that your affiliates are working
for you. In other words, you need to keep them happy. So email and communicate with
them. Send them new pieces of collateral and banner ads to use. Always make sure that your
business is top of mind so they want to sell your products above all others. Keep these
five fundamental steps in mind when you’re setting up your successful affiliate program.
Have any questions? We’re always happy to help. Just leave me a comment in the box below
and I’ll get right back to you. From me to you, happy selling!

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