5 Easy Mobile Gimbal Movements in 5 Minutes

in today’s video I’m gonna be showing
you five camera movements that you can use with the DJI Osmo bar so stay tuned alright buddy yeah it is freezing today
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let’s get started Oh before I forget regardless of camera stabilization or
camera gimbal then using the camera movements I’m going to talk about is
quite universal so what are you using a nozzle pocket an osmolar or the Moser
air you know you can use the camera movements I’m talking about here so the
first movement that we’re talking about is moving upwards or downwards do this
this way or you can do this this way up or down so upward slowly downwards
slowly try not to go too fast you know make it a little bit more cinematic I’ll
put like that or downwards okay the next one is moving sideways you know be it
left to right or right to left I think I’ve got that right okay so this is my
left left to right or right to left again try not to make it too quick like
that make it a little bit more cinematic okay do a little bit slow here and
another one keep your mobile phone use mobile at a constant height while you
move and film your environment while moving sideways the next one can be a
little bit tricky but it’s about tilting upwards or downwards so basically you
know with the joystick here with that small ball you slowly press that upwards
while moving upwards like that or downwards and then slowly pushing that
down so it’s gonna give you that tilting sort of look while you’re tilting your
mobile phone up or down the automobile will keep your movement smooth and
gentle so again you know tilting up like that and downwards okay so if you can
see that movement here so it’s not like you’re just moving up okay or down it’s
actually you’re tilting upwards like that because you can see that yes moving
and you can control how fast you are because this joystick will control this
takes a little bit of practice and coordination the next one it’s quite
simple yet powerful it’s called the push in and pull out pushing in if you have a subject or
object in mind in there you push it in like that and the pullout is the reverse
so pull out so again pushing it in pull it out try not to do too quick like that
otherwise yeah that’s I’m going to move it but
more cinematic try to keep it steady it’s push in and pull out very very
powerful abused up a lot of Marvel videos so make sure when you’re walking
that particular distance to your subject that the you know you’re positioning and
everything is in frame to push that in would pull out start close to your
subject like really close and move away to reveal the world or the landscape or
the environment surrounding that subject you want to make sure that the subject
or or object is storm still in place you can use an active track it will focus on
that subject at its center the whole time then last but not the least it’s
the circle or the circling shot so again if you have your subject in mind you
just move around in circle like that obviously not too fast to try and keep
your movements tied you don’t remember the ninja Walker if you don’t know what
the ninja loved this I’ll probably create another video for that one but
try to keep your movements really tight and slow and make sure this subject is
still on frame it’s centered on the circles one of those trick ease yet
powerful shots as well just remember to keep practicing it and
also create your own style when you’re doing your circle shots you know you can
rather than just doing a quick 360 degree circle you could do two three six
days getting larger each time so start small the larger circle those are
probably the five basic camera movements that you should know especially if
you’re using a DJI Osmo bow the Osmo market again this camera movements is
not just simply for this product remember to practice to get better this
movements and also experiment you change it up mix it up you know and you
can definitely create cool awesome-looking videos do comment down
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