5 Kids Playing With CHRISTMAS!!!

(spinner whirring) – [Kendra] You know it’s a good toy, when Jeremy wants to try. (festive music)
(hammering) Whoa! – I could live in these. I can do everything. – We all go a little
strong with the make-up when we start out. Well we did the whole Christmas morning open the present thing, and now the kids are all exploring and playing with their presents. We’re also getting dinner started, which is just a ham in the Crock-Pot, but unfortunately, the ham is too big. – It’s just a little too tall. – [Kendra] For our Crock-Pot. So Jeremy’s trying to trim the top, so we can put the lid on. – There’s a bone, though. – [Kendra] Good luck. Lise got out her Spin Art. – I first when I put the paper down and I did the thing, it just flew off. And Mom was just like,
you need to have like, is there any hookers? And then I figured out these
green things were hookers. – [Kendra] Okay, show us how it works. (spinner cranking) Woo. So Lise, you probably used a little bit too much paint on that one, so use a little bit less paint. (Kendra laughs) So if you do it when it’s holding still, it just goes there, but if you do it when you’re spinning it, then it’s in a spiral. There we go. Woo. Are you gonna add some blue too? – Yep. – [Kendra] Whatcha been doin’? – I’m building this. – [Kendra] Hey uh, what time is it? – 8:32. Well that was that stopwatch. – [Kendra] Still figuring it out? – It says eleven o’clock. – [Kendra] It is, it’s eleven o’clock. That’s exactly right. (lively music) (spinner whirring) You know it’s a good toy when Jeremy wants to try. – [Jeremy] Alright, let’s
see what it looks like. – [Elise] Mmm. – [Kendra] Mmm. Did you finish it Caleb? – Mmm-hmm. (Jeremy laughs) – [Kendra] Look at that face. – [Jeremy] She’s like what? – [Kendra] What is going on? – [Jeremy] She’s dancing. – [Kendra] Come play. She’s stomping her foot. – [Isaac] Some of them
shoot higher than others. The purple and the yellow. – [Jeremy] Yay. – [Kendra] She’s a little nervous. (Janae crying) – [Jeremy] She’s scared of it. – She’s a little scared of the toy. You almost got it. (bright music) There it goes. – [Isaac] Now everybody’s playing with it. (Janae yelling) – [Jeremy] Yeah. – I love this toy, it brings back so many good memories. – I wonder if we have any vlog footage of this thing. If you can find any vlog from our past that has this toy in it, let us know in the comments. – Mom, did you think
that I would like this? – I did think you would like this. Do you like it? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Well that’s a nice color. Wow. Laura, you’re getting more make-up on? We all go a little strong with the make-up when we start out. You all set? – Mmm-hmm. (hammering)
(upbeat rock music) – [Kendra] You got the first part open. Break it more, so it’s
like more than half. Can you carry it down to the patio, let’s see if it works on the patio. (hammering) Whoa. – Now we’ll actually see it. – [Kendra] Whoa, that’s really cool bud. – [Caleb] This was it. – [Kendra] You’re right, totally matches. Oh Jeremy nice one. What?
– And three. (clicking) – I can do this all day. (hammering) – Did it break in half?
– Yes. – [Kendra] Oh my
goodness, that is so cool. Wow. Okay now figure out which one that one is. – I want to do it inside, because the light really helps. So let’s go.
– That’s a good point. – So one of our kids got really excited about their new cologne spray and they sprayed a ton and it smells so strongly, it’s like permeating our whole house. Even though it’s like frigid cold out, we’re opening up the windows, we’re all starting to get headaches. It’s a strong smell. The kids are practicing. Isaac, you’re doing awesome. (knocking on floor) You’re getting it Caleb. (lively ragtime music) Laura came over with this plate, and she said Mom I’ve brought cookies to help with lunch. – [Jeremy] Elise is using a pecante. Alright, so now try to take off the shell. – [Kendra] Elise is using the nutcracker. (laughs) – [Jeremy] Hey, Cubby’s
gonna try a walnut. – [Kendra] You need some help buddy? – [Jeremy] Not easy. – Can someone help me? – [Jeremy] Mom’s gonna help with this one. – So as soon as you turn
it in the right direction, it cracks pretty easy.
– I need the little tools. – [Kendra] Do you see the nut in there? You got it Isaac. Ooh. Looks like we’re gonna
have to sweep after this. What’s that one? – I thought it was an acorn. It’s an acorn. – [Kendra] I didn’t think we ate acorns. – Maybe it’s a hazelnut, I don’t know. – [Kendra] Maybe it’s a macadamia nut? – No. (car motoring) A little more room for skating out here. (lively music) – [Kendra] What? They’re going to town. – [Jeremy] Good try bud. – Well the kids are still rollerskating in the garage, I think
we’re gonna be lucky to get Isaac to take his
rollerskates off ever. He is absolutely loving this and Elise is doing amazing. It was sad a few minutes ago, she just had her first fall, where she really hurt. And she came inside, and then I was so surprised, because just a few minutes later, I see her downstairs tying
back on her rollerskates. I’m like you’re going back out? She’s like yeah and now
she’s going to town. So I’m proud of her, like getting back up after you fall is never an easy thing. And it’s just cool to see the kids progressing with this skill. And I was telling Jeremy, like I feel like our Christmas presents expanded our house, like we don’t usually
hang out in our garage, but now, yay, our garage
is like an extra room. You guys are doing awesome. Are you liking it? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Kendra] Trying their
new coding game with Osmo. – I could live in these. I can do everything. I can go upstairs, I can go downstairs. In a weird way.
– Whoa. – [Kendra] In your rollerskates? – I could crawl upstairs and – [Kendra] Crawl downstairs? – Scoot downstairs. – It’s a rule. I won’t let them walk
up and down the stairs in the skates, so they sit on their bum and go down, and go up. So the first person to cover
up their whole board, wins. You guys ready? ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ And a Happy New Year ♪ – [Jeremy] So what did you do? – I made a shop. – [Jeremy] Is this your little rock shop? – It’s a museum. And if you’d like to buy
anything, it’s $2,000 dollars. – [Jeremy] Oh. – Put that somewhere. – I’m making my rankings
of the helmets in order. First Patriots and a lot of them. – [Jeremy] Awesome. – And the undecideds are still in that. – [Jeremy] Are the
Cardinals not up there yet? – Almost. – [Jeremy] What? You eating cotton candy? – So Caleb wanted to know how this worked. So you hook it into the gears. Caleb look, do you see that? – Whoa. – [Kendra] It’s like a Christmas wreath. – [Caleb] Can I do it now? – [Kendra] Of course you can. There you go. You’re doing it. Poll question, has Caleb been seen in the vlog today without his headlamp on? (Jeremy laughs) He’s been wearing it all day. – Not an actual poll question, but that’s funny. – Because everyone needs practice with their very best manners. Okay? We have our nice bubbly drink. – I’m grateful for the food that you could take your time to prepare. – Wow, thanks. That was very eloquent. – I am grateful that we had snow, because a white Christmas
is extra magical. – I am grateful that we can have Christmas and for Jesus. – I am grateful for families and that we can have
good couches and beds. – [Kendra] Whatcha feelin’
grateful for Nae Nae? – [Jeremy] I like crackers. – I’m grateful for make-up. – Make-up. I’m grateful for Kendra, I think she did amazing with Christmas. She got deliberate gifts that help and educate
and enrich our children and she didn’t overdo it. I think she did a great
amount of Christmas for our kids, so thank you. – [Kendra] That was good. – [Jeremy] To Christmas. Cheers.
– To Christmas. – Cheers.
– To Christmas. – Laura. – I already did you. – Me, cheers.
– Cheers. – Got it.
– Cheers. – [Kendra] This is my
favorite present to give to little babies. – Thank you! – Big present. – Yeah! – [Kendra] Guess what Isaac? – What? (“Jingle Bells”)

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