What’s everyone Jason Wardrop here I’m here with Rachel. Rachel, thanks so much for joining me on here today Okay, awesome, so you are a realtor out in South Carolina and you’ve been in the business for about a year now, right? Yeah, okay. Awesome. So you you’re fairly new to real estate. You’ve got out to, South Carolina You’re just telling me it didn’t have really any, you know sphere of influence. No circle friends cuz you just moved out there And so you thought you know what? Let me jump into this whole Facebook Ads thing and start messing around with this How long ago did you jump into the six-figure agent program? Um I think I’m almost hitting my 30 days now. Okay, so about a month into it Awesome. So, so anyway Yeah, I’ll just kind of turn it over to you because you were just telling me you know You done Facebook ads in the past and you gotten some leads But the cost per lead was pretty high up there pretty astronomical where you’ve now been able to get that cost per lead down Dramatically, so anyway, I’ll just kind of turn over to you and having kind of share some of the things that you’ve done so far Yeah, so I started with your program and I since I don’t have a sphere of influence here. I started out with the buyer No lead pad. I put that up and you said it was okay to start at $10 a day So I did that and um, I think within the first couple of hours I got like five leads And then over the course of I haven’t even hit my 30 days yet, but over the course of 30 days I got 32 leaves and it’s averaging about Five dollars a lead and um, I think I have five or six quality ones in the pipeline and then one of them are actually a Investor, who knows is I have one under contract now. She’s looking at two other investment properties and she’s actually gonna start a subdivision development In the small town of easily in South Carolina. I’m going to be in her realtor That’s awesome. I mean it only takes four of those one like golden contacts like bad, right No, that’s killer So, so anyway, so you you did sounds like you didn’t have any listings are out of the gate to go through a market. So once again If you’re watching this your Realtor and like I don’t have any listing to go through market still work still works amazingly well So you did the buyer leads campaign? No listings getting leads around that $5 per lead mark and What what your follow up looking like I mean, and I know with arson we’ve got the automated email and texting Did you do any tweaks to that and then are you making the phone calls? What what does that whole follow-up process look like for you? So I found up for the text message follow-up as well I also implemented the facebook messenger Follow-up and then of course the email follow-up with the landing pages and so between all three of those is hitting everybody So people who don’t really text They’ll hit me up a messenger people who don’t really get on facebook Messenger Hit me up on text and then if they get my emails, sometimes they’ll email me back It’s like it just hits everybody and every niche I guess and then if they don’t get all three I usually call them and they’ll pick up and if not, they’ll pick up and say oh I was that work I’m sorry, you know so I Hit every single one of them There’s probably about four or five that just weren’t interested and they said oh I was just looking but that’s it. So Pretty good. No, that’s awesome. So from your experience, I I always like to kind of get the feedback from everyone what has been The best follow-up platform for you specifically has it been texting messenger email phone calls. What have you seen with the mess room? Technique. Yes, even the ones who may not have replied right away to the automated text They will reply the next day saying oh, I’m sorry. I was at work or oh, I just saw this they always text texting even got me my Million dollar, you know one it’s always No, that’s awesome. And then You said you a lot of these you you know, you get to a phone call later on for most of them is it like have you called any of them right out of the gate or is it more like a little Bit of a delay before you actually get in contact with them or actually making a phone call Yeah If they don’t answer anything Then I go ahead and try to call them because I just assume if they don’t answer on any other Platformed and maybe they just prefer a phone call I mean usually that’s the case But if not don’t answer me in one way or another and then I’ll delay that whatever they’re comfortable with That’s awesome. I love love to here and now I’d like to see like, you know when agents have all the different follow-up processes because it’s so true like Nowadays, you go back 20 30 years. You basically just had landlines right? Like there’s no cell phones. None of that So it’s like if you want to get in contact with someone You call them up leave a voicemail or someone picks up leaves a little note sticky note or something like that Where’s now I mean, you’ve got Facebook messenger Instagram snapchat, you got all these different platforms. So if you’re utilizing The mostly use communication platforms which you know, obviously email texting Facebook messenger phone calls Then the chance of you actually get in contact with those leads to see like how qualified they are Or see how soon and how prepared they’re actually ready to go through and take action Just gives you that much better of a shot right actually like seeing results and have a success So I tell people all the time, you know, like you could be getting a hundred leads per day But if you don’t have any, you know constant consistent follow-up in place Roza matter if you’re getting five weeds 100 leads or a thousand leads a day It’s just you’re not really gonna see anything’s you know, that like everyone says is so, you know So overly used I guess but the fortunes in the follow up, so that’s awesome to see that you’ve got that Crush, you know, but I’m so implemented your mini challenge. No That’s been a huge success as well because I know right off the bat if they’re Already pre approved or not and if they’re not then I have a couple of choices that I asked permission to give them their Information and they say yes, and then I get them on the road to being pre-approved Hey, that’s awesome That’s awesome so anyway I know I know you got other stuff to get back to but any last words any other last advice of some You know realtor on watching this this video right here that you would give to them. Um, Even if they say they’re not interested right out really gate just keep following up Just because there’s been a few of them that they weren’t interested just because they didn’t understand The process and they didn’t understand that you could help them with a lot more than just finding a house you could help them with Pre-approval you can help them with credit issues. And once they know that they’re more apt to work with you. So I Found that out. No, that’s that’s that’s great advice right there Yes, I’m kind of I just moved down to Phoenix, Arizona area and so we’re just renting we’re looking to go through and buy but it’s it’s interesting working with the different Realtors and even lenders out here and kind of like see what value each one provides and connects and it Really does like those little things like that like, you know, whether it’s credit repair or whatever It is makes a huge huge difference in the clients eyes have actually want to go through and work with you. So So anyway, well anyway, thanks so much for taking a few minutes to your time and jumping on here with us and I’m a love hearing about the success results and Make sure that you keep us all posted on how that lead fall it goes and even your consist Continued lead generation and success and everything else you’ve got going on


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