5 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Need Their Own Domain Name

hi it’s Matt with a quick register seo.com and today I’m going to talk to you about five reasons you need to get your own domain name even if you’re just promoting affiliate links I’ve loaded thousands of ads for people with our classified ads submission service and I kind of get to see what works what doesn’t work and there’s some times people will give us a link like this to promote alright it’s just a long Clickbank link and if people see this in an email or promotion they’re much less likely to click on this you know rather than your own domain name you know it could be Mary’s friendly and funny website.com whatever you want rather than this gobbledygook which is what you might get from Clickbank or some other affiliate marketing network so first of all if you have your own domain name which by the way you could redirect to any link alright so if you have your own domain name it looks a lot better and people are much more likely to click on your link it also looks more professional you know it’s the only thing you can do is just put this affiliate link in it it really shows not much commitment to this program it it shows you you’re not that professional and it shows you’re not that serious and most likely you’re not if you know you wouldn’t spend the 10 bucks to get your own domain name to promote that affiliate program so just on that point alone the professionalism and the fact that you get more people clicking on it it’s worth it get your own domain name now here’s another thing that most people don’t think about you know most people find an affiliate program they think they’re gonna be promoting that affiliate program for the rest of their life they’re not you’re not things are going to change everything is constantly changing so you can spend a lot of time promoting that affiliate link but what happens if the the Aprilia program goes out of out of business what happens if they said they don’t like you anymore and they cut you off okay you put all these ads out there you’ve put all this all this effort out there promoting this link and it’s still problem maybe even getting traffic and getting even getting them sales and you’re not getting anything for it so what you need to be able to do is redirect that domain name to another affiliate program maybe something similar something new something better that you found I deal with this almost every single day people say oh I’m no longer with that program I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard that and oh they were just promoting affiliate link so now it’s dead but now if you can have your own domain name you can redirect it to another program that you and you can I one of my best affiliates was promoting a similar program to my classified as submissions program he has this video which is super popular all right all else he does now that in that one program he was promoting he went out of business and like he was getting all this business and it was great now he just redirects that right redirects that domain name that he had to me and every month I sent him commissions okay so you’re going to change you’re going to find new things why waste all your effort promoting something and you know if you change or they change all that traffic all those blog posts all those videos he put out there now they’re no longer pointing to something that you could credit for so you need to be able to control where the traffic goes because things change all the time so that’s reason number two you need your own domain name number three you could build to start building your own brand and this is really important even if you just oh I got this um one affiliate link and I won’t promote it I’ll make a bunch of money it really doesn’t usually work that way you have to build your own community start your own YouTube channel start your own blog start your own podcast to build your brand and then you can sell stuff alright and it could be a multiple of products and services around that niche that you build so it could be a start of building your own brand around your own niche so so many people get into affiliate marketing they just find one little thing and they want to promote and that’s it but the name of the game is developing your own list your own audience from social media and as you find new things you can recommend it to your group all right you’re not going to just find one affiliate program that’s the only thing you’re gonna promote and you never have to have your own website you never have to have your own domain name it’s like doesn’t work that way so start now why not start now building your own brand and you know I know everyone starts more than to make money right now but you know tomorrow comes the next day comes the next day comes why not start right now building your own brand and you could do that with having your own domain name secondly you know with your own domain name now you could start building that community you can start building your own blog posts you can start building your own lists you can get an autoresponder get response Aweber put an autoresponder subscribe form on your blog you can do this and start building your own mailing list then if you when you get new things you can send a blast out to your mailing list letting them know hey we’ve got this new program I’ve been trying it’s great let me show you how it works that’s how it’s done that’s how affiliate marketing is done so it starts with getting your own new website in your own domain name you know at a minimum you could redirect the domain name to a specific affiliate program if you want that’s great but you know think about getting your own domain name building your own blog building your own site and building your own list and in building your own brand that think of some long-term success okay another thing too is I’ve noticed that with my classified ad submissions a program it would got got blocked on Facebook it wasn’t that we did anything wrong it’s that what happened was so many people were promoting their affiliate link on Facebook all right that what happened is that Facebook said we’re getting too much at the same thing all the time just saying the same thing all right so they blocked that domain name but if you have your own domain name and your own blog you could promote that promote our classified ads submission program matter of fact I have a video showing you how to work around how to promote an affiliate link that is blocked it’s super popular this video uh you know on on Facebook of social media and basically it involves you know setting up your own blog alright and talking about your affiliate programs there rather than just copy and pasting the same link that everyone’s posting and it’s just not for my stuff you know if you’re promoting a popular affiliate program you might find us blocked just by putting your affiliate link in there so don’t be lazy get your own domain name it only cost $10 a year but approximately in most places I’ll put a link in the description below to this blog post and I’m gonna be updating this blog post I’ll also put a video here how to post how to post banned links on affiliate links on Facebook I mean I basically just explain that to you and so I’ll put all that information you can get a domain name even a web hosting and your own blog very very inexpensively in the description below and I’ll put a link to this blog post so you can see everything written down but if you’re just promoting something like this alright spend the 10 bucks and if you’re not willing to spend the 10 bucks are you really that serious about it you know and then our people are gonna take you seriously and hey I just thought of another another reason you know if you have your own brand and your own blog you could put your phone number on there know that’s something that that not everyone is willing to do you can be the best the biggest if you’re willing to offer personal service now I know I just lost about 99% of the people listening that’s okay because you know I want my blog in my youtube channel to be about real marketing not this this make money do nothing stuff so I know that attracts a lot of people may be nice you put your own phone number there and actually offer personal service to people who are interested in your services you will get the sales a lot more if you offer personal service and you can do this if you have your own blog your own website you could offer special incentives coaching to people who sign up but from you on your your affiliate link a special software we have software that you can give away there’s all kinds of creative things you can do and the successful affiliates are creative and offer personal service and if you can have your own domain name in your own website even if right now you’re just promoting affiliate programs that is really the way to go so in any case click the link in the description below you will be sent to a place where you can get your own domain name if you don’t have one I’m going to update this blog post and I’ll put a link to it as well you will have how to post banned links on Facebook which essentially revolves around getting your own free blog and I will also put other information that can help you with you getting your own domain name so if you like this please subscribe to our YouTube channel have more tips like this you’re welcome to embed this video on your blog if you start a blog to give people your your followers helpful tips I have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever like and share as well so thank you very much this is Matt with quick register’ SEO calm


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