5 Things I Did To Make $400k (Make Money With Affiliate Marketing)

in this video today I’m going to share
with you exactly what I did to make over $400,000 with affiliate marketing what’s
up guys my name is Greg Kononenko I run this YouTube channel caffeinated
blogger and my goal on this channel is to help you make a full-time income
online so that you can have a better future for yourself and your family hit
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can to make sure that you get updated as soon as I upload my next video let’s get
into the details the way that I’ve structured this video is that I’m going
to show you the five big mistakes that I used to make and then I fixed in my
online business and that helped me a lot in making good money using affiliate
marketing a lot of people do feel it marketing but only a small percentage
succeed and there is a reason why only a small percentage succeed and it’s often
because the people who make zero dollars doing affiliate marketing I’m making one
of these five mistakes that I’m going to show you but don’t worry I’m also going
to show you how to actually fix those problems so the first mistake that I
used to make and I’m going to talk a little bit about now is choosing a wrong
niche quite often I get inquiries similar to what you can see here on the
screen this subscriber reached out to me and said I would like to start a new
blog website about the seaside town I live in for example visit nbc.com
presently there is not a single blog about the town what’s your opinion will
I make money from it so based on these you know a lot of messages that I’m
getting similar to this message I think that it’s quite a common problem that a
lot of you might be facing and that is the choice of a niche what should you
start your niche website about is it actually a good niche and will you be
able to make money from it in general for me choosing a profitable
affiliate marketing niche comes to a few things number one is does your niche
solve a problem and ideally a big problem for example going back to that
inquiry that I got about a seaside town do the people have a problem when
they’re looking for information about seaside town generally no because they
will just be looking for information about that town perhaps they think
you’re visiting but they don’t necessarily have a
massive problem to which they’re trying to find a solution when you compare a
blog about a seaside town with a blog about how to get rid of pimples you know
or how to stop losing hair for example they are very very different you know
because people for example who are looking for information about how to
stop losing hair how to encourage hair growth they will be ready sitting there
you know with their wallet again ready to buy product as soon as they find
something that looks promising they will just pull out the credit card and they
will buy the product that you recommend that is the difference when somebody is
just looking mean I think you have gone for a drive on a weekend into a seaside
town they might just be looking for best places to see but they they’re not gonna
spend any money on your website you might be able very well might be able to
generate traffic to your site but when the traffic come they’ll read a little
bit of information about the attractions in your town and then they’ll probably
leave to never come back again some of you guys might know that I actually have
a blog in the travel niche it’s called travel croc calm and I started this blog
several years ago and I made a mistake with this blog I’m not afraid to admit
that I made a little bit of a mistake with choosing the niche simply because
it’s actually quite easy to get the traffic to this website to this blog and
I’ve been getting quite a lot of traffic to it however it is a little bit hard to
monetize I’ve got Adsense ads on this blog and it is making me regular money
every single day so it’s not been a waste of my time but I thinking back if
I could you know take that time back and rewind the clock back several years I
actually should have started a website at that time in a different niche in a
niche that actually solves a massive problem that is exactly why several
months ago in May 2009 teen to be precise so three months ago I started
building a brand new website in health and fitness niche and as you can see
here these are the stats from inside my Google Analytics account it’s growing
you know very steadily and I am now with just a couple of hundred you know two to
three hundred visitors a diet that that is what I’m getting currently to this
new health and fitness blog that I’m building I’m already making a lot more
money with this site then what I have been this whole time with travel crock
simply because of the choice of the niche people who come to my new website
they have a massive problem that they’re trying to solve and that is losing
weight therefore they’re literally sitting there on my website with with a
wallet in their hand and they are looking for answers to their problem and
you know whenever there is a recommendation for a particular product
they will actually be ready to pull out their wallet to their credit card and
buy and that is why you know the choice of niche is just so critical guys so
what it comes down to if you’re thinking about which knee should I start my
website in make sure that you go for a niche that is actually solving a problem
ideally a lot of people should be having this problem ok so it’s not just a very
tiny minuscule kind of niche but a lot of people are having this problem and
will they be willing to pay money to have it fixed so good Nicias will be
things like just at the top of my head male hair loss how to get rid of pimples
how to get better skin how to lose weight how to get your child to sleep at
night how to help your child start reading at an early age all of those
things are problem kind of markets and people are willing to spend money in
those markets mistake number two that I was making for a few years after I
started online actually started online in 2006 the big mistake that I made for
those several few years was I was not building a website and that is looking
back that’s actually a pretty big mistake that I made I was doing a lot of
paid ads at that point in time and I was learning online marketing you know so it
wasn’t kind of like a complete write-off but I wasted several years of my online
sort of Korea on running ads directly to offers so spending money and then I was
making money and I was making a little bit of money in the process but as soon
as those ads got too expensive and the campaign stopped working guess what I
had nothing I did not have after three years of doing online I had pretty much
nothing to show for it except for several thousand dollars that I made I
was profitable but I did not have an asset I wasn’t actually building an
asset that I could sell all that was growing year after year so don’t make
the same mistake as what I made and make sure that you start that website as soon
as possible there are many benefits to having your own website and the first
one is that it’s your home base so if you have a website whenever you apply
for let’s say an affiliate approval on max bounty or on Commission Junction or
on one of the affiliate networks often they will ask you for your website link
if you don’t have a website you actually have a low chance of getting approved
for a lot of affiliate offers it adds to your credibility adds to your legitimacy
and it actually helps you to just have a home base the second advantage to having
a website is that you can use your website to generate passive ongoing
evergreen traffic for you I’ve heard this saying once and it actually really
struck a chord with me is that a lot of bloggers and myself included are always
wishing that they started their website years and years earlier than what they
actually did the reason is your website over time matures the content that you
slowly build up on your website it will always produce evergreen traffic for you
your website will acquire links over time it will acquire authority over time
and as long as you regularly post content it might take you you know might
take you six months might take you 12 months might take you 24 months to start
getting serious traffic results on your website but it will come as long as you
do things right and the sooner you start your website the more thankful you will
be to yourself in 1224 months down the track because you will actually
understand how powerful it is to have a website a website is like a traffic
magnet once you’ve put content on it let’s say you’ve got 50 or
pages of content on your website it will attract targeted traffic you can convert
it you can make ongoing passive sales you can build your list and it just
brings that passive traffic effect into your business which is very very
powerful this website that I showed you before that we just started building
three months ago look how strongly it is growing I know
that in 12 months time this website is going to be getting thousands of
visitors every single day and that is super powerful if I just simply put even
Adsense ads on this website I know that it will just continue making you know 50
100 dollars easily guaranteed in 12 months time probably even more just from
having Adsense ads without me having to do anything lastly your website is an
asset it is something that you can sell once you get your website to a stage
that it is making you let’s say five thousand dollars a month and it’s you
know it’s not a lot of money for a website I mean there are websites out
there that make a lot more than five thousand dollars a month
tons more there are websites that make a hundred thousand dollars every single
month passively and they’re run by small bloggers just like you and me it is an
essence you know and you can sell it online a lot of you might have heard of
these but you can actually sell this as a business on websites like flipper
genuinely they are sold for anywhere between one to three times the revenue
that they’re generating so if a website is making $3,000 a month
it is possible to sell it for 100 grand so it’s like an asset you know once you
invest a little bit of time and growing it you can either keep it or you can
sell it and just make a hundred K profit now some of you might be wondering how
the heck do I build a website what do I actually need to do I’m gonna drop a
link here and in the description I recorded a video just recently where I
show you step-by-step how to make a website from start to finish
it only takes actually 40 minutes to do so if you don’t have a website yet I
absolutely recommend that you get a website so that you’ve got a home base
and you open yourself for the growth opportunities to come in the future
mistake number 3 and this was a massive huge one for me I actually
I’m a bit of a perfectionist in the sense that whenever I do something I try
to make sure that it is perfect that’s my natural tendency I’ve been like that
since I was a kid and because of that you know it’s helped me in some aspects
of my life but in some other aspects of my life it actually really has hindered
my progress and with online marketing specifically especially when I started
creating websites I wanted everything to be perfect okay
I wanted my logo to be perfect I wanted the font to be perfect I wanted
everything to be aligned whenever I was creating content I actually always told
myself you know what I can’t write a good piece of content I’ve got nothing
to share everything that I write about is very similar to other stuff that has
been written before I’ve got no unique perspective who is
going to read my content is anybody going to like my content I have the same
doubts every time I put out a YouTube video guys as well and you know guess
what in a year and a half on YouTube I’ve managed to accumulate 56,000
as soon as I kind of became aware consciously aware of my endless chase of
perfection this internal mindset that I had and I
just I just told myself you know what this has got to get done tonight I’m
making a video by 8 p.m. I have to record a video or I’m writing an article
by 3 p.m. tomorrow I have to write an article if it’s not perfect doesn’t
matter just get it out there it’s better to have something that’s not perfect but
it’s actually out there than to constantly be working on something and
doubting yourself let me give you an example if you type in list of issues
into Google you will see well at least on Australian Google I’m number 2 result
this is my website here caffeinated blogger.com sorry and you know that’s
least of niche ideas I write this blog post and when I was writing it seriously
I did not want to publish it I thought that it was pretty generic and you know
that I did not cover everything that I wanted to cover and it was just getting
very long and I was a little bit frustrated with myself and I kind of
just thought that this is not good enough to be published and it’s not
going to work and guess what it worked I’m getting a
lot of traffic from the various terms related to lists of Nicias I’m number
two organic search result for it without much effort and if I doubted myself and
I’d actually never actually pressed publish and I never went ahead and write
that and never pursued that idea I would not have received all of these visitors
that my website is currently getting for the search term so my advice is if you
have an issue website or if you’ve got a youtube channel just get it out there
especially if you know that you’re always trying to get things perfect it
doesn’t matter you know just just get it out there it’s better for it to be
imperfect and released into the wild so to speak then to be forever perfect and
trapped inside your mind mistake number four and that is a huge one it has cost
me several thousand dollar several hundred thousand dollars over the years
is not building an email list now the reason for that is I had a series of
successful websites in 2008 to 2010 in the golfing niche you know back then I
was driving several thousand visitors every single day to my website sometimes
I hit five to ten thousand visitors in the golfing niche basically what
happened was I was getting all of the traffic I was making sales I was
monetizing my websites with eBay affiliate program I was making really
really good money at the time however my websites lost their rankings because I
did some stupid things it was my own fault I did some stupid things with you
know building dodgy links and just producing really bad content at the time
and after my websites kind of stopped getting their traffic I had nothing my
business was broken however if I built an an email list at the time I would
have had an email list of probably I would say thirty to fifty thousand
subscribers in the golfing niche okay if I really focused on it I could have
marketed to pretty much anything that I wanted for years and years to come and I
would have been making great money every single month even though my websites
were kind of shut down but if I had built that asset that email list I would
have been able to continue making the money while I’m rebuilding my site
without the email list my business was gone overnight pretty much you know I
went from making hundreds of dollars close to a thousand or even over a
thousand dollars a day to make a zero so I have learned from that mistake I fixed
that mistake and since 2013 I have been focused on building email lists in every
niche that I answer so for example here you can see that my email list in the
internet marketing niche is currently twenty nine thousand one hundred and
ninety subscribers and I’m building I’m adding the subscribers every single day
to my email list as you can see here if you’re wondering exactly how powerful an
email list can be just here’s one example so there was a promotion that I
did for a product called video ads master class and this promotion
generated for me six thousand eight hundred and fifty three dollars okay and
all it took was several emails that I sent over the course of about four days
so in four days with my email list I sent the emails to my email list and I
made that money and that’s just you know I’m generally between anywhere from sort
of three to five promotions a month that’s what I do to my email list I
don’t get these kind of results all the time but I have made as much as eleven
thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars from just one promotion from
several sending several emails to my email list it is very very powerful and
just super important for you guys to start building an email list even if you
don’t currently have one so how did I fix this mistake well I got an email
service so I currently personally use convertkit and I know that for a lot of
you nineteen dollars a month might be a fair bit of money I actually currently
pay almost $300 a month for my email list because it’s you know it’s almost
thirty thousand subscribers starting price for convertkit drive for the
smallest plan is $19 a month but you need to kind of think about it in a way
that if yes you might be paying this $19 a month however what you’re getting in
return is a to generate your own email list and in a
lot of Nicias as long as you go with the first mistake that we talked about and
as long as you choose the right niche you can make anywhere from 30 cents to
$2 per subscriber per month so if you build an email list of even let’s just
say 500 subscribers which is a fairly small email list you can make one here
with it and most likely you will be making more than $19 a month from having
that email list of 500 subscribers just by promoting relevant I feel it offers
to that email list 500 email subscribers as long as they’re targeted and they’re
in a problem niche will should generate anywhere from 150 to maybe up to a
thousand dollars a month just from the tiny email list that’s how powerful
email marketing actually is so what you have to start asking yourself is is $19
a month worth it for me to start making hundred and fifty to 1,000 dollars a
month because if you’ve got ways of generating traffic and on my channel
I’ve got tons of videos that will show you how to get the traffic and also show
you how to get the email list there is no reason for you not to start building
an email list email marketing is easy and it’s the number one thing that makes
bloggers successful and that makes businesses successful I actually don’t
know anybody who makes a ton of money and who doesn’t have an email list I
honestly don’t and I know hundreds of people online
everybody every successful person has got an email list yet on my channel I
get a lot of comments where people are saying that I want to build an email
list because they don’t believe in it go figure
it is free traffic and with email marketing there are amazing
opportunities to build automation so you can schedule let’s say 90 days 180 days
or even a whole year worth of emails going out automatically to everyone who
joins your email list and promoting various products to them we’re just
sending useful information sending a mix of useful info and promotions and you
can automate it just like there isn’t there is nothing else out there you know
and one lead that joins you a funnel can make you multiple sales over the course
of that automated follow-up so don’t make the same
that I made I left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table it was just
super stupid of me at the time so I encourage you to start building that
email list as soon as possible mistake number five that I hear about a lot is
wanting quick results now don’t get me wrong you can’t actually get quick
results online but usually not from passive methods usually it’s from
trading your time for dollars doing things like creating logos for people or
doing some kind of contracting work there is absolutely nothing wrong with
it but for me the beauty of online marketing is the passive side of online
marketing you still have to work on this and like I make these videos on a
regular basis weekly I create content I supervise the writers I supervise my
editor form up from our website I do all of those things but if I step away and I
leave for a month from my business I will still make money I will still make
reasonably good money because I’ve got those passive systems in place I always
recommend to have a 12 month perspective ahead so if you’re starting let’s say an
affiliate marketing website then plan for 12 months ahead plan what you’re
going to be doing every single month but don’t expect results to come in 10 days
time or 15 days time if you really need money for right now you know it’s hard
to make money online instantly like this unless you’ve got money to invest if
you’ve got money to invest it’s a different story because you can
outsource a lot of things but if you’re starting from pretty much zero
then and and you don’t have money to even like get let’s say hosting or
autoresponder right now the best idea is if you’ve got opportunity of course I
know everyone lives in different countries and so on but the best thing
is to actually go go and work or perhaps even get a second job just to save up
the money and get some savings worth for 12 months ahead of having your hosting
you know which is about 50 bucks for a year having your autoresponder in place
which is anywhere from let’s say 20 to 30 dollars a month and just just having
those things in place so that you next should buy the tools and not stress over
it and then knowing that as long as you stick
to the basics and if you decide to build a niche website in the and monetize it
with affiliate marketing to actually compete for 12 months to regularly
producing content in this niche and knowing that as long as you keep doing
this the results will come because you just need to focus on the process of
creating the content sometimes on my channel I get comments such as I
followed your method I submitted an article to medium comm and I haven’t
made any sales I usually go back to the person I said
okay great how many articles have you submitted just one that’s the reply you
know its Internet is a little bit unpredictable you know you can’t just
expect to make one post on your site and absolutely kill it and you also can’t
really expect to make one post and medium or just do one of of anything and
really find success it can happen but it’s just not realistic it comes back to
having these unrealistic expectations if you publish three articles on your on
your blog okay three articles on low competition keywords every single week
for a year you will have 150 pages of high quality content on your site
obviously I can’t give any guarantees but it’s very hard not to start getting
a good volume of traffic to your site with 150 posts as long as you you know
follow the other videos that are published on my channel and choose low
competition keywords and write high quality content you very likely to be
getting a good level of traffic which you’re able to then convert into leads
start making affiliate sales and so forth so my recommendation is to always
look for passive free traffic something that you can literally walk away from
for several months and it will continue getting either getting you that traffic
which is what Google search engine really offers you as long as you put up
high quality content out there you know you can get that traffic and it’s
completely passive it will actually work for you but you need to have that
long-term mindset for that guy’s that’s it I really hope that this was useful if
you found this useful subscribe to my youtube channel just
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goal is to help you make a full time income online so that you can have a
better future for yourself and your family this is something that I really
wanted to do when I first started online marketing thanks again so much for
watching my name is Greg Kononenko and I’ll see you in the next video


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