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hey guys chances are you are intrigued with the concept of affiliate marketing you don’t want to mess up you don’t want to do it wrong I’m going to talk about five tips and five reasons that affiliate marketers fail and we’ll talk about that right after the intro [Music] [Music] [Applause] hey guys this is better called passive automation on this channel we talk about all things affiliate marketing passive income how to build an online business if you’ll do the favor of subscribing and hang the bell notification that will let you know anytime I released a video I promise you I’ll keep releasing awesome content a lot of good content to help you learn the marketing ropes learn from my mistakes and we do a lot of demos talk about a lot of systems and software that help you to do your work better in this video we’re going to talk about again five reasons Fillie marketers fail and how you can avoid those but first I wanted to highlight really quickly jump over here my latest video about there’s a click funnels tutorial course for free my buddy Kevin said thank you honestly I don’t know what to say that that’s I think he’s meant to stay in LA that’s a lot of value so thank you Kevin appreciate the comment and appreciate you watching the video and it is if you look at my last video there’s a free course tons of information about click funnels ok but let’s jump into this topic I do have all my notes on passive automation com affiliate marketing fail ok so the number one reason why people fail with affiliate marketing is they never start and you might be thinking but the reality of the situation is there’s a lot of people who think affiliate marketing is a scam and I’ll never understand why they think it’s a scam what I’ve learned over the past years that people who use the word scam what it really means to them is it requires work that they don’t want to put in affiliate marketing for those who don’t understand is you have a company with a product let’s just say on Amazon someone has some pillows right you have a consumer a potential buyer who needs a pillow and then you have the affiliate marketer in the middle there like a liaison and perhaps they’ve bought this pillow and then they tell the prospective buyer all about it and they tell them the benefits what they likes maybe they’ve you know the pros and cons and then the buyer then makes a decision based on what the J’son or the affiliate marketer said okay so in affiliate marketing all you’re doing is connecting a prospective buyer to a product so there are thousands of products there’s thousands of buyers there’s thousands of things people need silly markings on scam okay not in the least so that’s the first thing that people need to get over and I you still hear it a lot of people it’s you need to hear affiliate marketing scam and again the scam is that people think that you can just jump on in today and make a million dollars tomorrow it’s not going to happen right there’s a lot of work that goes into it but all that work upfront it leads to pretty incredible returns you think of like a roller coaster going up a track right at first it takes a ton I mean you go up slow no I’m moving very very far by then and once you get the top sure going down I mean to go and crazy flossin stops happening so again that’s that’s the number one reason people fail as they never invest in their person or they think it’s a scam and actually have a youtube video here you can look at it’s what I wish I knew when I started affiliate marketing okay the second thing that happens is people when they jump it in this realm and it’s it’s not just affiliate market guys mostly any on that business they learn too much right they spend so much time learning and learning and learning and learning what happens is they kind of get paralyzed just think of it as someone who kind of sits down and just like stuffing themselves with food right Thanksgiving think of Thanksgiving you’re Stephanie type of food ever happen do you kind of get like paralyzed and you’re stuck you know move you sit on the couch so don’t do that what I would do is in the beginning I would I would learn from all these people I’d sign up for other emails I’d be at like 27 emails and I found out about this product and then this product oh this products awesome who this up you’re just learning too much again it creates paralysis there has to be a balance between learning and action which we’ll talk about next so that the third reason people don’t succeed is they consume more than they create okay so there’s actually I got in Steven Larson he has an event called offer mine so Steven Larson used to work for clickfunnels if you don’t know clickfunnels is clickfunnels is a lead generation in the marketing software and sales software and he used to work for clickfunnels he would develop sales funnels so the pages you land on they teach you better product even design all those four click funnels super successful guy knows his stuff I was kind of went on his own he’s making millions of dollars because he’s a brilliant mind but he was part of clickfunnels one funnel weight challenge he still is it’s a challenge in 30 days they teach you how to build a funnel and launch a product or you know becoming a flea market ourselves almost a product through a funnel he was talking about what is the most legitimate path to becoming an expert someone asked him that and his response was you know I’d if Steve how would you do it over again he said I’d start publishing earlier and Steve what’s the biggest thing I could do to have success publish regularly and Steve is there any greatest if you give after getting so close to Russell Brunson who’s the founder of big funnels he’s like take your phone up hit record and say stuff and Steve how long does it take the average person this I’m not average and who cares about the the clock published about it okay so basically it’ll point is people need to publish publish publish publish write you need content on YouTube you need content on a blog evening content on a podcast content on social media I mean you don’t have to do it all at once but you need to pick one and just be publishing if you’re sitting down just watching YouTube videos all day and you’re not creating your own content then you’re never gonna have success you know it’s funny people watch a YouTube video read someone’s email see some of the social media posts like why isn’t this stuff happening for me it’s because you’re watching someone do it you need to do it okay now fourth reason people fail okay is they don’t plan for a marathon now this is a really cool concept because I one time was reaching out to James Hirsch and I was starting to do affiliate marketing the first product I was really learning to push was click funnels and I remember James Hearst was doing a live stream in his Facebook group and he was taking questions and I wanna you know in this article talk about one of the bad days I was having I saw a lie shaking he did and then later on I reached out to him with a question and I said James I see so many people doing incredible things and they’re much more advanced than I am like is there even a chance for me to succeed or should I just quit now I basically said like look I’m not gonna invest all this time and clickfunnels specifically if just there’s so many other people doing well and he said something that was pretty incredible for me he said his response was are you in it for the long haul so he’s like look if you’re in this for the long haul one two three years thing yeah go parties I get beer I think you kind of explained in this videos like if you’re not gonna like work and if you’re going to try for two months and if it doesn’t create success and if you don’t make money in two months he’s like I wouldn’t worry about it yeah I don’t I don’t think even sent that piece but it’s kind of a gist of what he was saying so for you who are watching this video right do you want to do affiliate marketing will have success I’m gonna ask you one question are you in it for the long haul okay because if you’re in it for the long haul you’ll have success if you’re in it for the long haul and you’re publishing regularly you’re creating systems you will have success will it be in the first year probably not Spencer Meachem who is one of the number one affiliates in the world for lots of products he said you know the first year you gotta pay your dues that’s when you’re learning and likely with courses from like from Spencer medium like up here he is a course on affiliate marketing yeah he’s a course right here I feel they had secrets 2.0 which I’ve bought and followed with people who have these courses they’ve they’ve taken up the guesswork they tell you what to do they’re helping save all the time from their failures and so it’s a lot easier for us to have success quicker but Spencer said that first year you gotta pay your dues okay so the fifth reason that people fail is they never find a mentor so or I’m gonna change this too they have too many mentors right I imagined the beginning subscribing for those 27 emails well there were 27 people who were pretty awesome right they were doing awesome things and Mike oh dude this guy says I want to do it Damian does I want to do it Steve does I want to do what Spencer does I want to do what James does but you can’t do that I’m gonna pick one mentor I pick one thing the one the way I would suggest to do it is pick mentor who kind of is in your similar a circumstance perhaps they have similar worldview and they you know they value that same things you do I don’t give an example so is one guy who I was kind of following and he’s a single guy kind of like the party and you know he shows house on trips and he’d be like you know how give them ladies and bikinis or whatever and then there was another guy I looked up to who was a family guy who take pictures of his kids and he was kind of more family oriented and for me just like this guy valued the same stuff I did so I chose to have him as a mentor that’s not to say this other person wasn’t successful and wasn’t a good person it’s not to say that at all I just couldn’t relate better with the one Man Tourist so I stuck with him right and so pick a mentor find somebody who has a similar worldview find somebody who has similar characteristics the other thing about this guy who is family-oriented is he didn’t love like – I mean he’s kind of a behind the scenes guy wasn’t like super flamboyant and I’m not like that either and so I could relate better with his personality and I felt like his personality and his skills with I liked better than my skills so that’s who I was using as you know I’m gonna follow this guy does and I’m gonna he’s had success so I’m just gonna try to do he’s doing okay guys so where do you go from here right so one less thing Tony Robbins he said as far as finding a mentor his advice was find someone who’s had success and model it okay it doesn’t mean still when they do with remains model an add your own flavor add your own Flair 20 Robbins said that but he also it’s super easy in our day and age to look at someone’s funnel and you know I don’t know what they’re doing they look at their email sequence what are they doing their email is how can you apply that what are they doing that YouTube videos how can you apply that where are they sending you in the YouTube you use what what is the purpose how are they captain you’re evil all the stuff you can you can basically hack is the term but just learn from these people implement it in your own business but Tony Robbins says action is the most important key to any success okay so basically once you’re done watching this YouTube video and a couple other ones I’ll point you to I want you to take action right what action steps can you take so again it’s a been Arkell passive automation calm I’ll point do it should be up here a couple of the videos one will talk about three tips for affiliate marketing success that I recorded recently and then the dark side of affiliate marketing right kind of its gonna show you what people perhaps don’t show you what goes on behind the scenes but you got to do do me a favor leave a comment below and tell me tell me this right which of these affiliate marketing you know roadblocks kind of can you relate to the most right is it your it’s hard for you to start you feel like you’re learning too much you don’t create a ton you it’s hard for you to push through the long haul or maybe you don’t have a mentor which one applies to you please leave a comment I do value the comments and I do spend time answering every single one but guys we will catch you soon on another video thanks for tuning in

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