5 Tips to Qualify for the Twitch Affiliate Program Fast

– Have you been streaming for a while on the Twitch platform, but can’t seem to break
into affiliate status yet? Well, I’m gonna give you five
tips on how I was able to get to affiliate status on
Twitch as quickly as possible. You’re gonna want to stay tuned. (steady, aggressive music) Welcome to self-publishing with Dale, and if you’re new here, and
you want to publish your book while building your brand, make sure that you subscribe
and turn your notifications on, to get all of the latest content. Not too long ago, I shared a behind the
dashboard peek at how I set up the Twitch affiliate status, but I left a lot of
questions unanswered, so, I thought it’d be a good
idea that we revisit this, and I can share exactly the
five keys to how I was able to get Twitch affiliate status
as quickly as possible. As a review, though, you need
to have four qualifications fulfilled before you could
actually get access to the Twitch affiliate program. They include 50 followers, stream at least 8 hours
in the past 30 days, stream for seven unique
days in the past 30 days, and reach an average of
3 viewers per livestream. Now, this all seems easier said than done, and I can assure you that
you might be looking at my YouTube channel, thinking, well, he probably just brought
his subscribers over and they become followers. Nah, not necessarily true, in fact, you can actually
look over at my Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/SelfPublish, and you’ll see that my
numbers nowhere near reflect the following I’ve built over on YouTube, so let’s just get that one out of the way. So, how exactly did I make
the Twitch affiliate status in such a quick time? Well, here’s my five keys. One, timing. Here’s the deal. You need to be very
consistent with your timing when you’re streaming over on Twitch. Otherwise, people won’t know when they have to tune in to watch you. Two, branding. You need to make sure
that your profile image, as well as your channel
banner are all in alignment with what your viewers can
come to expect of your channel. If you’re just leaving the
generic things in place, and just not doing any kind
of thought into the process, then why would someone invest in you? Think of big companies such
as Pepsi-Cola or McDonald’s, instantly I’m sure you can
think of the visual branding that are associated with those things. You’ve got to regard your
Twitch channel in the same way. Three, a clear message. What can your viewers expect from you when they come to your Twitch stream? So, for instance, you’ll
even hear me saying this across the board from
YouTube over to Twitch, I always say things that you want to publish your book
as well as build your brand. I keep going back to the well. What are people going to expect to see when they come visit your channel? Get clear on what you’re going
to deliver to your audience, so that way your audience can say, yes, I want to follow them, or, no, that’s not my thing. Four, call to action. I know, this is gonna seem
kind of awkward at first, but you’re going to actually
ask the viewers that attend some of your live streams
to hit the follow, especially if you made clear your message. In fact, my call to action almost always follows
my very clear message. So, you’ll want to publish
your book and build your brand, make sure that you hit the follow. And, I try to bookend
each one of my streams, so I start it out with my clear message, as well as the call to action. And then, I finish it
with the clear message, as well as the call to action. The main thing you’re
gonna want to focus on is hitting the follow and
turning notifications on so people don’t miss a single
time of when you’re on Twitch. And lastly, this is the
big one, networking. I know, it seems kind of crazy, you don’t need to go over to
a business networking meeting. You don’t actually have
to meet anybody in person. But here’s the deal, Twitch is
very much a social platform. So, get out there, explore other channels that might be related
to the type of content you plan on sharing over on Twitch.tv, and if you start to talk to them, you’ll build relationships. And when you get ready to
stream, here’s the cool thing. They’re gonna want to come
check you out as well. In fact, I owe a lot of my success to my brother Bionic Vapour over on twitch.tv/BionicVapour. He brought a lot of his
audience over to watch exactly what I was doing, so that was part of
the networking process, but here’s the really cool thing. He actually got some
of his other followers outside of that realm, and they brought even
more people to the party, so that really was what
tipped the apple cart for me. It was what actually
ended up getting me past. The 50 followers, the
8 hours of stream time in the past 30 days. The 7 days of unique content, as well as reaching 3 average viewers. It was no problem after that. I’ll make it no secret. There’s a lot of people still struggling to get to this point. What I would recommend is at least focus on tip Number Five of
networking, and reaching out and building relationships
within your community, because that’s going to help you, if you lock arms with other people, and go to the finish line for
the Twitch affiliate status. Hey, that’s gonna wrap it
up for today’s content. But if you enjoyed it, make sure that you share
it with somebody else who would enjoy it too. Till later, it’s been
self-publishing with Dale, and I’ll see you soon.


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