5 Ways YOU Can Make Money with Your Personal Brand

– What’s up, guys? Pat Flynn here with my
buddy, Chris Ducker, and today we’re gonna talk about five ways that you can make money
and a really big emphasis on the you part. Make sure you stick around and watch. Alright, so Chris man,
welcome to the studio. – Good to be here bro. – Thanks for being here, man.
– Alright. Author of the brand new
book, Rise of the Youpreneur, number one best seller in Amazon. What is a youpreneur, can you define that for us really quick? – A youpreneur is somebody
who builds a business based around them, their experience, and the people that they want to serve. So it’s people like you, me,
authors, speakers, coaches, bloggers, podcasters,
all those kind of people. – And why is it good to
build a business around you versus something where
you’re not even really known? – Well, because when you
build the business of you, it’s 100% original. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, who you’re serving, what market, what products or services you’re selling. When you build the business
of you, it’s 100% original. It’s future proof as a
direct result of that and it’s a very, very
profitable business model. – Chris and I have been
friends for a really long time and we love to have fun
together and so if at any time in this video you see kind
of random things happening. – And the old dog yet. Hey what’s up everybody, it’s Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and I’m gonna make you a lot of money,
we’re gonna have a lot of fun. And we’re gonna do it without working. – That is not what I sound like. Please excuse us. Speaking of profit,
we’re gonna dive right in to the five ways that you can make money as a youpreneur and business owner. Let’s start with number one. – Number one is coaching and consulting. – [Pat] Okay. – This is when somebody
ultimately pays you to access your experience,
right, your career, ultimately. We’re gonna be downloading. – What are you doing with your hands? – That’s a little Michael
Jackson thing going on here. We’re downloading. – Okay. – But, ultimately, no,
we’re in a position today where people are quite
happy to pay for coaching and mentoring and consulting. Whether you’re paying, or
rather, whether you’re charging on a per hour basis or maybe
it’s kind of a recurring type of mentorship setup, it’s probably the lowest
hanging monetization fruit for anybody building a personal brand. – So how do you get started
with coaching and consulting? Where do you begin? – It begins with you and with
your website, ultimately. I mean, once you define who you are, what you want to be known for, and how you’re gonna
be able to help people, it then comes down to you, your website, putting a great coaching
or consulting page up there for people to be able to kind of peruse. And, obviously, you want
to focus on the benefits and the features of working
with you as a coach or a mentor and then what people can expect to get out of working with you as
a coach, ultimately, or as a consultant. And then you need that
big, fat Buy Now button so they can actually book it. – And I would focus on just getting that one customer to start. That’s the cool thing
about that versus, well, with anything you want to focus on one, but with coaching and
consulting, specifically, it’s, you can imagine yourself having one person that you’re helping and
that becomes a great way for you to test what it is
you’re doing to gain experience before you start serving even more people. – Yeah. Number two is affiliate
marketing, something, if it’s okay with you, even
though I wrote about it in the book, I’m gonna
hand this one over to you because you are a master at this. – Thank you. Affiliate marketing is my jam. I love affiliate marketing. I think a lot more people should be doing affiliate marketing. And probably you’re already
doing most of the work already because affiliate marketing
is recommending products that already exist to your
friends, to your following, to your family, and
getting paid as a result from the company that you’re helping out. A lot of low-hanging fruit here as well because you don’t need to spend the time to create a product. You don’t even necessarily
need to spend the time to create a website either. You can get started right
away but I will say, a lot of people take
advantage of how easy this is and then actually ruin the whole thing because they find products
that have great commissions and just shove them down people’s throats, and your family’s throat, and you’re not gonna be
liked very much for it. You still have to come
from a place of serving, finding a product that already exists and letting a person know
this is why it can help them. If it’s helped you, if
you start with products that you have already used yourself, that’s gonna be a lot
easier for you to push out and promote in a very genuine way where everybody becomes a winner. – But I will say, if you can’t
stand behind the product, then you shouldn’t promote
it, plain and simple, rule of thumb. – Right. And I would start out small. Likely you can become an Amazon Associate, which is their affiliate program,
and you can find products that you’re probably
already talking about, probably already using
there that you can recommend to your friends. And, yes, it doesn’t pay you
a whole lot to start with but it just gives you a
taste of what it’s like to recommend something
and get paid as a result, which is really, really cool. – Actually, an added benefit on Amazon, unless they’ve stopped
doing this recently, from what I understand,
when someone visits, say, somebody links to this
with an affiliate link and somebody goes ahead and clicks on it, not only do they get
the affiliate commission based on this book, if they buy it, but also anything else that
they buy on Amazon within, what is it, a 24-hour period? – Within a 24-hour period,
anything that goes in that cart, you get a commission for as well. Once you build your brand a little bit, there are likely other
programs, software, courses, products that you can offer that come with a larger commission and once
you start to build this bank of recommendations that, again, these products are not yours, it becomes a great income
stream for yourself that just becomes a passive income stream because you’ve written those articles, you’ve created those videos,
you’re helping people out and you can get paid for it too. Alright, so I don’t know if
you know this about Chris but Chris used to be a basketball player. But one time we played
basketball, I crushed him. – It was an arcade game. It was in a video game arcade. – I still, but you talk so much smack, I played, I played basketball when I was. Let’s go to number three. – Yeah. Number three is info products. What we’re talking about
here is you downloading what’s in your brain. We’re going with the download thing again. But, then we’re also talking
about creating courses or developing e-books or putting
together audio downloads. – These are digital things? – Digital products that
you can just create once and then what you’re doing is selling them over and over and over again, actually in a very, very passive way. Now the great thing about
digital products is that they can also be consumed
on the go as well. I mean, like, nowadays all you
need is one of these things to be able to learn. I mean, this is how we
consume most of the content we create and get out there nowadays, this is how people are
gonna be consuming it. Ultimately, it’s a great
way to not only make money, but also genuinely bring people onboard with your thought
process and help them out in whatever it is you’re focusing on. – Okay, info products, I get that, but there’s a lot of
information out there already that people can get for free. Why would people buy
information when they can already get it for free? – Convenience, plain and simple. The one thing I come across
a lot with people is that, well, they might have a blog
or they might have a podcast, well, I’ve created so much
great training content already through just the course
of spreading my message and getting the word out
there about what I do, why would people pay for
it if it’s up on my blog or on my podcast? And the fact, honestly, is convenience. People want to have
everything in one location, in a place where they can
follow step-by-step-by-step. And with you as the teacher,
it’s all down to you to then go ahead and show
them exactly what they should be consuming first before
they move on to the next step and so on and so on and so on. And by the way, these courses
don’t need to be 25 videos in length with tons of
workbooks or anything like that. You can start really, really
small, like maybe five lessons and a workbook for people to
print out and follow through and just sell it for a
couple of hundred bucks. It’s really, really easy
to get started with it. – One of my favorite
courses is exactly that. Five videos about 10-15
minutes each with a workbook and it has been one of
the most helpful courses that I’ve taken. It’s Five Days to Your
Best Year Ever, great, by Michael Hyatt.
– [Chris] Awesome. – I would prefer
information that can help me in a shorter time period
than what used to be popular was like, hey guys, check out my course, there’s 450 videos
– [Chris] Right. and like 500 pages of workbook. Nobody wants to do that. – I would almost be
skeptical of that nowadays because if somebody is
trying to sell you on buying their course based on
the sheer volume of content that they’ve got in it, the chances are that the
quality is pretty low. You want to try and shrink it down and get that learning curve
to be as small as possible for people to be able to
put it into action quickly. – And you want to sell
them on the transformation that that information
– The outcome. can provide.
– That’s right. Awesome. Okay, so before we move on to number four, how do you get started with info products? Where do you begin? – Well, you begin by validating your ideas with your community members. And I mean, you wrote a book on this. – Will It Fly. – Will It Fly, which I believe,
knowing Pat the way I do, he’ll probably run along
and get a copy of the book. – Will It Fly, baby! – As well as, put that right there. Now this is actually
pretty good right here. We’ve got both books, can
they see the whole thing? – I don’t know, let’s
raise the, let’s raise the. – Raise, there we go. – There we go. – There we go, now you can see both. That was actually quite sexy. It was quite, I feel
like we need some music. Dow decka dow dow, like with the whole. (rhythmic jazz music) Talk to your community. – Yes. – Tweet them, send them private messages on Instagram or Twitter. That’s huge, by the way, nowadays. That for me is like, and I
talk about it in the book, P-to-P, people to people. That’s huge. When you send somebody
a private video message on Instagram or Facebook or
Twitter, it blows their minds because they don’t expect it. That’s being different and that’s part of being a great youpreneur
is about doing things that are different. It’s not about doing things
that are necessarily better. – Yep. – You know what I mean? Talk to your community members,
see people at live events, Tweet them, do all that fun stuff as well. – You like this don’t you? – Can I have a go? – Okay, yeah, sure. – So I got to? – Try to hit the little
camera lens like right there. – The actual camera? – Yeah, yeah. (gun cocking) You’re not gonna be able to do it. – Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What if I do it right now? What will you give me if I
hit the camera lens right now? – A high five. – God, such a. Oh!
– Oh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I’m a grown man! – Oh, high five, high five. – High five. – Okay. – High five. – Alright, number four, the
Holy Grail of passive income is. – (ethereal humming) – What they say is the Holy
Grail of passive income membership sites. Why is this such a big deal? – Because, quite frankly,
the income that they create and generate is addictive
and it’s recurring. Every business on the planet
needs definitely, definitely a predictive income model
so they know where they are from month to month, quarter
to quarter, year to year. But that recurring model is
genuinely what it’s all about. Because, for me, if I can
get someone to say yes once, and then bill them over
and over and over again, it’s way easier than getting the first yes out of a brand new prospect. And so, I mean, look,
understand this though, and this is a big one, and this
probably one of the reasons why you have not started
a membership site yet, it ain’t passive. It’s anything but passive. Because you’re charging
on a recurring basis, you’ve got to show up
on a recurring basis. – Right. – And that’s the big one right there. It’s not for everyone but if you do create a personal brand that is
very, very successful, and you have this kind
of fandom attached to it, which you certainly do, but if you do that and you want to get into that predictive, recurring revenue model, then
a membership site is great. – How might an author, for example, build a membership site? Would it even make sense for them? – Well, absolutely. I mean, I’m an author. – Yeah, I was setting you up there. – He’s good, he’s good like that. Yes, absolutely, because
when you write a book you’re instantly seen as
an expert on that topic. It’s one of the easiest
expert position strategies to get involved with
– A book? and it’s also a book, absolutely. And it’s also one of the
most rewarding as well because not only can you start
a membership site from it but you’ll get keynote
speaking opportunities, you’ll get the opportunity to travel, not to mention the fact
that tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands
of people that will end up actually buying and reading the book. But it doesn’t matter what your book is or what you’re doing, the
fact of the matter is, you can absolutely utilize it. And it’s great for people
like coaches and mentors and things like that as well
that don’t want to do that one-to-one approach anymore
because they’ve kind of just gone too far past that and they
want to create more impact. – Right. – They go from one-to-one to one-to-many and that’s a whole different ballgame. Your impact is huge at that. – Memberships sites, they are
not exactly easy to manage, like you said. And I’m guessing not
easy to create as well. Where would you go to
recommend how to get started with building a membership website? – Well, really, I mean
there’s one main source that I personally am a big fan of. I’ve also become close friends
with the guy who runs it and that’s themembershipguys.com. Mike and Callie run an incredible business teaching other people how
to run their own memberships and I mean anything and
everything you can possibly want to learn on setting
up a membership site, they’ve got it taken care of. – Great, so themembershipguys
– .com. .com. Great resource to get started
if that business model makes sense for you. The fifth way that you
can make money is through? – [Chris] Live events. – [Pat] Live events. That’s scary. – It’s scary? It’s not scary, it’s awesome! Are you serious? Okay, so this is your opportunity. – Here’s the, I think
people watching are like I can’t imagine me putting on an event. – Right. – Like, let’s, talk me through that. – Okay. What we’re talking about when
we talk about live events is we’re not talking about
3,000 people like conferences. – Okay. – If you’re a little bit
kind of skittish on this idea because you’ve got this vision
of standing on a huge stage in front of all these
people, calm down, Pat. Take it easy. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – What we’re talking about
here is we’re talking about ultimately bringing people together. – How many people? – It doesn’t matter. It can be as little as just a handful or it can be as huge as you want it to be. But here’s the thing, in this day and age, with a very, very online connected world, I believe we’ve never
been more disconnected as a human race. And that’s exactly the reason
why you want to be seen as the person to bring people together. Very, very important. I started out doing my, I did
my first live event in 2011 so we’re talking a few years back now. And all it was was me
sitting around a table with about eight or nine
other entrepreneurs. – [Pat] Who paid you. – Who paid me to be there for the day. And we called it the
Chrisducker.com Mastermind. It was a very original
name, very original name. And all we did really,
honestly, was just mastermind. One-by-one throughout
the course of the day, everybody has like a hot seat
where we kind of deep dived into their business concerns,
their worries, their ideas, and all that kind of stuff. By the end of the day,
by the way, I should add, before that day happened, none
of the people in that room had ever met each other in person. – Okay. – By the end of that day
they were all best friends. Because when you put your
heart on the table like that, when it comes to your business,
and you share all of your worries and your concerns
and your ideas with people, it breaks down borders that
you wouldn’t usually break down in a normal sort of daily basis. That was at the first
event that I ever did. Now, we’re kind of at
the point now where with the youpreneur summit. – Boom! – Ding! – Represent! – Ding! – Represent! – With the youpreneur summit
where we do have three, four, five, six hundred people
in a location all at once, where they come from all around the world for a multi-day conference. It doesn’t matter what
the size of the group is, what really matters is
what they’re gonna be walking away from it. But live events are a huge plus for a personal brand business
owner because you’re seen as the hero to bring people together. And everybody wants to be a hero. – In the simplest form, how can a person, let’s take an author who is
somebody who, for example, wrote a book about dieting. Let’s just say that, for example. And they’re getting known in
a space because of this book and because of their website
and everything we talk about as like a dietician who people go to. Like the go-to resource
for that particular diet. How might they create a live
event in the simplest form? – Great question. What you could potentially
do in that situation is maybe rent an Air BNB for one day. – Okay. – Okay? And you turn up with tons
of bags full of great, healthy food from the grocery story. You invite maybe 10 or
15 people to come along as paid guests. You just go ahead and email the offer out or you build a landing page
or whatever the case may be and you say, hey, on this
day I’m gonna show you exactly how to prepare
an entire week’s worth of healthy food for you and your family. Not only am I gonna show you how to do it, but we’re gonna do it
together so that you can take that home back into
your house for your family. Huge. – Like specifically
something that they could all do together as a meal
prepping and learning at the same time, an
interactive experience. – Yep. – And that could be done in just a day. – Right. And nobody wants to, I mean,
yes, some people will want to learn how to cook but
when you learn how to cook with other people it’s fun,
there’ll be laughs and jokes, you’ll create new friendships. – That’s cool. – And that’s exactly the
reason why you want to bring people together over
and over and over again. – Now, not your whole audience,
not all of your readers are gonna go and be a part of this. It doesn’t take very many
to make it super impactful. – Absolutely. – Not only in those people’s
lives but in your life as the youpreneur, as you. Alright, we talked about
five different ways that you can make money. I want you to do two things for me. In the Comments section
below, tell me, number one, which one of those
resonates with you the most. If you were to get started with
one of those business models building a business around you, which one makes sense to you. There’s no wrong answer. – Nope. – It’s just the one
that makes sense for you and the one that you’re
most comfortable with. And number two, I want you to
get excited because if you do leave a comment like that,
I’m gonna give away, randomly, to five commentors within the next week, a signed copy of Chris’ book. – Woo! – We’ve got them already
signed and I’m gonna ship them out to you on me so leave a
comment with which of these five business models, for you, make sense. And then I’ll give away,
I’ll give away five a week after this video comes out. – What a generous guy. So generous. – Well, you signed the book
and we planned this earlier. – We did. – Alright guys, so make sure
you check out Chris Ducker at chrisducker.com and
youpreneur.com and also, I’ll put a little card up
here or somewhere around here to go check out his
YouTube channel as well. He’s got some great golden
nuggets in and around his YouTube channel so check him out. And final words of advice
for the viewing audience? – Just be you all the time. When you build the business
of you, you can’t be beat. It’s future-proof. – Boom. – There’s still life in the old dog yet. See there, he’s got to try and do better. What you understand though
is height does matter in the game of basketball. – And speed, too. – Ha ha ha ha. – Snap out of it, Ducker! (slapping noise) That probably looked totally
fake but that’s okay. – Ha ha! You should say something? – Nah, I just wanted to
see what would happen.


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