5 websites to get Phd scholarships and research grants

Hello and welcome to my channel. I’m Dr Tahir Yaqub and in this video I’m going
to show you 5 websites to get PhD scholarships and research grant These websites are in US
and Australia and most of these provide fundings to International students. So without further ado, let’s get started. Since I live in Australia and I have a little
bit true story to tell you about this so therefore I start from a website which is Australian
government website and this is studyaustralia.gov.au and this should be your starting point if
you are planning your admission in Australia for Masters, PhD or even for Bachelor degrees
on the right hand side if you see this logo and Australian government, you should be clear
that this is an Australian government website. This gives you a lot of information about
Australia for example if you are bringing your children for scholarships and funding
opportunities and I’ll show you in a minute but the starting point should be Apply to
study and there is a chart here this chart basically explains you everything about the
admission process so you choose to study in Australia you have decided that you are studying
in Australia then you decide the Institute which you think that suitable for your department
or your area of profession then after that you check the entry requirements of that university
College because all colleges have different requirements IELTS score is not same, other
requirements are not Same some will accept your degrees Some Will Not some will reduce
the degree a master degree to a certificate or a diploma degree in Australia I have seen
this happening here there you ever master degree in Pakistan India and China but when
you come to Australia they consider it equivalent to a certificate or a diploma so check the
entry requirements than you apply for the course and then you receive the offer letter
so this is the first step and there was you received offered later than you might have
to submit through other documents and basically tell you will get the most important document
which is the confirmation of enrolment because this is a document on with your visa will
be accepted so you submit this to your account late office in your country and then you get
the visa and come to Australia so this chart explains everything about the admission process
every information about Australian and Gomez insta tools are immigration I believe is my
custom opinion I am not urgent and I am not a representative of anyone on this and other
legal advice this is my personal opinion that you don’t need any agent you do not need any
agent I never a concerted any again and I got scholarships from Australian government
about my masters for my PHD and I never got any agent and I would my studies were fully
funded by Australian government as international student I did not to have Australian citizenship
Rd will permanent residence when I called Australian scholarships that was all on my
own and I studied all these websites I bought some time and energy and effort but I got
it so this is my advice to you guys that you probably don’t need any again but if you decide
to use educational agent if your parent advise you to do that it will make a little bit process
easier but we have to pay the money so on the left-hand side you can see the education
Dil Se this page and on this page if you click here you will see few countries in DC like
my country Pakistan is not Air India why because these countries send most students to Australian
Universities cannot hear and the reason is that all these Institute they have the list
of approved agents of their own so every university has their own approved agents educational
Legends and let me show you the list out for UNSW which is my university so I did not use
any agent but this is this and this list is pretty much a comprehensive list because you
as you can see the lot of pages and don’t want this page is at the address is there
phone numbers for all countries and for Australia everything is a mention here so hopefully
you will find someone from your own country in this list on this web cited the second
important time is this one Australian education if you click here if you click on the scholarships
and you will see that view scholarships for international student and as you can see this
number that he was number that and will call Matt investment for on international scholarships
If You Are UK citizen and you are looking for a US scholarship for a Pakistani student
looking for us so you have to make sure that you are looking for international scholarships
only because most of the scholarships are not or international they are for local students
and this is our to find I personally god this international scholarship at that time it
was called international postgraduate award you can also get information about other things
in Australia like for example schooling if you ever school going kids you must have to
give them a school education that you done with school going there must walk to school
so if you have government scholarship then when I was doing this that all your school
fees were free if you get a government scholarship all your children fees may be so this is another
advantage of getting the scholarship otherwise you have to pay 8000 or 1000 dollars whatever
is the fees so I think this website is fantastic source of information. Now this is another Australian program and
I think this is the best and highest award in Australia which is the and Endeavour leadership
program and this program is on this website internationaleducation.gov.au this is for
international students so anybody can apply on this program and this has the highest amount
for a PhD are Masters Scholarships I am do exactly where programs and also the vocational
training so this is you and this is for emerging leaders order for the car lit as and D world
leadership program and if you are for example of working as Adina head of department in
a university and because they mostly they have already PhD and they don’t want another
PhD of course for this type of people the program is executive program and which is
a continuous professional development program and we can do some short courses professional
development courses in their own field of research and the other funding for Masters
and PhD and this is a very good fun day as you can see hear that not only that toucan
for you but also that stipend and some travel along send a lot of things as you can see
on this page I think every year by mid-November is there last date so you have to apply before
November every year and in February are some time their nose. So keep an eye on this website is the competitive
award not everybody can win this easy but if you have a good academic a call if you
have few publications are if you are at a good post you can you might be qualify you
for this exact evolve know.org so I think this website to use to call Newton’s list
as well so this is one of the leading website to which provides funding to Global scientists
and innovators fellowships grounds and training because I also belong to a scientist organisation
in when I was in Pakistan so I want to Twilight this website and this is this also provides
a global funding so not only the USA Street doors are us individuals budget funds to the
global community of scientists and innovative information for a while days on the left-hand
side you will see this very important league before you receive your reward and this is
the link you have to click fast and when you click on this link a PDF I will be opened
and is the most important information which you need if you ever want to get funding from
are you at Goldman and even if you are business out if your Institute is in Pakistan India
Bangladesh you can still get funding from US government but what you need to do for
that you have to get this d-u-n-s number so this is the date of universal number system
so this is a number you have to get from this website and he’s a gestation is absolutely
free you just have to put a while certain information about your Institute for example
if you have an Academy there if you have a college or University are a scientific is
two truths are you are designing some innovative products anything like that so you have to
registered for this DNS number for and this is a complete process you mention here that
go to this website you will find the link of the website then you enter the information
and there are certain other things you have to do so all that information is provided
here so if you re does not have this number so you can remember and then you are eligible
to apply for not coming back to our website on this website is also on the main page If
you go back to disappointing opportunities and on this page here so you can search for
different Technologies funding is available for example this nuclear security higher education
if you are a higher education Institute you can get funding and energy and energy sector
gets a lot of funding for example of what mono solar energy renewable energy What is
a policeman what mono solar energy renewable energy things These effectors you can get
funding and industry do at the end I will also show you some of the things hard to find
the recent projects on visit us, than others to to other sponsors are giving the phone
because you want to make sure that you know the latest State of the technology where you
stand and where is the technology going forward and what kind of funny you can get so if I
get to time in this video I may be in the next video I will I will show you some of
the latest projects where people have got phonics and their details what are the titles
of The Project what are the description of their projects what are their stories to all
of these information I will put in one of my videos and make sure you subscribe to my
channel and Hootabelle icon so you can get the notification whenever I posted a new video
so you can see that if you are stupid if you are or Novation falls into any of this category
that you need for ring you can apply for Aus Coleman funding just get your business number
and then apply for the phone me so this is a fantastic website and I hope that you guys
are smart know you will take from here no this is probably the most authorative website
in this video which I’m going to show you a grants.gov this is a us-based website and
whenever you go to any website to first thing you want to see the eligibility for the ground
whether you are eligible are not the starting point for this website would be on this second
table entrance and then second the grant eligibility contact as you can see hear that mostly this
these Grants are available for State or nation for government bodies of us but if you don’t
you can see hear that there is a component of the switches for an applicant and there
are certain requirements for for an applicant’s mostly text best requirements which you can
easily fulfill and just look at this and what you will be applying for are the individual
grounds so there are two kinds of grounds on this website one is organisational crowns
and one is individual crowns so for both of these Grants you have to click here on the
right hand side on register tab for first you click on register and then register as
an individual if you are a single person and if you are an organisation so I’m not sure
whether this gives ground to the four modernisations but if you are US based organisation you can
apply ground but in both cases weather individual our organisation you have to register first
sorry just on this website and then you nor do to search for Grant’s there are two wheels
fast is the keyword best search so just type any ING like for example education enter so
you will see all these grass which are available for Education Sector and if you click on any
of these pages you will go to the ground opportunity page and here you can see the details of the
groundwater that equipment so every Grant is different some ground owners grant as they
ask you to sign a contract for certain amount of publications for certain amount of design
patent our anything so separate website to deal with this type of technicalities are
photo handler Grant application and this will discuss in one of the future with you but
you can see some information here on this website on on this server Grant page second
method to researchers on the left-hand side the land grants and then Grant programs so
on the on this page also mention some of the other websites so this information is available
he took all these websites are in addition to what we are talking about in this videos
so you can go on this website and you can search on yourself if you’re looking for some
personal loans at for some personal Grande benefit so you can go on these websites and
look into these websites that what opportunities available so lot of information on this website
crash Targa very good website and another applicant is this applicant just click on
this so this will show you another page and on this page lot of information is available
or to get started how to apply for the ground send all the things and last thing I want
to show you about this website is there that this website contains some of the largest
sponsors in us and although sponsors to look on into their website you might get some and
that is a mention here if you go to learn drums and then grant-making agencies please
click on god making agencies so these are world’s largest sponsors so these are us best
sponsors and they’re not only us largest sponsor but maybe the world’s largest pencil these
guys all these websites you can visit their website and you can find some more opportunities
on this on their own websites for example us Department of energy is here so I think
that know you have a lot of information about finding websites and you can just look on
these and explore new fundings for your future projects know this is a website of us Department
of energy this website to you is to give you an idea of what is going on in the scientific
cutting-edge area so you can see some of the success stories of people airport funding
for their projects or on this website I would like to highlight only few things in programs
TAB if you go down here small business Innovation and transfer of Technology so if you click
on this link and then you go to this success stories so click on success stories so then
you will get a list of for projects who are able to get a fun day just read through these
projects and see that what is going on in the scientific community and for example nuclear
physics for example Lisa big funding for nuclear physics which is very rare to find know it
is because people say that Physics is too much in advance of Engineering so but this
website also has a lot of information for other users when the second thing I would
like to show you is in this news section scientific highlights if you click on Scientific highlights
these are some of the other highlights of different projects so as you can see that
there are a lot of pages so you can browse through all these as well and you can also
free dairy from here where to buy the program and here you can see that their lot of areas
so you can filter from here and you can see what is going on and what projects different
organisation and different people are getting funding for this website to give you an idea
what projects are going on for if you live in US you can use this website to get funding
and if you live outside us you can still get a lot of ideas from this website. So I hope that you find this video helpful,
if so please subscribe to my channel because that will help me to produce more of these
videos. Thanks for watching and see you next time.


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