5 *WEIRD* Products That Make $100,000 per MONTH

hey guys mark here with adventures in
e-commerce I just wanted to take a quick minute and put together a video for you
that’s a little bit out of the norm this video is the 5 weirdest things that I’ve
seen on Amazon that make over a hundred thousand dollars a month in sales it’s
just I don’t know it’s pretty crazy Amazon is a big part of what we do in
our enterprise and physical products online selling things of that nature so
I sat down I was using my Blackbird Suite software and I was doing some
product research for some projects that we have coming up so I just wanted to
show you guys what I found so you can see real quick in Blackbird I just did a
search for revenue with a minimum of $100,000 a month and if I come down here
to the bottom I come up with over 80 200 different items on Amazon that are
currently selling for over or making over a hundred thousand dollars a month
and I’ll get into it real quick but I thought this was interesting I’ll show
you this a little bit this gel memory foam 14 inch mattress is the highest
earning revenue product on Amazon right now 4.4 million dollars almost four and
a half million dollars in sales every single month for this memory foam
mattress yeah sure it’s 486 dollars so it’s a nice high price point price point
and but I thought I’d show you this this first one here is an anomaly and that’s
an incorrect figure but interesting nonetheless
now when I say five weirdest products I don’t mean things like the yodeling
pickle which is absolutely a weird product or this useless box useless
right I guess what I’m referring more to is weird items that you wouldn’t assume
that make over a hundred thousand dollars so here’s one another one that I
thought was interesting I did a video on this very product when we pull it up
back in if you go to my youtube channel and go to playlists here in this
products to sell line let me click on this and see here
I’ll pause this this was back in October of 2018 I did a video on finding
products let me see if I can see here yeah and I came up with this very same
product you can see right here and these are the reasons why I liked it it’s
brandable I can create other similar products like this can create bundles
and expandable product line so I thought that was interesting that I saw that and
let’s do a quick search using a MZ scout and see what they’re making every month
approximately one hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars a month is what
they’re making on this a little painless hair removal deal for women that’s crazy
that’s crazy anyways let me jump into the five I guess with that it makes six
but the five products that I found let me see here it is a bamboo cutting board
in the shape of Texas in the shape of Texas there must be a lot of Texans that
like to cut things up but here you can see it does thirty seven thirty eight
thousand dollars a month but then here same seller just a variant of that is
another one that does sixty four thousand so combined it does over a
hundred thousand dollars a month in selling Texas shaped cutting boards I
think that’s pretty crazy I have pulled up by the way I use Blackbird but I
pulled up this amz Scout I just downloaded the Chrome extension just to
kind of double check and double verify against Blackbird all of these tools
give a really good approximate amount of these metrics and it’s always nice to
kind of compare one against the other and it looks like these things are
playing pretty close to the numbers for each other but the second item on my
list of the weirdest things that make over $100,000 a month are these plastic
balls these are just some kids crush proof plastic balls in six bright colors
maybe that’s what puts it over the top but puts it over the top at a hundred
and seventy-one thousand dollars a month in sales I think that’s just insane to
me that plastic balls who knew right unless you’re doing the research for
your product to sell online who knew that plastic balls would be a
huge seller I certainly wouldn’t the next one on my list is a cat tree look
at this thing I did this for my buddy Steve Steve just loves cats on the
internet so I thought I’d put this in here for him and just a cat tree 62 inch
cat tree sells over a quarter million dollars worth of revenue a month for cat
trees so it just goes to show you that porn and cats are the two most popular
things online so here this is for the cat lovers the next on my list or the
stabilizer wheel stabilizers for trailers and things I don’t know this
just must be an inordinate amount of people out there that need to stop their
trailer from rolling I just wouldn’t have thought that this product was two
hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars a month that’s pretty crazy
is pretty crazy number to me for a pair of wheel stabilizers especially for a
product if you think about it that sells for 60 bucks $59 they must sell a
million of them I guess we could do the math but geez we must sell a million of
them and the last one on my list the last one on my list it might not be the
super weirdest thing you’ve ever seen but for what it is here’s a for an iPad
it’s a learning game for kids I was scrolling through and for something
along these lines I just can’t believe it it sells over a half a million
dollars a month in revenue five hundred and five almost five hundred and six
thousand dollars a month and just look at the simplicity of this product it’s
it’s not even it doesn’t even look like it’s an
electronic toy or anything it looks like it is just like a layover maybe it comes
with an app I don’t know but to me it’s just here it is Osmo genius kit well I
think that it’s genius that they came up with this and are
selling five hundred thousand dollars a month it just makes me want to rethink
the products that I’m researching and the product line that we’re going after
to expand and put on Amazon so there you have it there’s my top five things
taught and not top five but just weirdest things that I can find that
sell asterisk asterisk that sell over five hundred thousand dollars a month if
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