$50 at Korean Grocery Store! | Haul (Korean Snacks…😷….#uhm)

Today, I’m gonna show you guys how you grocery shop in Seoul at Lotte Mart and my Spending budget is around $50 just enough for two weeks. I’m trying to buy food for every day purposes I get hungry a lot Hello~ Okay so guys, I’m back from Lotte Mart and I spent only $30 even thought my budget was $50 So, here’s my curry- We got the medium (spice) one and then I got CHOCOPIE!!! cus it was only 1.98!!! and then I got some… rice cakes to make spicy rice cakes in the house in the dorm I mean i got some kimchi so, we could have some side dish main bag i got a huge bag of Seaweed so, we can have as a snack or to put on rice you know you can cook with it Pancakes 2 packs and it was only a dollarrrrrr 40 cents? SO CHEAP! Hopefully, it tastes yummy. It looks good We’re gonna heat it up and stuff I thought I would finally try this I haven’t tried this yet Everyone has basically tried it now I’m excited because supposedly it’s not too spicy so I can eat a lot of it For regular ramen To eat every day after class or something. I got the cheese ramen. I’m so excited~ I haven’t tried this yet either. I finally got some cheese sticks. I have never tried it before but I’ve always seen Actors and actresses eat it kdramas. I have a feeling it’s gonna be nasty. That’s why I bought only this small pack and then because I miss hot cheetohs so much- I got this I know it’s not gonna be spicy, but I also went to Daiso I got two of these pans, so I can film mukbang (eating shows) in Korea Handy-dandy table thingy that can be used to Film mukbangs, use it for my computer, eat breakfast in bed Yay, it was only five dollars Alright, that was my haul I only spent $30 I think I’m gonna do a proper grocery store video in the future. So hope you guys enjoyed it. Never mind guys I’m back because I want to show you guys my reaction to this Roomate: Can I try some? Yeah, come over here Why is it this color?! Why does it look like what is it? What’s that? Look called? Like that chips that you leave out Yeah, it looks really pale! It looks stale!! Cheers~ It feels like cheeto but tastes like cinnamon. I miss hot cheetohs T_T I will give this a 1 out of 5 stars. Cheetohs, can you please release regular ones in Korea I think Koreans will like it a lot But yeah, all right- BYE GUYS! I’m trying to do a Thumbnail right now Roomate: hey you can still listen


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