$50,000 Deposit?! | Apartment Hunting in Seoul

Today, I am going to start apartment hunting because I want to move to a Bigger space so that I can film at ease. I’m here with my mom Hi, Mom Yes, and then we’re going to go to the very first Budongsan (real estate office). Here is the first one we’re going to check out It’s Budongsan They have a bunch of options outside, but let’s see what it looks like For apartment? They actually only have one room left So we’re going to check it out and the deposit for this apartment is five thousand so Fifty thousand dollars and every month you’ll be paying a thousand dollars, so if you think about thousand dollars a month It’s not that expensive, but the deposit is just insane This is what it looks like~ Room one Bathroom one, oh there’s a bathtub! Room two And there’s a closet in here Nice. I think this is a shoe closet. Oh, this is- So nice! and this is the kitchen and the living room along with- a view This is room three and here is a balcony There’s also more storage space right here and then There’s another bathroom along with the vanity space and the bathroom Like that~ It’s super clean they just built this I think in February And this is the last room available. The reason why we are looking for a bigger apartment is because I want to have like an office or a uh, Filming room and then my brother is going to probably stay there and so is my mom So, we’re going to need a bigger space than where we’re staying now and Yeah, deposit is crazy high but it’s just something that is common in Korea. When I was living in Sungshin University, I remember the deposit being five thousand dollars and I paid 6 hundred dollars a month which was a very great deal, but you guys remember how small it was and- there were also- Like ten thousand dollar deposits with less than like nine hundred dollars every month, so it just depends on what you find We actually checked out two or three more apartments, but we couldn’t film because people were living there But I don’t think we’re going to sign with any of the ones in this area because it’s kind of expensive Mandu~ My mom’s not hungry, but after all that walking. I just need some food So we just stopped by and, I’m going to the skincare clinic afterwards to get my treatment as well as removing my gel nails [Music] All right guys. I am at Times Square now and before we go to the skincare clinic I need to go to Tiffany and Co. to pick up my bracelet I don’t know if you guys remember, but when I went to New York, I bought a bracelet from Tiffany’s But I didn’t show you guys, um it was because it was too big for my wrist So I had to come to a Tiffany’s store to get it readjusted, and I know this is really late But I had to go to California And it just was easier for me to drop it off here because I come to Times Square like every, every other week I feel like? I feel like every week almost, so that’s why I dropped it off here, went to California, and it’s the first- It’s like one of the first things I’m doing since I got back so let’s go pick it up, and I’ll show you which bracelet I bought at duty-free Oh I really like it! They put the leftover beads in here, and here’s what it looks like guys! And, we’re back! I’m going to remove my nails and get my acne treatment I just removed my nails and my toenails, and I’m going to let them rest and breathe for the next three weeks And then I’ll come back to do something summer-y but now it’s time to get my skincare treatment, so let’s change~ I’m going to pick some products up and look, they’re having a one plus one for the cocktail mist So I might pick that up too Alright guys, I picked up some Very Mom sheet masks, sunscreen as well as the cocktail mist And today during my treatment they were saying that I had like a allergic reaction, so they calmed it down And it’s looking very flat which I appreciate. Anyways I’m going to end the vlog here because I’m just gonna head home and eat dinner and- Probably get some work done So here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed my vlogs And I will see you all in tomorrow’s vlog. Have a great day! Goodbye~

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