59. Cruising the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Parbold to Wigan Pier by Narrowboat.

Hello. Hello we’re back from the
Ribble Link. After surviving the Ribble Link we’re back and we got to the end of the
Rufford yesterday and we turned….. Left! So now on the Leeds and Liverpool canal
heading east towards Wigan, it started raining after we got off the Rufford
pretty heavy. Got absolutely wet through. So we moored up just after the Ringer Bells Bridge which is Bridge 34 on the Leeds & Liverpool That’s where we spent last
night. It’s lovely and peaceful. Nice and quiet. But this morning we’re heading off
again we’re going to Parbold first of all, that’s about 40 minutes away from
here. We’re going to grab some essentials Shaun’s going to nip into the village and get some shopping. Got nothing left and then we’re gonna head out again to Appley
Bridge and I’ve seen a mooring a possible mooring on Google Maps just
after Appley Bridge. Not told me this. It looks lovely, it’s near a golf course and
there’s the River Douglas on what literally on one side of the canal and
then on the other side is the railway line. Trains all day. I could live next to
trains all day couldn’t you? Errr No (laughs) So gonna just check the weed hatch, check the engine oil and everything else and then we’re going to get off. You ready? No but we’ll go… YAYYYY! (Music Playing) (Greeting other boaters) Morning……. Morning Morning……. Morning Morning……. Morning (Cheers from the other boat)
YAYYYY Foxes Afloat! We’ve seen the vlogs on YouTube……. Love em.
Love it! We’ve had it two weeks.
You inspired us to buy the boat. (Gentle piano music playing) Ahhhh now I saw your video of going into Liverpool….. and of the Ribble Link…. Well done.
Cheers thank you thank you Thats the one I was telling you about…….. Silver Fox Oooooh we had Fish and Chips…. They were alright
We’ve got fish and chips from about how many places? About three or four. Since we
started cruising haven’t found one that’s like really nice yet. They’ve all been
rubbish. So give us your recommendations for canalside Fish and Chip shops along
the Leeds and Liverpool canal, drop them in the comments down below.
This is very leafy isn’t it? Very. We’re now in the Douglas Valley so we’ve got the
River Douglas albeit a very smaller narrower version than the one we came down the
other day on one side and we’ve got the railway on the other side this is Parbold hill,
really leafy nice quiet countryside, loads birds singing. It’s
chilly isn’t it. It is, I think it because we’re in the shade.
I think it’s gonna rain (Gentle piano music playing) This is Appley Lock. Just one 12 foot,
it’s quite a deep lock when we come into it and Shaun’s up there doing the paddles,
it’s a bit weird because we haven’t done any locks for that long it just felt a
bit weird coming into a lock, never mind a 12 foot one which is quite deep.
The next one is only about six foot so it’s not that bad and it’s just open the gate
paddles, so I can feel us get in a bit higher (Gentle piano jazz music playing) And here we are… Don’t know where (laughs)
We set off from just outside Rufford this morning, got into Parbold and
lovely place Parbold. Yeah really nice. I was quite surprised. When you come into
Parbold from the Rufford side you actually go over and aqueduct where you’ve got the River Douglas underneath the same River Douglas that we came down off the Ribble the other day.
And it’s quite hidden isn’t it. It is very hidden you don’t see it
from the canal and there’s like a little pathway from the canal side that goes down,
it’s quite steep you might have to be careful and it goes down and there’s
this magnificent kind of aqueduct bridge tunnel type thing and it’s worth walking
down it’s really nice to go and look at. Shaun nipped off to the shop, got some
Fish and Chips, popped to the chemist and then there’s the the Windlass Mill, is it?
I don’t know. It’s like an art gallery and cafe thing. Yeah something like that… But really nice, we could have stayed there all day and there’s some really lovely
cafes there as well. But onwards we went anyway, we went
past where the canal almost when it was originally surveyed took a different
route. Just as you come out of Parbold on the left-hand side you can see
where they started cutting for another line to go to Preston towards the south
of Preston and it never happened. So we went on anyway through Appley Bridge,
that’s quite nice. Yeah it’s quite nice there. There is a pub there that Shaun fancied
but we didn’t get chance. No we didn’t no. So through Appley Bridge
through Appley Lock. That’s quite, really nice round Appley Lock. It’s a
massive lock. Really nice area, and then you come out in towards Shevington
which is where we are now and just before Gathurst, so we just passed
the disused swingbridge number 45 and we’ve got the railway line on this side we’ve
got the River Douglas on this side. Just over the railway line if you look on
Google Maps its Gathurst Golf Club. So we’ve timed it perfectly.
Yes we have. The sun is just coming out. It’s a glorious spot. It is beautiful,
absolutely beautiful. I’m just waiting now for another three
boats to moor either side of us and leave their engines on all night.
It’s gonna happen…. It probably is. So we’re gonna settle down, we’re gonna have some, what we having for tea? Egg sandwich. We’re gonna have an egg sandwich maybe a bit of chocolate later and we’ll see you in the morning. (Gentle acoustic guitar Music) And it’s tomorrow. Already. (laughs)
Good morning it’s a nice morning, we had a bit of rain overnight.
It’s what about nine o’clock? ish! We’ve been up since about 6:00 but I’ve just
been for a run ten kilometers down the canal to see
what we’ve got coming today and then back again and just a breakfast.
Dillons moochin about behind us. Rolling in the wet grass. And this morning we’re
heading off from this lovely mooring. If we didn’t need food and water. We would be staying. Yeah we’d stay here a few days it’s just lovely, but we need to get some
food we need to call at the supermarket so we’re heading down towards Wigan
we’re going through Gathurst and then through Crook and we’re gonna moor
between locks 86 and 87, it’s just after the Wigan Pier……
That’s something to look forward to (laughs) It’s massive. You ready?
Yes….. Right off we go, come on. (Strumming guitar music playing) Oof! We’ve only done one lock (laughs)
Behind us is the railway line that goes through to Parbold and then above it is the M6
and it’s like really high. We just as we went into that lock which was Lock 95 might
be wrong and I’ve been Lock 90 or 62 . We’ll put it on the screen here.
As we went into it the people that we’re going up the Wigan Flight with… Ooops
spoiler for our next vlog (laughs), just happened to come by and get into the sameLock, so
we’re now following the same people that we’re going to be following all the way
up the Wigan Flight tomorrow or next week for you or the month after or
wherever we do this. Uh Ohhh treeeeeee! (Strumming guitar music playing) (Winding clanking sound) (Strumming guitar music playing) This… is Wigan Pier, you must have heard
of it the world-famous Wigan Pier. What do you reckon? This is not actually the
original, the original was demolished in 1929 This is a replica, when they were
redoing the area around Wigan they made a replica of this. So the original iron
work was just sold for scrap back in 1929 when they demolished it and
it used to be a wooden jetty coming out into the canal and the wagons with coal
would come down from Winstanley Colliery down this track hit the Tippler,
tipple over and dropped the coal into the barges which were then taken away.
I think it’s ace. And this….. is one of the original Pit Brow Lasses.
Groups of these used to sort the coal, they basically shake it to get all the stones and all
the rubbish out of it and they’d work 12-hour days Monday to Friday half days
on Saturday and it’s reckoned they had stronger muscles than the guys who used
to work in the collieries. She doesn’t look right happy does she? Some of the original buildings…..
could do with a bit of TLC but some of them have been,
The Gibson Warehouse which is an old Victorian cotton warehouse built around
1777 that was rebuilt in 1984 and it’s now the Orwell at Wigan Pier looks
quite nice you can see from the main road and then just across the main road
is another old cotton warehouse and that’s Trencherfield Mill that’s now
some luxury apartments. It’s looking quite nice. It’s bit noisy. It’s a city though isn’t it? We’ve staying here tonight, these are
actually quite nice they’re like bouncy pontoons. So there’s two
more looks to go 87 and 86 and then we’re at the bottom of the Wigan Flight
and we’re going to go up with another boat. We actually joined, there’s a group
on Facebook called the ‘Wigan Flight Crew’ so if you’re a single handed boater it’s
quite good because you can kind of buddy up with somebody and meet at the top
or the bottom and get some help going up and down, because the CRT volunteers are not always there. So we went on that Facebook group and
we’ve found somebody to buddy up with so meeting them at about 8 o’clock
tomorrow morning we’re starting when the gates open which is about half past
eight, it’s getting a bit breezy. It’s Windy! It’s so warm though, it’s 29 degrees in
the boat and it’s not really been sunny. Anyway….. that’s it for today, Shaun’s been to ASDA Loads of stuff. We’re
gonna fill up with water after we’ve had a shower tonight so we can get straight
up in the morning and the next time you see us we will have done the Wigan
Flight… We think… and be 4 kilos lighter (laughs) If you’ve enjoyed the vlog please
give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re not already, if you hit the little
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will let you know every time we release a new vlog, any comments or feedback or
questions just leave it down there Oooooh Biker… and we will see you next time
take care.. bye bye. and the coal would come down in tubs
from Winstan with. Arggghhh! and the steelwork… ironwork ironwork. Today we moored well last night well yesterday well I don’t know (laughs) yeah.
That horse sounds in pain did you hear That?
(makes horse sound) I’ve got no idea. Morning! and we turned left. That’s like on, what’s that program called where you go and live in Australia and you have to decide whether you’re gonna live
in England or Australia… Wanted Down Under that’s it we’ve actually used a
third of our battery just waiting for joggers and cyclists and dog walkers to
get off the towpath so we can film this bloody thing! Get a move on!
See the nervous twitch is still there. I’m not even gonna mention that.
God doesn’t want us to make this video today Take 99. and we’re in Parbold Hill.
No we’re not. Yes we are. Brightness!
Can hear a helicopter. Wonder if it’s Anneka Rice. (Gasps) Stop the Clock!
We’re between Appley Bridge and where’s the next place…. Wigan.
and Wigan… somewhere I’ve just realised I’m still a bit down you
actually look taller than me for once Yes! YAYYY!
where did we start? For his rash…. I am horsefly magnet this week for some reason.


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