6 Christmas Party Games You’ve Never Played Before

hello friends I have six Christmas party
games that everybody can play for you in today’s video. I have a playlist of a lot other
Christmas party games. I will pop them in the description box
down below if you want to search for even more. the first of December I have
my 12 days of Christmas games coming up that you’re gonna want to watch. if we
are just now meeting hi my name is Shawn. welcome to this channel. I do DIY party
ideas twice a week. let’s jump into today’s six Christmas party games. here
we go. for this first game you are going to need some fake snowballs and a cute
little bucket. this one says reindeer treats and I had to show you this. can
you hear this noise? I found these cotton snowballs in the target Dollar bin and
when you squish them they sound like you’re squishing real snow. I don’t know
how they did this. if you don’t have snowballs like this you can always use
cotton balls might work or even those dryer wool dryer balls. This first game is
snowball toss. divide your players up into teams of two. one person holds a
snowball the other player holds the bucket. the winner is determined by the
team that gets the most snow balls in their bucket. here you can see my husband
and I appear standing pretty close together so this was pretty easy. the age
of your players will determine how far apart you need players to stand. game
number two is called the elf command dance and I found this game idea on
the spruce dot com. I will link them down below. they have a lot of great ideas on
their website. turn on some Christmas music. have a one-person man the music
station and call out different actions to do. players will then have to act out
the action and then whenever the music stops they
have to stop. and whoever is still doing their action and not paying
attention is eliminated from the game. so this game is great game to play with large
groups of people as well as only two people. here my husband and I are just
dying and having a blast. watch just a little bit of what we did and I will
pop up on the screen what exactly the action was that we were trying to do. so
have fun watching this short little clip. Game number 3 is called snowed in. you are
going to need your snowballs or cotton balls for this, some plastic cups, some
tape, a sharpie. give each of your plastic cups a point value and tape it to your
table. here I just use painters tape. duct tape probably would have worked much
better. the cups would not have fallen over using duct tape but honestly our
table is brand new and I didn’t want to risk messing it up. the object of
the game is to toss snow balls into the cup for point values. so here it’s just
me but the more players you have again the more fun this is going to be. take
turns throwing snow balls in and tallying up the points and whoever has
the most points when the snow balls are finished is the winner. Game number four
is called a reindeer toss. I found this game on Amazon. had to have it. I’m coming
up with a review video so I’ll be able to share with you a little bit more
about this product and whether I think it is good quality or not in an upcoming
review video. toss these flying rings at each other and see who can get the most
rings on antlers. we had a lot of fun with this game and plus you look
ridiculous. before I talk about games
five and six, I would like to invite you to to subscribe to my channel and ring
that little bell to get notifications of when I upload. let’s talk about game
number five. game number five is called the cookie cutters maze. I did not
realize how many cookie cutters I had in my house. you’re just gonna spread them
out on your table and each player will take turns blowing a ping-pong ball
through the maze you have created. set a timer and get like a stopwatch and time
the person to see how fast they can blow their ping pong ball through the maze.
and number six is the cookie cutter stack so using those same cookie cutters
depending on how many players you have you are going to need a lot of cookie
cutters. gather participants around your table. set a bunch of cookie cutters
in the middle of your table and see who can stack their cookie cutters up the
highest in one minute is the winner. I’m gonna pop a playlist right here of a
lot more Christmas games if you want some more ideas and go check it out. and
I will see you in my next video. thanks for watching. bye


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