6 Fun Cooking Tricks

1: Colored Pasta
Okay, start by taking some pasta and add it into some boiling water with salt and olive
oil, then like you do, cook it and separate it out. Once you’ve removed the water, you
take a little bit of the pasta and add it into a bowl, just like this. Then you take
some food coloring, in this case red and dip your fork into and then evenly mix it through
the pasta until it’s all one uniform color, in this case red. Then proceed to do that
with more colors like green, purple, pink, blue, and yellow.
Then once you’ve done it with all the colors you’ve got access to then get a big bowl
and add all the colors back in, this is the red pasta, green, some purple, some yellow,
a pink and a blue, then just mix this together and you’ve got beautiful rainbow colored
pasta. You can reheat this in the microwave and add some hot sauce on it and you’re
good to go – enjoy! 2: Ice Cream Cookies
Alright, you take your ice cream tub, in this case Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and cut
straight through it. You just want to cut a disk about one inch thick, that’s two
and a half centimeters, just like this and then you just want to take your disk and take
a chocolate chip cookie. This one is chocolate with chocolate chip and just place it in the
middle like this, and then put your cookie on top. Then you find the seal and you just
peel it off, you peel the cardboard all the way around away from your ice cream. Now just
press it in a little bit, there we go we’ve got a chocolate chip ice cream cookie. Awesome!
I’m just going to cut this in half so you guys can see better, look at that, perfect
and delicious! 3: Egg Bottle
There are many ways to separate egg yolks. To start with you can just crack and egg open
and then use the shells to separate the egg yolk by moving it from shell to shell. Or
on the right you can just do it with your hands and then just pop the egg over there.
Either way works great, but there is a better way and more fun way. For this you just crack
your egg into a bowl like this then you get an empty bottle of water, squeeze, suck it
up and then just remove it from the bowl and then you just plop it wherever you want it.
There you go, easy-peasy! 4: Egg Cooking Trick
Okay for this next trick you take a red bell pepper and just slice a ring into it two centimeters
thick that’s 4/5 of an inch and then remove the center cartilage. Then place it into a
pan with some butter and simply crack and egg and place it into the center of your red
bell pepper ring. You can also do the same with a green bell pepper ring, just again
crack the egg inside, and you can also do the same with an onion ring just crack your
egg in the center. Then you cook it like you normally would, a sunny side up egg, but this
way you have a much more interesting way and intriguing way to serve up your breakfast.
5: Yogurt Ice Cream Now for this trick you take some yogurt, mine
has got some jam in the bottom and you just pop the spoon straight through the lid and
then mix it, just like so. Then once you’ve done that you are just going to want to put
this into the freezer to freeze and become nice and hard. You can do it any flavor you
want and have any flavor yogurt ice cream you want.
Once it’s frozen like this you just take a knife and make an incision on the bottom
so air can come into the bottom when you pull it out and it’s easier to remove. Then remove
the top film from your yogurt, then you simply just pull it out just like so and then you’ve
got this delicious yogurt ice cream that you can give to someone you care about – in
this case, my cousin. Cousin: Mm, it’s really nice!
6: Egg Heart Now to make an egg heart, you take a cardboard
piece like this in a V-shape and you place a boiled peeled egg in the middle just like
so then put a chopstick on top and then tie down each end with an elastic band just putting
it around there and twisting it – there we go. Do the same on the other side, just
like that, and now leave it in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes to rest and become firm.
This is after 20 to 30 minutes, just pull it out put it on your cutting board and cut
it in the middle, just like so, and low and behold you’ve got a beautiful egg heart
that you can add to salads or your breakfast. Please subscribe and don’t forget to check
out my other cooking tricks video. Thank you for watching, goodbye!


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