62. The Cow in Foulridge Tunnel! Taking Narrowboat Silver Fox to Yorkshire.

Good morning. Morning! It’s quite early,
7:30 we’re just outside Reedley Marina on the Leeds and Liverpool canal, we’ve
done probably 40 miles in three days. Yes. We whisked through Blackburn and through Burnley.
Don’t want to be there. No. Weed and the litter in the canal, terrible.
Today we’re moving forward we’re going to pass the mills
Brierfield we’re going to stop off at Nelson and grab some shopping at the
supermarket, there’s a marine right next to the supermarket, from there we’re
going to climb another 70 feet up the Barrowford Locks, seven locks there.
Then we’re going to bury ourselves under the countryside’s and go through the mile
long the Foulridge Tunnel. That will bring us out very very close to the Yorkshire border. Home! (laughs) It used to be home. Well it used to be yeah. This is home now.
So everything’s done, weed hatch is clear, engine checks have been done.
Dillon is jacketed up and ready and we’re ready for off [Music playing] So the last bridge we went through,
Bridge 137 also known as Lob Lane Bridge [Laughing] So many innuendos.
I don’t see what’s funny about that. Apparently Lob Lane is in reference to
Road Bowling and Cobble Hurling, which according to the book it was pretty
popular in the 19th century round here. I have no idea what Cobble hurling is.
I can imagine what Road Bowling is. Bowling in the road, Oh all the cars. Cobble Hurling.
In the 19th century [laughs] Cobble coming through. So if you have any idea what
Cobble Hurling is drop us a comment down below Lob Lane Bridge, that’s my favourite bridge so far, Lob Lane. Stop Saying it.
Lob Lob Lob [laughing] [Music playing] It’s really weird, between Reedley Marina
just after Burnley and Nelson, because you kind of get these little windy
pieces of canal that look out over towards Pendle Hill on one side and then
on the right-hand side got this kind of selection of old Victorian architecture
from kinda landowners houses that have been redeveloped and are just lovely,
you’d look to live there and then these not giant mills not the type of mills
you see in places like Bradford and Liverpool, but these quite big Mills from
Victorian days and then it just opens out again into countryside.
So just left Brierfield and it’s just about to head into Nelson. [Music playing] We’re in Nelson and this is another one of
these old Wharf mill houses and it’s the same, it’s like a cousin of the ones that
are built in Burnley and Blackburn this one’s a brick built one though.
I think it’s ace how they kind of regenerating them and turning them into flats and
offices and keeping it going, looks cool. [Music playing] Just after Bridge 141a in Nelson, just
behind that white bridge there is this really convenient mooring. It looks like
the ducks live on it, there’s quite a bit of mess on it but it, is convenient it’s an
offside mooring, there’s bollards there’s a locked gate, you have to use an anti- vandal
key to get out of it, but just across the way there is Morrison’s.
Literally like 30 seconds walk away from the boat so you can secure your boat and
just walk across and get some shopping. When you’re passing through places like
Burnley and Blackburn and a lot of the old industrial towns across the north of
England and the Midlands, it’s easy to forget that the canals were build
because of the developing industry back in seventeen eighteen hundreds and it’s easy to forget that, there’s an
old saying. Where there’s muck there’s brass. and so it can’t all be nice countryside
views and out in the middle of nowhere. That’s just away from getting from A to B.
The reality of it was the canals were built because of Industry.
It’s quite interesting when you start to research it [Music playing] Well that’s the Barrowford Locks done.
Oh sorry, for our Southern friends, The Barrow Ford Locks [laughs] are now
completed. So we’re now another 70 feet up than where we were at half past 7 this morning
and this is where it starts to get nice this is where you can see it really
starts to open up. So got about another mile and a little bit and then we’ve
got the Foulridge Tunnel. [Music playing] Bridge 146. Also know as Foulridge Tunnel or
‘Foal’ ridge Tunnel I’m led to believe they prefer it to be pronounced. It’s a
mile long and we have been through it a few times but we’re going through it
again today. I like Foulridge Tunnel because there’s this brilliant story. We’re on the
Barrowford end, the portal of it and a hundred and seven years ago Robin Brown
used to own Blue Slate Farm just up over there and he had a cow called Buttercup,
now Buttercup had been chewing the cud all day in the field and got a bit
thirsty, so she came down here to get a drink out of the canal. Tumbled in and
she couldn’t get back out and the saying is that she swam the whole length of the
mile of Foulridge Tunnel and was pulled out at the other end taken to a nearby pub
and revived with near a full bottle of brandy [laughs] It’s local legend I don’t know how
true that is. So we’re just waiting for the lights to turn green. Every half an
hour for 10 minutes on the hour and on the half hour the lights at each side
turn green, takes about 20 minutes to get through and we arrive literally five
minutes after the turn red again so we’ve got about 45 minutes to wait.
So Shaun’s cracked open the cake and we got a coffee not quite a brandy though is it. [Music playing] Nervous?? No… you know me. So the question
is will the bow get under the barrier with the kayak on the roof….. I think
we’re gonna be all right Shaun what do you think? Yeah it is gonna fit.
It is he gonna fit isn’t it? [Music playing] What do you reckon then? Foulridge
Tunnel, a mile long, I am getting dripped on. The things I do for you and these
vlogs, I’m getting absolutely soaked. I’m loving like this stalactite and all the
lime that has kind of built up on the top of the tunnel, it’s really nice it’s
like some alien landscape when you look at it. [Music playing] And we can just see Narrowboat Bagpuss
still in the tunnel. [Music playing] Can you smell that? I can smell Yorkshire
It’s Yorkshire! [Music playing] What a day, it’s been a long day,
it’s been good though. We started at Barrowford Locks this morning about eight o’clock and just perfect timing ran into to Garry and Dawn on Narrowboat Bagpuss.
It’s Bickerstaff Number One. Number One all refurbished. It looks lovely, colours
gorgeous. So we noticed them going into the lock and we kind of run behind them and like Woaaah! and we shared all the Barrowford Locks up to the top with them. You alright
Dillon. Then onto Foulridge Tunnel that’s not changed has it in two, three
hundred years. No no it’s still dark and damp. A little bit wet. There’s a lovely cafe on the
east and portal of it Cargo Cafe or Cafe Cargo. Nice Ice
Cream in there. But just watch out for the tour boat when it’s turning around
because it threw a load of water into some poor narrowboats engine vent. Yeah.
That wasn’t good was it? No not nice… slow and steady skipper! So after that it was on across the
Yorkshire Lancashire border into Yorkshire but it’s a bit weird because kind
of the boundary changes about forty years ago means that you cross over into
Yorkshire on the canal but yet the next town you get to is still classed
Lancashire… Something do with Ted Heath. Bizarre! Weird! But here we are in Yorkshire and
the sun’s just trying to come out It is alright it is nice and it is nice
to be back in Yorkshire isn’t it. Yes it is. So next time you see us, we’re
gonna be heading towards Greenberfield and that is I think the start of the most
scenic part of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal It’s stunning. From Greenberfield locks down towards East Marton and then
around to Bank Newton. Gorgeous. I’m gonna try and capture it the best I can
for you you. He will. But for now we’re all hungry aren’t we? You are aren’t you Dillon?
Lets wipe your face. We’re gonna go and have our tea, our dinner. Do you want your dinner?
He’s not bothered is he? Not bothered. We’re gonna have our dinner anyway.
Have a shower, chill, Shaun’s gonna have a bottle of wine. I might crack open
a whole nut [laughs] Whole nut chocolate, I’ll be drunk. So if
you’ve liked the vlog please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you’re not
already and if you hit the bell YouTube will let you know every time we release
a brand new vlog which is when? When is it Dillon? Friday 4 o’clock.
Any comments or questions or feedback leave it down below.Wwe are going for our tea we will see you next time take care. See ya later….. bye [Music playing Top you want to do it again? Yeah…. take two take two…. Traiiin!!! so he just left Brierley not Brierley [laughs] so just left….. Brierfield. [laughs] If there’s somebody no…… errrrrr handcuff key just across………. it’s this brilliant [sighs]
Right…. got to go now cos the cameras gonna get tipped over by a tree…… TREEEEEEEE! got cold front moving in from the West….
Hold on….shopping trolleys and Shaun’s only got a little splash on
his eye [Music playing


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