67. Oxford Canal to Napton on the Hill where I try some burgers

{Natural water sounds} Just moored up round the corner there. It was a really, really nice mooring spot.
Extremely quiet at night, very dark. I was able to get the car on the bridge virtually
and we’re really close to Daventry and Rugby here. It was a short journey down to Braunston where
the northern part of the Oxford Canal meets the Grand Union. We headed west along the Grand Union just
north of the village of Flecknoe. There were some very straight
and long stretches here. At Napton Junction the Grand Union continues
to the north west but we were heading south west, and back on the Oxford Canal. Spanning around a steep hill we stopped for
water at the Napton Bottom Lock. In the last episode I asked for your thoughts
on these patterns in the fields along this canal. Well I received so many comments from people
all over the world. The overriding reason was ridge and furrow. The ridges are visible on the land that was
ploughed in the middle-ages but which has not been ploughed since then. The ridges and furrows are simply a result
of ploughing with non-reversing ploughs on the same strip of land each year. At Braunston I filled up with water and disposed
of my rubbish. Oh and I also got stuck in the elsan hut after
the wind blew the door shut! Thanks, Tom, for letting me out. At Napton Junction you can go one of four
ways. To the right up the Grand Union, to the left
into Wigrams Turn Marina or straight ahead, as we were, onto the southern section of the
Oxford Canal. {Music} Well I’m now at Napton on the Hill on the
Oxford Canal. I moored up here a couple of days ago and
got some water and whilst I was here a viewer called Nigel Box from his narrowboat Gypsy
Lou. He popped over to say hello and he said, you’ve
got to try the buffalo burgers and sausages from in the village shop up in the village
of Napton on the Hill. {Music} After walking up the hill, we found the very
well stocked village shop and purchased some of the recommended buffalo burgers and sausages. {Music} These are the Napton water buffalo that, during
the summer months graze along the canals edge here. There are 300 in total and not only provide
the meat for the steaks, burgers and sausages but also milk as well as mozzarella for supermarkets
like Waitrose. Spanning some 250 acres of Warwickshire farmland
they are milking 150 buffalo and they’re quite happy to calf themselves. This one is less than 12 hours old, and is
easily standing. There are nurseries of buffalo of all ages
here and the curious, wide-eyed animals are native across most of Asia. Along the Oxford Canal however,
they are an interesting sight! I’ve included a link to the farm and where
you can buy the burgers in the description below. When I travelled through Beeston towards Nottingham
last summer, I was asked to place this rock somewhere on my travels. The hobby of stone painting has become a bit
of a craze with social media detailing how far and wide these coloured stones can travel. This one has been painted by Nancy from Spondon
in Derby and just like in Beeston, it’s now my job to hide it for someone else to
find and take it on their travels. Look up Spondon Rocks on FaceBook for more
information. As I travelled up through lock nine, I was
a bit annoyed with how the lock sides have been replaced. I’m not sure if this is a temporary install
but the replacement of the top coping stones with breeze blocks is not really in keeping with
the other locks. Let me know, if you
think this is a good job or not! In the next episode I learn a new trick when
tapping holes in metal for bolts. I get to work installing rope fairleads on
the bow and continue down the Oxford canal. Until next time, see ya later.


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