$6831 in 1 Month ($227/day) with Affiliate Marketing | Tyler Horvath

what’s up YouTubers, Tyler Horvath here
and in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how I was able to make almost
$7000 in one single month with affiliate marketing so first things first make
sure you hit the subscribe button below , like this video and make sure you
watch to the very end because I have a really important bonus tip at the end of
the video that will really help you generate more sales and more Commission
with affiliate marketing so let’s get started and head to the computer so I’m
gonna show you exactly how I was able to generate this much revenue income with
max bounty so max bounty is a affiliate Network where you can create an account
for free and you can mark it or promote different products services offers all
on this this platform so signing up is really easy just go to an affiliate and
then click become an affiliate and you’ll sign up with all this information
here and then once you sign in you’ll be on this dashboard here where you can
look for your offers so there are a few different ways to get paid with max
bounty you can get paid per lead or some of them are percentage of the sale the
way that we are going to be doing it this time you don’t want to do the
percentage of the sale you want a flat rate because we want to know exactly how
much we’re gonna get per sale so that way we can you know find an optimal
Google Ads keyword that converts at lower than that
lead price so basically what we’re gonna do is we are going to find and offer
here that we could potentially create a Google ad for and we are going to simply
send people to a landing page from the Google ad and then we’re going to send
that landing page to our actual affiliate link so pretty easy you don’t
even need a website but you will need Unbounce which I’ll go over in a little
bit but first let’s get a little deeper into max bounty so at the top here you
have all of your earnings so here is this month July 1st to July
31st you can see I made 6,831 and that was from a few different affiliates so I
will show you exactly how I was able to generate this much income in this one
month with just using Google Ads so let’s first look at how to find a good
offer so that’s a really important factor with affiliate marketing like
this you want to find a good offer that’s in the right price range that has
a good amount of traffic to its keywords that we can you know add Google Ads for
and promote them so you know these ones that are 275 per lead those aren’t going
to work because Google Ads you know the average price you’re gonna be paying per
click is 1 $2 so you need something you know around the $50 range or even higher
than that’s better so let’s find an offer here that will
pay us out good so a lot of the keto diet stuff is really high paying also
some of these you know simple supplements those pay really well but
you’re gonna find a lot of competition in Google Ads so you’re gonna be paying
a lot for click but we’re gonna look at how to find ones that have a low CPC
that we can bid on and get a number of clicks pushed through to that affiliate
link and hopefully get some some orders so sometimes it’s good to just use the
list view this way you can see like the EPC and the CPA right and all that right
there so let’s look at one so here’s one
that’s 96 so this one’s good as 96 dollars per lead and a 50 cent EPC so
EPC is earnings per click that is the average revenue that you get per click
for all of the people that you send to this affiliate or all the people that
are sending you know traffic to this affiliate on average they’re paying
they’re getting 50 cents per every user they send to this affiliate so let’s
check out this page so they’ll tell you the allowed type of
traffic’s you want to make sure that search is allowed some of them don’t
allow search so since we’re using Google Ads to promote these we will definitely
want you know this allowed traffic type to be searched and then we’re gonna be
getting ninety six dollars per lead so every person that fills out the
application on this page and goes through this process here we will get
ninety six dollars so pretty awesome you know if you can just sell one a day
you’re making a really good you know passive monthly income so let’s look at
how to promote this offer so first we’re going to have to build a landing page so
I use unbalanced it’s really great for building landing pages I’ve been using
it for work you know a couple years now and I can build landing pages within
minutes that are really highly converting and you know provide some
really great leads so the pricing for Unbounce it starts at $80 but it can go
up to like four hundred dollars so I’ll put a link below if you want to get a
free trial let’s check it out and basically what you’re gonna do is you’re
going to log in and create a new landing page now they have a ton of templates
that you can use to create a landing page so we’re gonna look at
click-through because we’re just gonna be having people land on this page and
then having them click through to the affiliate site so we’re doing a personal
loan so let’s look at let’s look at some of these templates here and you can
always change them and customize them it’s really easy to do so let’s just
start with this one it’s pretty simple I mean it is called
simple so and then let’s click start with this template and now we’re gonna
have to edit it to match the landing page of our offer here so you know they
don’t really have a great logo but you know we can save that logo and then save
this background image here and you know we can even use these three things to
add to our landing page you can basically just copy you know
their content and add it to your landing page you know this isn’t gonna be
ranking for SEO or anything like that so you know add the logo instead of this
one and then you know customize the call to action it’s really important part
about your landing page is you know customizing these call to actions and
making them really really demise so that they convert really well so let’s change
this to get a personal loan up to fifty thousand and then we’ll say apply below
for free and see if you qualify something like that and then our call to
action will go to our affiliate page URL but we don’t need to add anything right
here yet because we’re not gonna be technically sending them straight
through the affiliate link we’re gonna be tracking that affiliate link so that
we can see conversions and see those conversions in Google Ads so that we
know exactly which keywords are providing the conversions and how much
we’re spending on those conversions – or how much you know we’re spending on
those ads to get those conversions so once your page is done you’re gonna
click Save and now you need to either add a domain so that it is on a certain
URL a subdomain like go dot your website com or you can simply use Unbounce –is
URLs they’ll have a public URL for you so you can click Change URL and go down
to Unbounce and then you’re gonna have to add a custom URL because if there’s
one that’s taken already you won’t be able to use it since you know multiple
people are gonna be using these URLs and it’s all on the public domain so let’s
call this one personal loans to go that might be taken nope and then now you can
see that our landing page URL is unbalanced pages com slash personal
homes to go so let’s click publish and publish that page and now we already
have a landing page that we can use in Google
to send pay traffic to and send them to our affiliate link so let’s check out
the page so you got that and call to action and then obviously you’d want to
update all this with actual information you know you can make basically pull it
from the the affiliate products site it’s all on there and you can just
simply use that stuff and so once you have your Unbounce URL you can start
advertising in Google Ads so go to ads google comm and create an account and
then you’ll be brought to this page where you can create a campaign so let’s
just go to new campaign and you don’t really need to do any gold guidance yet
here eventually we’re going to be doing conversions but first we need to send
some traffic and see what converts and get some conversion data so that
google’s algorithm can kind of take care of the rest so let’s just do search for
now and then continue and all of this can be changed later so if you want to
go back and edit settings that’s fine you can always do that at any time so
now we have to create our campaign so let’s just call it personal loans and
the search and display is fine for now United States so you want to make sure
that the country that you’re targeting is allowed so it will show you right
here on this page on the on the detail page of the affiliate offer what
countries are allowed so United States is the only one allowed so that is the
only country that will have their and then we’ll just set at twenty dollar
budget for now to start and do our bidding on clicks so we’re not gonna set
the maximum cost-per-click either just so we can get an idea of what the CPC’s
are when it starts going and then we’ll click Save and continue to create the ad
group here so how you want to set this up is you want to have all of the
different keyword or phrase variations as an ad group so you know personal loan
would be an ad group and then in that ad group you would have you know personal
loans for cars personal loans for you know look like home
you know that sort of thing so that it matches that same phrase and you can
target that exact phrase in Google Ads and it can be very targeted and that’s
how you get really high conversion so let’s start off with just personal loans
and then we’ll do so you want to do either exact match or phrase match
keywords so that you don’t spend on any extra keywords that you know you might
not want to choose if you’re just putting keyword like personal loans
Google’s gonna pick all sorts of different keywords that it thinks is the
same as personal loans so you want to be more in control of your campaign so if
you put brackets around it like this then it will only show up your ad will
only show up if someone searches for only personal loans so no other keywords
you science personal loans and then the phrase match is it means if someone
searches for personal loans exactly plus another keyword like if they search for
personal loans or cars or personal loans from boats or whatever it may be it
would show the ad as well so let’s start with just these two and then let’s
create our ad now so we’re gonna copy the URL of our Unbounce page and add
that in the final URL of the ad and now we have to create a really compelling ad
the better that your ad is the higher that they click through it you’re gonna
get the CTR and the cheaper you’re gonna pay per click and the more Google is
gonna show your ad to people so it’s really important to have you know a
highly targeted ad so let’s say personal loans online and let’s give them as much
information upfront as possible so that each person that is clicking on it knows
exactly what they’re getting into and will result in higher conversion so
let’s say apply online for free gloves up to fifty thousand dollars and then
we’ll have to write a description as well so let’s just say apply online to
see a personal loan for boats homes automobiles and more and then we’re
going to click save and continue and continue to campaign and now it’s gonna
take a while for your ad to get going Google is going to you know look at ad
to make sure it complies with everything and once your ad is approved you can go
to add an extension here and you can see the status of your ad and once it’s
approved then it will start running and sending traffic and you can start
sending traffic to your page and creating conversions so now what we want
to do is we want to be able to track the conversions so that we can see in Google
in Google AdWords here we can see you know which keyword converted if it was
personal loans or this one and then we can see the cost per conversion and we
can keep that under the you know cost that we receive per lead and we should
generate a profit so now we’re going to set up a tracking tool so that we can
track all the conversions that come in and export them and import them into
Google Ads so I use red track I’ve also used volume
both are really good and really similar but I’ve recently be using been using
red track it’s a lot cheaper than volume and it basically does exactly the same
thing so the first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to go to
offers and create a new offer so the offer is basically just your affiliate
offer so this is gonna be the link that we build here so let’s go back to our
Mac’s bounty page and click build tracking link and we’re gonna choose
search and then search and now you have to select that creative and now we’re
going to copy this link and this is gonna be our offer URL so let’s paste
this into our offer URL here and we’re gonna have to add one more thing so
there is a thing that comes along with every single click to your website from
Google Ads called a GL ID which is the Google click ID so to pass this along to
the conversion tool here the conversion tracking tool and know which click came
for which conversion it has to track the click ID so we need to add
click ID here so we’re going to add and s2 equals click ID so that way you know
this system can track when these click ideas come in or when conversions come
on come in and which click idea was and it can an attribute that to that certain
keyword so that will also give us a postback URL here so this is the URL
that we’re gonna put back into max bounty to tell us when this conversion
happens so you’re gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom here and you’re
gonna go to URL and then paste that URL right in there and click Save pixel so
that way whenever a conversion comes in max bounty is gonna call this URL with
all of those details and it is going to run through our tracking machine and
we’re gonna put the payout in there which was 96 dollars so we’re gonna put
96 and then let’s give it a name so it was get funds quickly payday loans personal I’m sorry
and then in max bounty and we’re not gonna track clicks cuz we can see
conversions in Google Ads so we can basically just track everything in there
so now we’re gonna click Save and we’re not done yet
we still need to create a campaign so go to campaigns click create a new campaign
and then we’re gonna call this personal loans us a source is gonna be from
Google Ads and then if you’ve set up a tracking
domain you can use that domain as well and then we are going to select our
offer here pay they are the personal loans and then we’re gonna click Save
and now that will generate us a click URL so this will be the actual affiliate
link that we’re going to send people through so that it can track the
click-through and the conversion as well so copy the click URL and now finally we
can go back to our affiliate page or our landing page here and click Edit and we
can add this click this affiliate URL to our but
so now we can paste the URL in here click enter and then add the one down
here as well click enter and now we can choose a goal here so we can track our
click-through rates in Unbounce so select the link that you’ve added there
and click Save and then now we can see actual clicks to the affiliate page in
Unbounce so that we can maybe test different pages so you can create
another page with a different design that has you know the same text and the
same links and you can see the conversion rate of those pages and how
many people click them and you know and compare you know which ones are the best
so here’s an example of some of our affiliate pages here so you can see
we’ve had some 56% click-through rate 56 49:21 so it’s a good way to track you
know which pages are performing the best so that is how I was able to generate
almost $7000 in one month with Mac’s bounty and Google ads and no website I
hope this video helps you on how to learn how to make money online with
Mac’s body if you have any questions please comment below and be sure to
subscribe to my channel and hit the bell as I’m always putting out new content on
how to make money online thanks and I’ll see you next time

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