7 BEST Affiliate Programs for YouTube 💥

Some YouTubers don’t believe that its possible
to make money with affiliate marketing. That’s not the case. You need to know the best affiliate programs
for youtube and promote targeted products, related to your YouTube channel to succeed. I just spend about 2 hours a week on this. There are hundreds of different affiliate
programs out there, so this video I share 7 best affiliate programs for youtubers . The first one is called PointsPrizes. The link is in the description. What’s different about this affiliate program
is that they pay you for traffic. So no one needs to buy anything from you,
for you to get money ! If you direct your viewers, with your referral link, PointsPrizes
will pay you, simply for directing them over there. They can pay 10 times the amount other affiliate
programs can. As a plus, you’ll also be able to offer free
gift cards to your YouTube audience. CLICKBANKOne of the big advantages of ClickBank
is that you don’t need approval to join or run offers. You can promote physical and digital offers,
in a wide range of niches. You simply need to signup, choose a product
to promote and get the affiliate link. I have created tutorial on how to find profitable
product with Clickbank a few weeks ago. I will leave the link below if you haven’t
see it already.The 3rd best affiliate programs for youtubers is
Target’s affiliate program is fairly new to the market, and only features up to 8% commission,
which turns some people away but considering targets huge range of products and itst popularity
as a store, it’s worthwhile signing up to their affiliate program, especially if you’re
planning any “Target Haul” videos in the future. One of the main appeals of the target affiliate
programs is it’s ability to track your links. Target does a great job of keeping tabs on
your links for a full week, meaning that you’re much more likely to earn commission for your
links. Maxbounty is the number one affiliate network
in the world, according to surveys from mThink Blue Book. They have hundreds of Cost per action offers
that YouTubers can promote. Unlike the offers most other affiliate networks
run, you don’t need to get your visitors to make a purchase to get a commission. You can earn money if they take other actions,
such as creating free accounts, joining an email list or requesting a quote. Since they are easier to convert, you can
earn a more consistent stream of income with them. Similar to the video I created for clickbank
I will create a future video for MAXBOUNTY as well. If that’s something you are interested in,
click the subscribe button, so you don’t miss out when that video is uploaded. JVZoo
If you love instant affiliate payout, JVZoo is the right place to promote affiliate products. They have some best affiliate money making
programs. JVZoo offers instant affiliate commissions,
and you can find digital products or services for many categories. Many popular internet marketers have chosen
JVZoo for selling their products so you can find plenty of excellent products on JVZoo
The 6th affiliate programs for youtubers is Commission Junction
Another popular affiliate network is Commission Junction. You can find high paying leads programs, to
pay per sale program. You can find plenty of web hosting affiliate
programs on CJ which pay AROUND $100 per sale or more. That said, CJ affiliate is not restricted
to hosting. You can find affiliate programs for wide range
of categories. CJ affiliate also offers direct deposit payment,
in many countries. And this list of affiliate programs for youtubers
will not be complete if I don’t mention Amazon!Amazon is the staple affiliate program for any youtuber,
and generally the first one every new youtuber with any traction signs up for. It’s super easy and free to join, and requires
little to no approval. You can then choose for yourself from the
amazon database what products to advertise to your audience and then earn up to 10% in
advertising fees. A lot of youtubers put Amazon affiliate links
in for their camera and setup equipment, as well as any makeup, clothes or gadgets they
may be wearing in the video, without ever having to mention the products themselves. There is also the youtube amazon affiliate
program which I created a previous video on. The link is in the description if you haven’t
watched it yet. These are best affiliate programs for beginner
youtubers as well. When done correctly, YouTube affiliate marketing
can be a great way to make a bit of extra money off of your channel.


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