7 TOP AFFILIATE OFFERS TO PROMOTE (high converting/high paying)

in this video I’m gonna share with you
my seven top affiliate offers that I like to promote my name is Rachel Leslie
and on this channel I share all about making money with passive income making
money online growing your multiple streams of income I’ve promoted a lot of
different affiliate offers and these happen to be ones that are very
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turn on the notifications and let’s get into the video so the first thing that
you can promote as an affiliate is Amazon I know a lot of people maybe talk
about Amazon and how the Commission’s are kind of low but the thing with
promoting an Amazon affiliate link is let’s say you’re promoting a pillow
that’s ten dollars and you’ll only make a very small Commission but if people
add more things to their Amazon cart you will also make Commission’s off that so
Amazon is a great way to just pick anything that you like and get affiliate
links for it you can also promote digital things through Amazon such as
audible but that kind of takes me into my second favorite affiliate offer to
promote which is a website called Scribd and that is also an audiobook company
and I like them more than audible and they
better than audible you can make book reviews share things the best learning
is about your favorite books and get people to just get off free trials for
Scribd and then you make an affiliate Commission even when people sign up for
a free trial my third favorite affiliate offer to
promote is called click magic it is a link tracking software that’s very
popular for other affiliate marketers so since I deal with affiliate marketers
all day long I’m talking to them all day long
helping you guys on YouTube and in my trainings I always suggest getting click
magic it’s instead of getting bitly or a Google tracking code click magic is or
like professional affiliate marketers that really want to get good at their
tracking and masking links and they pay good – I’m getting paid from magic every
day that we’re getting commissions from it my fourth favorite affiliate offer to
promote is you see me solo ads a lot of the affiliates my affiliate students and
friends and colleagues we use different traffic methods and a fast traffic
method is solo ads that’s when someone else sends traffic from their email list
to your offer so you just pay per click and you get 15% Commission on those
clicks so I send a lot of people over to UD me show them how to use udemy they
sign up once and then I’m getting commissions from their solo at orders
for life every day I’m getting commissioned from UD me which is great
my fifth favorite offer to promote is my friend mentor colleague spencer victims
course affiliate secrets 2.0 it’s of course that I took
helped me get to the clickfunnels dream car and learn how to just do a really a
lot better with my affiliate marketing as far as organic traffic paid traffic
social media traffic search traffic finding the right offers email follow-up
ranking videos on YouTube pretty much everything that you need to know about
affiliate marketing I think it’s a great course and when I promote it and tell
people how much I loved it and it helped me to reach my goals and make money
online and get the clickfunnels dream you are where click funnels pays for my
car people sign up with my link and I made a commission so I highly recommend
looking into the course and looking in how to promote it you can sign up to be
an affiliate for free and just promote Spencer’s free webinar that’s one I
promote a lot of different affiliate offers and my favorite some of my
favorite ones that are otherwise I won’t share in this video is when I just send
traffic to a free training our free webinar and their funnel sells
everything on the back end because that way I’m never selling anything a lot of
these things that I’m sharing with you I’m just providing resources I’m
providing free trials free trainings and then I get
on the backend my six favorite offer to promote is called builder all it is an
all-in-one digital marketing platform it has landing page software email
marketing software a ton of trainings on how to succeed with digital marketing
and affiliate marketing and they have a great commission structure you get 100%
Commission’s on the first month and then 30% Commission’s every month after as
long as the person is still signed up and you get to to your Commission’s so
if you sign up for builder all business or $49 a month I make a 100% the first
month and then 30% every month after and if you sign up people I can’t override
30% overrides under sales so I really like that affiliate program and then my
seventh favorite program affiliate program that I like to promote is click
funnels like I mentioned before if you get 100 affiliates to sign up and they
stay signed up every month so you have like 100 every month and you get a $500
a month bonus to your dream car you have 200 signups you get $1,000 per month so
I just picked up my dream cart recently I’ll link the video a little bit more
about that here and they pay 40% Commission’s on high ticket items or 40%
Commission’s on the monthly recurring revenue so that is a big chunk of my
affiliate Commission’s is your own click funnels plus I use clear funnels to make
affiliate commissions promoting other offers and they use click models to sell
my own programs and I use click funnels to run my own affiliate programs and I
use clip to promote a lot of AI there they have
an affiliate back in called backpack that helps track your affiliate
trafficking commissions so clickfunnels does a lot its landing page software
final building software website builder email marketing a lot of great things
that you’ll need for your affiliate marketing business so I’m going to put
all the links to sign up for these different offers in the description
below and other resources let me know in the comments if you are already
promoting any of these I also have a duplicatable system I put together that
gets you click magic Commission’s udemy Commission’s click funnels commissions
and then within eating the email follow if you can promote all the other stuff
that’s called affiliate business in a box comm so I’ll put that in the
description below and there’s plenty of things that you could do right now to
take action so before you go take action be sure to subscribe to my channel turn
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