7 Ways To Make Quick Money Online | FREE Methods to Get Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

So you want to make quick money online?
If you want to make money real quick like today, online, I’m going to go over
seven different methods of how you can make the money fast. I’m going to show you
exactly the business models in which to do that and I’ll be showing you each of
the methods right here on my computer, let’s get it. Okay. So, in this video, I’m
going to be showing you seven ways to make money quickly online. But there’s a few
things you need to understand about making money quick. Now, the business
model we’re going to be discussing is affiliate marketing because you don’t
want to create your own product. You don’t want to have to handle support.You
don’t want to have to purchase some goods from China because that’s going to
take a month to arrive in whatever country you’re in. You want something
that’s already done. You want something where you just post a link and you earn
money straight to your PayPal or straight to your bank account. So, the
business model we’ll be discussing is affiliate marketing. Not e-commerce, not
consulting. That takes time to do the sales and you have to create contracts.
E-commerce you have to ship goods. You know, doing a marketing agency takes time
back and forth. You want money right now. So, we’re going to be discussing how you can
make money right now and that’s the fastest way to make money is affiliate
marketing. Now, to get that money quick, okay? To get that money quick you want in
a week, within a week, okay? That’s about the
fastest you can get paid. You want 2 companies that can pay within a couple
days. And again, you can get that with affiliate marketing. The other thing is
you want to program, my guess is you want a you want an affiliate program that
accepts people from any country in the world, okay? And I’m going to be showing you
2 places that accept almost any person in the entire world. And one network that
accepts anybody whatever country you’re from. And also you probably want that
money in a way you can receive it. You want that money going to your paypal or
to a wire transfer, into your bank. account, okay? So, I’m going to be showing
you a couple places. I’m going to be showing you
the best place will accept any country and will accept paypal. Now, the 2
affiliate programs that I recommend. Above all offers will accept affiliates
from anywhere in the world and they’ll pay up pay out every single week
depending on your volume. They’ll pay out every single week. They’ll pay out PayPal
or wire transfer. But you do need to have a referral into above all offers. You
can’t be a complete beginner. They won’t accept just complete beginners. However,
another affiliate program right here is called Clickbank. They’ll accept people
from almost any country in the world. And as long as you have a bank account or an
address in which they can mail a check to, they will pay you money for whatever
affiliate links you have. Sorry my friend is… My friend is a… I withdrew a large
sum of money for this video. And my friends just raining down money on me. So,
Clickbank will accept people from almost any country in the world. It’s pretty
great. I make about half a million dollars a month with Clickbank. It’s
another one of my favourite affiliate networks. Okay? You just click here to go
to the affiliate marketplace. To make this a lot more just kind of like
down-to-earth and help you understand what I’m doing, I’m going to be promoting a
book. Because you can while you can make a lot of money promoting you know, the
products in above all offers and Clickbank, I’m going to be showing you
promoting a book on Amazon because a lot of people… You know what I found and you
know I don’t mean to be patronizing here. But is that sometimes it’s a little
weird, you know? Affiliate marketing is such a new concept. And first off, if
you’re learning something already, subscribe. Please subscribe.
But if affiliate marketing goes over your head and you’re kind of like, “I
don’t get it right. I don’t I don’t understand this stuff. It seems too
complicated.” Give me… You know, just just write in,
“Yeah, that’s me.” You know or :Too complicated.” Because I understand that.
But that’s but everybody can understand Amazon affiliate marketing which is the
biggest affiliate market place in the world. And you can make 5%
commissions on any product out of millions of products that Amazon sells.
So, selling books makes the most sense. I’m going to use that in my
examples so bear with me here. Now, when you sign up, if you go to amazon.com to
sign up for their affiliate program, you scroll all the way to the bottom. And
you’ll see… You’ll see a little section here that says Make Money with Us, okay?
On amazon.com. And you’ll see there’s a number of ways you can make money with
Amazon. But what we’re concerned about is becoming an affiliate, okay? Become an
affiliate and that’s the affiliate program that I’m going to use in this
example. Now, I’m going to be selling my favorite book and I’m going to be
showing you the 7 quick ways to make money online with this book as the
example. keep in mind, I’ll make quick money this way but the big money comes
with more competitive affiliate networks. Have higher payouts. So now, that I have
my affiliate link, the first method that I’m going to go over is answering
people’s questions. Okay? So, let’s go to Quora.com. Quora.com is a question and
answer site where you can find people who are asking questions and answer them.
And what’s great is if you answer them you’re adding value and you can place an
affiliate link and hope they buy from it. So, let’s find a book about… Let’s find
Snow Crash. Let’s see if there’s actually questions about snow crash. So, Snow Crash
is a popular science fiction book. It’s one of my favorite. What do core users
think about the book Snow Crash. So, I’m just going to click on this link. So, here I
am on the question what do core users think about the book Snow Crash. And as
you can see right here, there’s a button that says answer. So, I’ll just click on
that button and I’ll say, “Snow Crash…” And I’ll just type a little things. Just say,
“Snow Crash is one of my favorite books of all time.” If you haven’t read the book,
you can summarize some of the answers from other people. You could.. You know and
I’m just going to say, “Snow Crash is one of my favorite books of all time. Neil
Stephenson does a masterful…” I’m just going to write this a little bit of and
we’ll get to you. Cool! So, I just wrote a little bit
of a summary of you know other people’s thoughts on the subject I wrote a little
bit of my own narrative here as you see. And what I’m going to do is I’m actually
going to paste my affiliate link right there and see it kind of populates. So, I
just pasted my affiliate link. So, anybody who you know as…. As the last sentence
hears, “As a business person or person, I look to up to him. Highly as a predictor
of the future and considering anyone reading it and considering it to read
his book.” Boom! And there is my affiliate link. And anybody who reads this
hopefully will want to read this book after they’ve read my review. And they
will buy it from my affiliate link which is the most convenient way to buy this
book. And then I just click Submit and boom! So, there you go. So, there I go. I
just post my affiliate link for free on a place where I get a chance to sell
people where people are already looking for a book. Let’s go into method number
2. Now, method number 2 of getting your link out there quickly online to
make sales is actually posting in Facebook groups. So, here I am on a
science fiction related a Facebook page or group and you can just join these and
go on. And you can see they have over 10,000 people that are following this
group that are interested in science fiction and science fiction related
stuff. So, what I can go on here is I can simply go on here and write a comment
and I said, “Pretty cool. Does anyone know when… You know, when they are going to
make a movie about the book Snow Crash? I heard they were going to shoot a movie
soon. This is my favorite sci-fi book of all time? Who else is with me? And there
boom! I just got another chance to get my affiliate link out there in front of
10,000 potential other people.. And I… There’s my affiliate link. Anybody who
sees that should hopefully, hopefully buy up from that .10,000 chances to get
somebody to buy from my affiliate link. That’s amazing.
And we just did that in 2 minutes. We got our answer on Quora. Let’s go over five
more methods quick ways that we can get our affiliate links out there and start
making some sales. Let’s get it. Third and fourth methods of getting your affiliate
link out there quickly are really easy. And it’s literally… And some of you may
not feel comfortable with this because you’re like, “Pussy!” But if you’re not a
pussy, text message everybody you know. If you care about something, if you actually…
You know, believe the product helps somebody, text message everybody you know.
And just let them know, “Hey, I’m starting a book club. Love this book. This is the
my favorite book right now. Let me know if you you know if you want to be in the
book club with me.” And send them out the book and include your affiliate link. Do
the same thing. Method number four is email everybody you know. And remember
these are all easy ways to just get started. Again, if you are trying to stop
trading time for money and you’re trying to get money to give you time, do
anything to start. Just get started. Remember, this life is yours. You can make
it whatever you want to. Get the money. So, let’s get into method number 5. Method
number five is you can find people who are already interested in your subject
on Instagram. And let’s go to Instagram right here. And let’s type in… Let’s try
to type in Snow Crash. Okay. So, here’s somebody who just read
the book Snow Crash. You can add a comment or you could, you could… you
could add a comment or you could DM people. And you can see here’s people
saying, “Oh, awesome books.” So we found a person that commented on snow crash. And
we could send them a direct message. I guess to send a direct message I have to
be on my phone. But you could send this person a direct message or anybody else
interested in this book and you could say, “Hey, I saw you were interested in
purchasing Snow Crash or reading Snow Crash, I highly encourage it. It’s a great
book. Here’s… You know… Please buy from my link
if you’re going to get it. Here’s my amazon link.” Or you could say something like
that and you can give them their link. And some people may even do you know….
Like you might get some sales from people. But these are already people
interested in buying or reading the book. And if you saw, here people who review
books all day. here’s 95 people who commented about this book. The Savage
Detectives. And you could direct message every single one of them on Instagram
with your affiliate link for the Savage Detectives. Here let me let me bring that
up. Savage Detectives. And we can get our affiliate link right here. Click that and
now we have a new affiliate link which we could post to people promoting the
book that people 95 people have already expressed interest in buying, right? How
easy is that? And each of these… Each of these books gives us another chance to
direct message all of those people who will who are already talking about and
already interested in buying the book. Makes a lot of obvious sense. Very easy
to make money doing that there’s actually a good channel. Literary library.
I mean this this is some good stuff Fyodor Dostoevsky in HP Lovecraft or
some of my favorite authors. Now, method number 6 to make that quick money is
posting your link in forums. Now, forums are very easy to find in any niche. You
can just go to google and you can type in Investment Forum. If you are selling
something in the investment niche which is something that I do a lot of. The
Forum. You know, you can see probably the world’s best Investment Forum, Global
Investment Forum. You can find different forums where people talk about different
you know subjects. Let’s look for a science fiction forum online. And we can
find right here, there’s a site called science fiction. Let’s zoom in science
fiction and fantasy world. Now, if I was an affiliate marketer for science
fiction books, I would ease you know, I could easily just post in this forum. I
would join the forum and I would start writing
back to people. I would start messaging people start posting my links or I’d
post a post about Snow Crash. And I would just I could find what other people have
written about snow crash and I could write a message on this forum my review
of the book snow crash, best science fiction book ever.
And I just include my affiliate link on there and get people to view the thing.
This post has gotten seventy 77 thousand views and that is very you know,
that’s free, okay? And they’re talking about ebooks. Now, the seventh method to
making quick fast and easy money online is pretty straightforward. And for those
of you have stuck around this long, this is a method that I’ve used quite often
in my marketing and it can make you really really big money. But before I go
on to that if you’ve learned anything but so far, if you’ve been watching this,
slam that subscribe button. Hit the notifications. Give this video a like
because we’re… We’re shown a lot of methods to getting your link out there.
And if you haven’t started making money yet online, just get started.
Okay? Stop watching these videos. Just get started. Do something about it. But check
out this last tip first. So, number 7 is find an affiliate marketer who is
advertising online. And just a warning, this requires money. This is going to give
you money quick but this requires money. All the other methods are free. What you
want to do is you find an affiliate, find affiliate ads and copy their ads. Copy
their landing page and copy their offer. Copy their ads, copy their landing page,
copy their offer. No marketing is copyrighted. Our sales pitch is
copyrighted? Have you ever worked doing sales or telemarketing? Can you copyright
some words you say to somebody else? You can’t you can’t you can’t copyright
marketing. So, you can take advertising that’s already working and copy it. Just
recreate it. If you see somebody advertising on Facebook, copy those
ads. you see somebody advertising on a new site, copy those ads and let me show you
an example of a place where you can find ads to copy. And if you come if you copy
advertising that is already making money, you will make money, okay? It’s that
simple. Now, in my program the super affiliate system this is what I go over
I go over how to find advertising that already works. I give people ads landing
pages and offers that already work and I help people recreate it so they
themselves can go into markets and start making money very quickly. And I’m
talking about big markets. Big markets where there’s hundreds of billions of
dollars at stake. Now, let’s let’s find some affiliate ads just for fun on my
computer real quick and see what I’m talking about. Here so here’s a popular
news site called the blaze, okay? And this is a new site where it’s mainly a
conservative news site which you know… I’m a conservative. And we’ll go down
here and we’ll look for the where the ads start showing up, okay? So, see here it
says tabula feed, these are ads, right? Here and you’ll see they have ads for
I’m being retargeted by Viator because I’m going on vacation next week to Spain.
Have a lot of retargeting I’m ready targeted for office supplies. But here’s
something unique start playing online games. And this is an affiliate ad. Okay?
This is an affiliate ad for online games. And the affiliate will make money every
time somebody downloads this app. They’ll make about a dollar every time somebody
downloads one of these games. So you can actually go out there and we… Just by
recreating you don’t even need to know why or how it works. But just by
recreating this, you can do this yourself and make money selling apps. Let’s find
another one. Sandi seniors with hearing loss are in
for a big surprise another affiliate advertisement. And if I click on this,
you’ll see here is what’s called an advertorial. See that? Advertorial. This is an
affiliate article meant to get people to read it and want to buy the product. Just
like how I wrote a post on Quora. I wrote my answer to get people stoked about
buying this book from Neal Stephenson. This is an article that’s written. It’s
scientifically written to get people stoked about buying this hearing device
right here. And you’ll see, if I click on any of these links, if I click on
anywhere on the page, it will go to company’s website where I can buy the
hearing aid and then make some money and you can sign up for their affiliate
program and become an affiliate of this company and advertise for them online.
And just copy their ads and make a lot of money. We just saw their ads. You
already know what’s going on so we can just copy their ads and make a lot of
money selling hearing devices. That’s the truth of matter it’s very fast, it’s very
quick to make money when you’re working with the right business model and the
right methods. But the most important thing, the most important thing no matter
what way you go about things is to just get started, okay? Because if you’re
watching these videos, if you’re in the comments being all millennial like and
skeptical and being like, “This is the scam. This doesn’t work.” Guess what? you’re
not going to make any money. And I am, because every day, I’m taking actions
I’ve created over 5 millionaires. And the reason they made money is not
because they had the perfect system or they had a button that they pushed that
just exploded money. It’s because they took action. It’s because they did what
it was necessary to start getting their links out there and start making money.
And there’s a lot of space. The fact of the matter is people these days spend
more time on the internet. They spy more products on the internet than they do in
person. People interact on the internet 4 times more than they interact in
person. So, if you want to sell products online, if you want to be a marketer, if
you want to really learn this stuff, you need to get some experience doing. So and
that means you need to start posting links
online. Start your Instagram. Answer questions. Use some of these methods. Text
message your friends or family or email. Or put up ads. Whatever you do. Just
get started. And I’m here to help you make sure to subscribe to this channel.
Make sure to LIKE this and write in the comments below what was the most
interesting method to you. What did you enjoy the most and what what questions
you have for me. Because I want to help you make lots of money I want to see you
be a success story. I want to see you send me a testimonial here in the future.
But let’s get it! Let’s get it!


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