$70k in Passive Income in 2017 with a SIMPLE Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

so this is a little crazy in 2017 I had
a simple niche site and it made $70,000 my name is Doug Huntington I’m the
founder of niche site project and I talk about Amazon affiliate marketing
internet marketing in general and project management because I’m a project
management professional let me tell you about this site so this site made
seventy thousand dollars in 2017 for some set of people it’s enough money to
live for a couple of years for other people it may not be able to replace
your full-time income or provide for their full household but regardless for
most people seventy K that’s a good chunk of change now
let’s rewind let’s look at 2016 and I want you to see the growth that we had
there so this site made $100 in January of 2016 and by the end of 2016
December the site made almost $15,000 I think it was like fourteen eight hundred
or something like that so pretty solid and I shot a couple other videos where I
explained what I did in the year of 2016 but basically I added a line of content
I added about 200 articles that were keyword golden ratio compliant and if
you’re unfamiliar with a keyword golden ratio it is a data-driven way to find
keywords that other people aren’t targeting it’s literally like the supply
and demand of keywords it’s a mathematical formula and it’s deeper
than what we’re talking about today so definitely be sure to check out the link
in the description to learn more about the keyword golden ratio there’s
actually a playlist that sort of walks you through the process I go through a
demo and everything so check that out at a high level you use a specific search
in Google it’s called the all-in title so in the Google search bar you type in
all in title colon and then you type in your search phrase right so let’s say
it’s like best ballpoint pen for journaling something like that you type
in all in title colon best ballpoint pen for journaling no quotes nothing like
that just type it in and it’ll give you the number of results that have that
phrase in the title hence the name all in title so
it’s pretty easy to do that search but finding keyword golden ratio content is
a little more difficult because the next step is you take that on title and you
divide it by the local monthly search volume the local monthly search volume
should be one hundred two hundred and fifty and you want the ratio to be 0.25
or less so you went the kgr keyword golden ratio to be below 0.25 so I added
a whole lot of that content 200 posts or so and that was over the course of five
months I invested right I spent about four thousand dollars on that content
but as I mentioned the revenue went up from a hundred dollars in January to
almost 15,000 in December obviously it was a good investment and I was able to
essentially reinvest the earnings reinvest the revenue into the content so
I never had to outlay the cash specifically I just reinvested into the
site now fast-forward to 2017 you can see the graph here where earnings were
pretty consistent at least four thousand a month and it got higher as we got to
the retail season you will notice in March there is a drop right so the thing
that happened then is Amazon change that of commission rate structure so
everything with a commission rate changed and just at a high level my
Commission’s went down by about 34% or so by one-third so that is the reason
that earnings went down a little bit and you know there’s nothing we can do about
that Amazon had to make a business decision and we’re working with an
ecosystem I’m grateful to be able to do it so if they made the adjustment it’s
something I have to work with luckily I kept adding content and was able to keep
increasing the revenue so that said when we look at how much this site was
earning so you can see the 2016 and 2017 earnings when we look at the expenses we
do have a couple things to consider right so a lot of times you will see
people say they’re making twenty thirty thousand dollars a month top-line
revenue but it’s really important to understand
your expenses top-line revenue is certainly interesting but if you’re
spending you know a huge chunk of change your margins could be left this is
actually one of the reasons why I love the affiliate program from Amazon or you
know any other place but if you are doing like a physical goods business
like an FBA business that’s fulfilled by Amazon or drop shipping or something
your margins are going to be lower because you’re actually buying like
physical stuff but with the Amazon affiliate program most other affiliate
marketing your margins are really high so here are the expenses in 2016 I spent
about $4,000 on content and in 2017 I spent about six thousand dollars in
content the other big thing that you have to consider is hosting so as my
site was growing I was getting more and more traffic over a thousand visitors a
day sometimes up to three thousand visitors per day that sort of traffic
needs to have better hosting than the cheapest package that you can get right
so at some point I realized my site was a little slower sometimes it would crash
so I knew I needed to upgrade my hosting so that said I upgraded my hosting when
I got about say 1200 to 1500 visitors a day I upgraded my hosting so I was
paying a little bit more actually a considerable amount more so I was paying
about 25 bucks a month and I went up to 125 bucks a month I kind of look at the
pricing packages because each hosting company sort of they have a different
offering so if you look at what you’re paying and you look at you know other
companies then you can sort of make a decision based on the price points so I
find that when you start out maybe you’re only getting a few hundred
visitors a day you’re on a shared hosting plan then you can move up to
what they call like a semi dedicated hosting plan where you’re maybe paying
25 bucks a month but I would say that’s probably good from 300 visitors a day to
about 1,000 or 1,200 visitors per day and then once you’re getting you know
more than that you know say 1200 or more you’ll probably need to move over to a
hosting plan that you know maybe you’re paying $100 250
a month and I would hope if you’re getting that much traffic you’re able to
monetize it and that is you know just the price of doing business because you
obviously need to be able to serve the website you need a stable environment so
it’s definitely worth it to upgrade the hosting that is one of the big expenses
that a lot of people won’t talk about over the past two years I’ve invested
about ten thousand dollars in the site has obviously made way more than the ten
thousand dollars and we look at 2017 that means the profits are still you
know well over you know sixty thousand dollars again that’s pretty good for
business that I only spent a couple hours a week on let me go over the
details of the site with you so a lot of people ask about you know how I have
certain things set up and stuff like that so I’ll tell you about it here now
I won’t reveal the site that’s just not my style I’ve seen too many of my
friends get their sites hit with negative SEO and just have basically a
bad outcome with any sort of public case study other people do share their sites
and if you’re interested in that sort of thing you know check them out I know the
income school guys share their site so if you’re interested in that sort of
thing you want to see examples you can you know look at their case studies as I
mentioned I published a pretty good amount of content on the site there are
over 300 posts on the site how long are the posts you may be thinking they’re
about a thousand words each for most of them however there’s a small percentage
probably about you know 10 or 15 of them that are much longer they are anywhere
from 2,000 words to 15,000 words if you are thinking no one’s gonna read 15,000
words you could be right but it turns out from an SEO perspective it’s
actually a very good thing to have a lot of words on the page a lot of images and
captions the more words you have on the page the more opportunities you have to
rank for longtail keywords so for the most part most of the articles are a
thousand words or so there’s just that small subset where larger search volume
term and I know I need content there or maybe it just happens
to be a post where there’s a lot of information available at a lot of
products and I found that you know having more words there can be helpful
the other part is how much traffic is a site getting per day per month and that
sort of thing so on average it varies right so most of the year that the
site’s giving 1000 1500 visitors per day over the retail season that’s sort of
the second half of November to December the site’s getting you know up to three
thousand visitors a day it really kind of explodes at that point in time when
we look at the revenue from November to December and we compare it most of the
time and I’ve talked to you know several of my peers and friends who run sites as
well most of the time we see that the revenue in December is about two to
three times greater than November so if you have a site you could kind of gauge
how much your site’s gonna make in December by the earnings in November now
it always varies there’s there’s so many different factors that play into it but
it can give you a pretty good idea and I encourage you to you know look at your
historical earnings each year and then that’ll give you a better idea for your
specific site what happens from November to December and then even January so if
you’re interested in learning how to build one of these sites yourself here
are the four main steps these are high level and if you want to learn more
definitely check out some of the stuff on the channel and consider subscribing
I put out new material all the time and take a look at some of the playlists
I’ll put some in the description since you know for each one of these steps and
concepts I could talk for hours on each one first part you have to pick a niche
when you pick a niche you need to make sure that people are actually searching
for it and that it’s actually profitable if you get this part wrong if you pick
the wrong niche you’re kind of screwed right there’s no way you can recover if
you pick the wrong niche say if people aren’t searching for it or there’s no
products to be sold or no monetization method then you can’t do anything about
it even if you do everything else perfect after that you’re gonna have an
issue the second part is creating the site so
you’ll need to get a hosting package get a theme most people build on WordPress
but if you are a coder of some kind or a designer and you like to use some other
you know CMS out-there content management system or if you just want to
code in HTML you could do that however WordPress is super easy and if
you’re trying to do Amazon affiliate marketing it’s best to focus on the
marketing part not the design or coding or whatever so I would just advise you
just get a hosting package use WordPress and move forward you need to spend your
time on the marketing part once you have your site set up and you have a theme
and it looks nice and everything then you publish content I recommend starting
small now a lot of people will tell you to go to the big model you don’t want to
have a small microsite but I say they’re making a big mistake and they recommend
to publish like 50 or a hundred or 200 posts which is really hard even if you
have like unlimited resources and all the money that you need to have that
publish it’s still hard to say hire writers pull together all the content
get it published it’s not just a slam dunk and if you outsource all that stuff
there’s a lot of work just in the administration and like sending e-mails
back and forth like I said even if you’ve got unlimited resources it’s not
easy to publish 200 articles for example so I recommend to start and launch with
10 posts that’s it just tag 50% of it so 5 articles should be affiliate reviews
where you talk about a product and recommended those are the ones that you
can think of as like money articles and the other 5 the other 50% should be how
to or informational content you want to have the blend
you know Amazon wants you to have like a regular sort of blog where you’re not
just publishing affiliate advertising content but you’re also providing value
to the community at large you know the niche community that is
you’re providing a site that people actually want to read so if you just
have like really aggressive sales content
Amazon is not gonna like that in fact you may not even get approved to the
program if that’s all you have so make sure you do 50/50 but don’t go crazy
just publish ten pieces of content to launch after you have your site launched
you have your ten pieces published then you need to promote your site you need
to get traffic to your site the primary goal is to get organic SEO traffic from
Google to your site yes there are other search engines but the majority of it is
through Google so I would recommend just focusing on you know Google traffic even
though there are other search engines out there that said the main thing that
you could do to rank well on Google and staff good on-page SEO which I have like
a checklist that I’ll refer to another video below in the description but
basically you want to have your keyword in the title you want to use the keyword
in the first paragraph or so like the first 100 or 200 words you want to have
some images on the page that have a file name which is keyword rich you don’t
want to stuff the whole article with keywords that’s kind of an old-school
SEO tactic like a decade old that doesn’t work anymore so don’t do that
you’ll want to have like a naturally written helpful article that solves the
problem of the visitor the other portion of SEO is to have backlinks and there
are two main areas that I want you to focus on if you’re trying to get
backlinks blog commenting and guest posting so I like to keep things simple
that seems to be the most effective way where you can sort of stand out from
your competition so if you find blogs and your niche comment on them build
relationships with those bloggers and then in the future say after you’ve made
contact with them maybe like three weeks till like two months you can ask them if
maybe you could guest post on their site what you don’t want to do and what a lot
of people do is they just send an email and they ask if they can guest post on
someone’s site that can work sometimes but really it’s kind of aggressive and
pushy and you’re not making any friends if you comment on people’s blogs and
have some correspondence with them first you’re kind of making like internet
friends with them and that’s a good thing too
because you’re building a relationship and basically those are the four main
steps so those are high-level and if you do want to learn more definitely check
out some of the playlists that I’ve placed in the description again have a
look around check out some of the other videos if you like what you see please
subscribe I put out new content all the time actually on Fridays I usually do a
Q&A so if you have questions be sure to hop on the live Q&A and I just answer
your question here’s the question of the day what would you do if you had a site
that was making you seventy thousand dollars a year how would it change your
life would you be able to say take more vacations pay off debt eat out more
often maybe you could pay off your house early let me know in the comments below
just curious about you know what you’re into and what you would do with an extra
70 thousand per year thanks for watching the video again I’m Doug Huntington for
niche site project


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